Neil Diamond - Longfellow Serenade Lyrics

Longfellow Serenade
Such were the plans I'd made
For she was a lady
And I was a dreamer
With only words to trade

You know that I was born
For a night like this
Warmed by a stolen kiss
For I was lonely
And she was lonely

Ride, come on baby, ride
Let me make your dreams come true
I'll sing my song
Let me sing my song
Let me make it warm for you

I'll weave his web of rhyme
Upon the summer night
We'll leave this worldly time
On his winged flight
Then come, and as we lay
Beside this sleepy glade
There I will sing to you
My Longfellow serenade

Longfellow serenade
Such were the plans I made
But she was a lady
As deep as the river
And through the night we stayed
And in my way I loved her as none before
Loved her with words and more
For she was lonely and I was lonely

Ride, come on baby, ride
Let me make your dreams come true
I'll sing my song
Let me sing my song
Let me make it warm for you

I'll weave his web of rhyme
Upon the summer night
We'll leave this worldly time
On his winged flight
Then come, and as we lay
Beside this sleepy glade
There I will sing to you
My Longfellow serenade

Weave your web of rhyme
Upon the summer night
We'll leave this worldly time
On your winged flight

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Neil Diamond Longfellow Serenade Comments
  1. Sarah Leach

    Sexy sexy song. So beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Taczylo Taczylo

    Thank you for sharing. I love him so much forever, forever and ever.

  3. Bonnie Maritz

    Oozing charisma

  4. Andrea Walbridge

    He is so hot in those tight pants, the shot from the backside is amazing...........I cant believe how stiff the audience was.

  5. localtowee

    Big voice, Big songs, Huge performances a massive part of music history.

  6. henia sz.

    Yesss fantastic Singer , great voice

  7. Jackie Mcmeekin

    Wow! He was in his prime here! This is one of the best songs he composed and performs. He is handsome, sexy. What passion in the lyrics, what a catchy melody! “Let me make your dreams come true. Let me make it warm for you”. Thank you ‘Fritz5176’ for this great video. I watch it all the time. 🥰👍☺️

  8. Keldor D'Antrell

    The ultimate innuendo song!

  9. nara reis da silva


  10. Alfonsina Parra

    Mí amor platónico en mí maravillosa adolescencia en aquellos maravillosos años 70’s. No cesaba dé escucharlo. Gracias 🙏 N.Diamond por estar a mí lado desde entonces hasta él día dé hoy. Nunca te olvidaré...

  11. kathleenburns



    Always in my heart

  12. mike sutton

    Apparently Neil is retired from touring ! So Please watch and listen to. Luca Stangl. He's twelve years old from Austria and sings and plays the accordion. Luca Stangl 🎤 🎹 🎵

  13. mike sutton

    Nearly Neal or Bobby Bruce out of Vancouver. B.C. is a great Neil Diamond impressionist ! 🎤 🎻 🎻🎻🎹 🎺 🎸🎵

  14. Lisa Lindberg

    Wow I am feeling faint just watching this!!!! Whew!!!

  15. Andrea Walbridge

    What a hunk of man.

  16. Angelika Stolle

    Seine Songs sind einmalig schön. Alle ich liebe die Songs und die Musik die er geschrieben hat

  17. Graham Wride

    Singer-songwriter without peer; one of the absolute best ...

  18. Lesley Van Zyl

    Very sexy. That crowd is awful

  19. Gecilda Clossi

    Niel Daimond, não tem ninguém no mundo,melhor q você maravilhoso você e mto lindo.

  20. Scott Hornby

    Great song. Very 70s for the outfit he has on....

  21. Keirah Johnston

    The audience seems very stiff ....kind of a snooty crowd! ! Oh well . Neil Diamond was a hit and still is. God bless you Neil. ❤

  22. Cecilia Henríquez


  23. Craig McCaffery

    the guitar strap on the neck its a nice looking strap i so wont the jump shot

  24. Oma Pam

    What a sly word-master he is. C'mom, baby, ride. And I love the red jumpsuit.

  25. Lily Cat

    What a beautiful man. Absolutely love this man and his music

  26. Valentena Upton

    So BOSS! ♡♡♡

  27. tim kat


  28. Belinda Phillips


  29. Erwin Woodedge

    This crowd is wasted on him. Germany, I believe.

  30. Survivrs

    That man could sing for me anytime. The only bad thing about the 70's was the clothing. Way too much polyester, pantsuits, just ugly.

  31. Kathy Jarvis

    Boy does he have the smolder down pat. What a hugely talented man. I have often wondered if some of the songs his writes about, are about women he's had affairs with. Most of them talk about one night stands.

