Neil Diamond - On The Way To The Sky Lyrics

We are two
And two of us are one
I'm back on my feet again,
Out on the street again
Looking for love
On the way to the sky

Some people moving up,
And some people standing still
Some hold their hands out,
And some people never will

Lovers and liars
Consumed by the fires
Of too many dances
But not enough song, you're my song

We pity the poor one,
The shy and unsure one
Who wanted it perfect
But waited too long
There's no way to count
Or to measure the cost
Of the innocence lost
On the way to the sky
You and I

And we are two,
And two of us are one
But maybe two of us
Can be enough to get it done

Lovers and liars
Consumed by the fires
Of too many dances
But not enough song

We pity the poor one,
The shy the unsure one
Who wanted it perfect
But waited too long,
Much too long

I'm back on my feet again
I'm out on the street again
Looking for love
On the way to the sky
You and I

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Neil Diamond On The Way To The Sky Comments
  1. Alan Hargrave

    When I hear this song it makes me feel like I been there before at the time when I was living on my own and was thinking about how do I make it through the day without going nuts or crazy or kookoo.

  2. Mark Phillips

    The last of the musical geniuses still with us

  3. Fredo Joaquim

    Lovely ballad.

  4. Marian Van IJzendoorn

    Ongelovelijk mooi.marian

  5. 123xconnieb

    Waltz with me!

  6. colin brake

    One wonders what inspired Neil to write this song, and many others, of his hits.. Absolutely brilliant.. What an imagination.. Number one?.

    Oma Pam

    I would love to get inside his head...I keep hoping there will be a definitive autobiography/biography but Neil is such a private person. He has said that if we know his music, we know him but I can hear this song 1000 times and hear it differently each time. I think that is the appeal of his music--it is truly universal in that each person can identify with it. LOVE THE MAN, LOVE THE MUSIC, LOVE THE MOMENTS HE CAPTURES AND SHARES WITH US.

  7. QP Tester

    Sweet Caroline is garbage compared to this song, yet he's never performed this song in concert even once.

    Robert Fishman

    QP Tester I I agree!

  8. mr bear

    This song reached #1 in the high quality of love, life, and soul in the music of Neil Diamond.
    No one can supercede the eminence of his treasures.

  9. Chris Franklin

    Ive been to many many Neil concerts in Europe and US..never heard him.sing this one..I suspect he dosnt like it much..i do..

  10. Will6159

    I heard this first as a young man. Big Neil Diamond fan I am. Know lots of his music & seen him in concert 3 times. Twice in his youth & about a year ago. At my age now... this is the best song for me personally he's ever done. We're all On the way to the sky.

    Willie Gordon

    On the way to the sky, or on the way to hell.

  11. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard Feb 13, 1982 ..reached #27

  12. Jacob Cacioppo

    This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life! It is too bad it only reached #27! 

    Robert Fishman

    Jacob Cacioppo Has Neil Diamond ever written and performed a song that wasn’t awesome? The man is a true musical genius!

  13. Judge Jody

    on a scale of 1-10, the version with MELISSA MANCHESTER & carol bayer sager is 100 ... on a scale of 1-10, this version is -10.

    Connie Bauer

    After listening to both versions, I'd say the reverse is true.

    James Martin

    -10? Ouch

  14. MichaelHansenFUN

    I remember the tv commercial for this

  15. Dave Wollenberg

    God bless you, boogie, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed rest of the week! Shalom, Neil (he's Jewish)!

    Gary Wayne

    You don't know if he is Jewish. If he's singing Christmas songs i doubt he is still Jewish.

    Stephen Forward

    @Gary Wayne yes he is Jewish. And who says he cannot sing Christmas songs? There is only one God no matter what are faith is. We are all brothers and sisters. God bless you.

  16. chris080270

    Neil hit #27 on the Billboard Hot 100 on 3/27/82. Thanks for posting it! :)


    Heard this rare gem at 2:30 a.m. the morning of March 7, 1982 on WFTQ-AM Worcester from Philly. Never heard it on the radio again. What a peaceful song to hear in the middle of the night with the ambiance of long-distance radio.


    great song, great cd.......

    Robert Fishman

    OLD IS COOL Yesterday’s Songs, Right by You, Be Mine Tonight, Rainy Day Song, Fear of The Marketplace, and Guitar Heaven

  18. ChihuahuaboyDH

    I'd like this song to be played at my funeral. I've faced many obstacles on the way to the sky! A beautiful rendition from Neil Diamond! Peaked on the Billboard chart in February 1982!

    Bravo, Neil Leslie Diamond!

  19. CrayfishYAY

    I just heard it on American Top 40. They replayed that show from Casey Cason on Magic 96.5 in Birmingham, AL. It's awesome!!!

  20. Douglas78230

    This song reminds me of "The Rainbow Connection."

  21. MasterNinja

    Just heard this on Sirius XM; they have a Neil Diamond channel for a few days.

  22. Dave Wollenberg

    boogie2w, you stole my chart posts, but, I like you, anyway. God bless!

  23. Dave Wollenberg

    This is where Neil started to lose his popularity on pop radio. It only peaked at #27. Should've gone higher on the top 40.

    Robert Fishman

    Dave Wollenberg Yesterday’s Songs posted well on the Top 40 charts (from the same album), as did Heartlight (released later that year)