  32. LNA GRMN

    ,,Danke Schön" NEIL 1974

  33. Rennie Davis

    Neil Diamond Neil Diamond

  34. gerardo Ramos

    why he looks like Elvis?

  35. Deanna Sundstrom

    He is so full of sex appeal and they just sit there. They must have ice water in their veins!

  36. صلاة الفجر‎

    _"...on this summer night-shhh"_ 😍😍😍💎💖🎼🎵💋
    He had it goin' _on!_
    Neil, lookin' mighty virile here in '74 & workin' that red jumpsuit!😍
    Ride ride...
    _oh baby, yeah!_

  37. Br Alan Parham

    Brings back powerful memories of fall '74. I was just enjoying working and living. I'd love to be back there. I moved  in December '74, and I remember being sad about leaving Ephrata, PA. I had a chance to finally start college at age 25, but wasn't sure I wanted to go.  A terrible time to move just before Christmas.

  38. Erik Kraase

    Absolutely my favorite Neil song. Who doesn't like this one? Come on, folks.....

  39. Tommy K

    He must be performing a communist block country coward looks to scared to react

  40. Sergio Luna

    Uhhhh beautiful music...

  41. Rowan Par

    Love him, hes so good looking...and Im straight

  42. Ada Velasquez

    I was 17 when I first heard this beautiful song on the car radio, I was going over the expressway in Miami FL...Te amo Neil Diamond. ❤


    I would jumped on stage and attacked him in that hot suit!!!!!!

  44. Ree's Purpose

    I would have totally jumped on that and took it for a ride.

  45. TheFunkhouser

    F**k hes amazing there and still is!

  46. John T

    great song and my dads favourite ,always picture him belting it out sat in the kitchen with his cup o'tea in the morning RIP x

  47. Isabel Tejero

    Longfellow Sederane .preciosa cancion del gran Neil Diamond. Muchos besos desde España.

  48. Gus classic rock channel

    That's a nice Martin he's playing with besides so many great songs! Mr. Neil Diamond at his best!! (Thanks for sharing)

  49. Hob Goblin

    It's amazing that he didn't end up like Elvis. You never hear one anything controversial about Neil Diamond. He's the f-ing man.


    In that outfit, with that sex appeal....I would ride him any day!!!!!!

  51. dierk Kleinwort

    12 Jahre war ich da.Kindheit, Bonanza,Sweet,T.Rex ,warme Sommer,Fussball, HSV,unbeschwertheit, kurz,eine schöne Zeit.Ich zerre heute noch davon.

  52. Edvaldo Valsique

    Esse cara fazia muito sucesso no Brasil nos anos 70. Musicas lindas e a voz magnífica!!! ♥

    Sergio Luna

    Edvaldo Valsique si amigo,acá na Argentina tamben era muito conhecido..seus músicas ficaron pra sempre en nossa memoria..


    How could the audience sit so calm? I would have jumped his bones and been carried out by security if I saw him sing like this!!!!

    Sergio Luna

    REBECCA MONTOYA jajaja the audience are oldpeople...


    Oooh my gosh!! His seductive, sexy eyes can bring any woman to her knees. Thank you Mr. Diamond for your beautiful, passionate music! You will always be in my heart!!!

    Charlene Hernandez

    Oh, yeeessss!

  55. dierk Kleinwort

    ....und das Publikum spiegelt das spießige Deutschland der 70er wieder.

  56. dierk Kleinwort

    Habe gerade gelesenndass er an Parkinson erkrankt ist.Diese wundervolle Musik ist Garant für Gänsehaut. Ein toller Künstler.

  57. Mwdobelix

    Happy Birthday Neil!

  58. Brett Koeshall

    Neil Diamond back in 1974.

  59. LW97 the Dimustrak Bambarzissmus Master

    Merry Christmas!

  60. pbaylis1

    Longfellow serenade means how it sounds. Neil Diamond was a bit of a perv. "Ride baby ride" my long fellow. Good songs but often that sexual undertone. Crackling Rosie singing about a prostitute. Get out of the gutter Neil.

    Dayna Woodrowski

    cracklin rosie is not even about a person... sparkling rose wine was referred to as cracklin rosie, and it was cheap... hence the lyric, youre a storebought woman... and poor mans lady...


    I did not know that about Cracklin Rose. But he still manages to turn innocent things into perv fests. He says longfellow serenade was about using poetry to woo women. All good, nothing wrong with that. But, the added spice is unmistakable, lol

    Darlene Andrews

    Crackling Rosie was about a bottle wine.

    james walkden

    In Neil's own words, during an interview, Cracklin Rose was a brand name of a bottle of Canadian whisky that he was enjoying in his hotel room while alone with only Cracklin Rose for company or comfort which is what gave him the inspiration for the song. You can read what you like into the lyrics but the only gutter element involved here is in your mind, you could never put Neil Diamond and gutter in the same sentence. He is a one off musical genius that we will never see or hear the likes of again.

  61. Russell Simonds

    I leave this ring of grime upon the tub tonight

  62. Anna Brown



    Anna Brown Why the “but”? He’s great.

    Mily Ideas Creativas

    Elvis was jewish too. I love Neil Diamond and I love Elvis.

  63. Mike's Cooking Studio

    Anyone notice @ 2:18 he was going to start saying she again.

  64. spanish eyes

    amazing all his songs.....and a great human being....a legend for sure....thank you fritz for posting this.....bless.

  65. sabrina fair

    Beautiful song, Where is music like this?!

  66. BarbaricAvatar

    I came here because a friend likes Neil Diamond and i was curious. Now i know that she has a bloody awful taste in music. This makes me want to rip my ears off and stick them in a deep fat fryer just to be certain i'll never hear anything so horrendous again in my life.

    Dayna Woodrowski

    what sort of music catches your fancy? just curious...

  67. Kaiser Fan

    His voice and his music is the madness. I love it <3

  68. james bond

    Fan of Neil since the early 70's, think one of my favourite from him

  69. Suzanne Jarusiewicz

    I love the man--I love the song/words and music--I love the outfit.

  70. Red Vine

    Ride baby ride indeed

  71. Roselyn West

    One of my favorite songs of Neil Diamond. Thank you for posting!

  72. wínters

    whatta back wrencher gettin front row tables

  73. Alexander J. Bernal

    This was in a German show.

  74. glen stone

    Absolutely brilliant

  75. WizardOfWhoopee

    A wonderful song about the famous American poet.

  76. Newjack Newjack

    One of my favorite singer. Do his songs at Karaoke. Yet to see him live.

    Sandra Hanson

    You need to see him live! There is no one like him! His voice, his gift, is shared, showing all of the love that he has for his fans. He truly is a poet at heart with a sensitive and caring soul. He gives everything he has to give and then he gives more! His shows typically run two and a half hours or more.

  77. Louis Mangani

    Bons tempos...

  78. Friedrich Böhle

    Best Song

  79. John Thibodeau

    how can any crowd stand so still damm i sure would not be i would be swaying dancing dreaming of that special woman i wanna sing this to :)


    No kidding. Security would have been all over me!! I would have lunged that stage!!!! Lol


    HAHA Rebecca I'd have done the same!!

    Valentena Upton

    John Thibodeau,
    I KNOW!!!!!!!

    Valentena Upton

    Charles Johnson, true! It would be moving if I had been there!

    Valentena Upton

    REBECCA MONTOYA, HAHAHA, right after me!

  80. Astrid Langseth

    My husband used to play Neil a lot,
    lonely I have been since the cancel took him ... I still wait for him to stay at the door and smile and make me laugh....

    Jeraldine George

    I know About how those memories can be, I'm sorry

    Nathalie Ellington

    What a thrill Neil Diamond him xxxx


    I am so sorry about the passing of ur husband. It is beautiful that u have memories like that .

  81. Mark Donaldson

    Saw him last night in Sydney. Amazing.


    Lucky! I have yet to see him.

  82. Mireya Crespo Moruno

    You know I was born for a night like this, warmed by a stolen kiss, and I was lonely and he was lonely.....
    A beautiful song for dreamers.

    Sandra Hanson

    +Mireya Crespo Moruno This is a beautiful song about someone that he wanted to seduce but she said no, "for she was a lady as deep as the river." It made him love her more. It's a very beautiful song.

    Annette Boudreau

    Did she say no? He says he loved her with words and more...

    Cindy Coldiron

    How could she have said “no?” LOL

  83. Cecil The Mystic Knight

    He still looks fantastic at 74. And his voice is probably still what it was then. This guy has it together.

    Rowan Par

    mmmm I'm thinking your the one who needs a haircut, and commiserations on not having a mother that loves you...

    Jeraldine George

    He still has it all together! Like, he was always so calm! His voice hasn't changed much either... He was full of youth back then though and you knew it! 😘

    Chris Debono

    Is the crowd dead?

    Valentena Upton

    Cecil The Mystic Knight, yes!!!

  84. Patti Anid

    Saw Neil at The Hollywood Bowl in May. He's still got it.

    Charlene Hernandez

    Oh! What a lovely way to wake upto this msgic man of my wildest dreams! Thanks if you are learning new things on fb...

    Charlene Hernandez

    Am so happy i got to go to alot of his cnocerts when i lived on the Bay Area- a few were in San Francisco Ca., they were awesomely done- i was there like in a dream- goosebumps throughout the entore concert! I absolutely love him, his songs-are very creative, oh and the very beautful Jonsthan seagull film was incredibly great! Am back on New Mexico and when i get lonely for the ocean, i watch this film. I want Neil to live on forever!

    Charlene Hernandez

    I do own quite a collection of his .music in albums, cassettes, and cds. Do own the film, on cd..bought 3 before Hastings music store closed down. I also managed to get Neil's him totally.
    My sister went under the early stages and she was able to reach her arms around him ad he left the stage, but the security guards threw her out the back door! Hahaha! Ahh, i laughed so hard when i got to my cat after the concert! I also still have concert ticket stubs in my collection!

  85. Jo Thompson

    Neil is too fine here

    Cindy Coldiron

    His eyes get me every time.

    Vera Smith

    He had a nice butt there.


    Jo, I don't know if this man could ever be "too fine". I fell in love with his voice the first time I heard Cracklin' Rosie, and I was only 11 at the time. After that, I spent any earned money on his albums as well as a stereo. My teen years were spent late into the night sketching on an old school desk with Neil singing through my headphones so my parents didn't yell at me to turn it down. He inspired me so much and while I don't love his most recent music, I still love the man.

  86. Stephanie Newbern

    He was soooo hot in that jumpsuit!

    Emily Brown

    @Stephanie Newbern yea, it's red and it makes him look like he's about to catch fire, hahahaha

  87. Eric Reicher

    I always wondered. Who wore the jumpsuits first? Elvis or Neil.

    Emily Brown

    @Eric Reicher Well, you know, they used to be neighbors at one time. I can just imagine Neil leaning out the kitchen door yelling "Yoo Hoo! Elvis! Can I borrow a jumpsuit? I have a gig in an hour and my wife forgot to pick up the dry cleaning"

    Diane Stout

    Probably Elvis was considering Elvis was singing long before Neil was.


    I think Evel Knievel gave them both the idea.

    Connie Fontenot

    Elvis was the first... Many have tried including Tim McGraw. Ugh !

  88. Joe Herald

    The tune, arrangement and music are vital but to me, good lyrics are what makes a song most memorable. I think it safe to say that this guy has the lyrics thing nailed. 

    Cheryl Maloney

    +Joe Herald thank you for noticing that this man is amazing xo

    Sandra Hanson

    +Joe Herald Part of his wonderful gift is that he is a poet. He is amazing. I have always loved words. When I first heard his voice, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was, but then I really got drawn in by his beautiful lyrics.

    Joe Herald

    +Sandra Hanson Agree. Paul Williams, from around the same era, was also good at turning a memorable phrase in a were Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Paul Simon, Billy Joel and many others. Don't want to get stuck in "my" era but I think the 60s'-70's produced some of the best songwriters ever.

  89. Paulo Duran


  90. apequake

    My favorite Neil Diamond track!

  91. Rick Rothermel

    Forty YEARS ago! ND is still packin' em in at concerts, still doing new music, and lookin' pretty damn good, too. Probably the side-effects of a few dozen millions of dollars...

  92. Lourdes Theodoro


  93. paulo alberto marques Marques

    neil diamond  sucesso no brasil,bons tempos

    Sergio Luna

    paulo alberto marques Marques amigo EU no saiba que Neal Diamond estivera en Brasil en algum ano..Voce sabe de isso ? Acá na Argentina creio que nunca estive..



  95. Greg Boardman

    Oh the glam days I forgot about that

    Emily Brown

    @Greg Boardman Glam? Oh please. Can you imagine Neil Diamond done up like Bowie? I'm trying not to die laughing while I try to get that image out of my head

  96. dyno dave

    sounds as good live as on records...

  97. Winstone Perrotton

    What a dead audience for Neil.   It must be a German audience at that time!!!!


    @Winstone Perrotton Yes its a German public , you even hear him say "danke shon" at the end :)

    Jackie Mcmeekin

    Very funny. I cannot figure this audience out either! 😅

  98. Helen L

    Love Neil Diamond. Great music& easy on the eyes too!!

    Sergio Luna

    Helen L we love Neal from Argentina