Neil Diamond - I Walk A Crooked Street Lyrics

Where I am, what I am
You're the only reason
Held me up, filled my cup,
Had the faith in me and love....

Owe it all to you, knowin' we're in love
There's nothing I can't do
And I'm not afraid to lose my way
'Cause if I walk a crooked street
You're there to lead me home

I've been through bad times
And some times worse
And till I met you 'happy' was just a word
But that all changed the day you came
Now if I walk a crooked street
You're there to lead me home

[Guitar instrumental]

And I'm not afraid to lose my way
'Cause if I walk a crooked street
You're there to lead me home
If I walk a crooked street
You're there to lead me home

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Neil Diamond I Walk A Crooked Street Comments
  1. Debra Lerner

    The song comes from the record do it and it is the only record that has this song on it and I have always loved it Debra Jane Lerner

  2. Dennis Felling

    Was the b-side to Neil’s version of “I’m a Believer.” My favorite ND song

  3. ginny white

    RIP to my friend Chris who this song will always remind me of. still one of my top three fav Diamond tunes

  4. Rosa Alcaide

    Neildi muy joven en estas👍👏👏👏 Fotografias

  5. ginny white

    my second fav Diamond tune. know some people who have helped me when i wanted to walk a crooked street

  6. Rm M

    Neil, Jeff Barry, Ellie Goldwich and I do not know the fourth guy


    bert berns

  7. Catherine Esquivel

    So Happy To Have Had The Opportunity To Hear This Song By Neil Diamond For The Very First Time! Thank You For Posting!

  8. Cindy Coldiron

    So nice! He sounds so young (well, he was!).

  9. ginny white

    1:29 who are the people in the picture?


    Neil, Ellie Greenwich, Bert Berns y Jeff Barry

  10. jennifur sun

    wish i could telll him Thank You so much for this song

  11. jennifur sun

    one of my top three fav song of his

  12. Dan Marshall

    Why was this not a big hit? It may well be his very best song!

    ginny white

    +Dan Marshall my co fav i agree it's a great one. i know some people who would lead me back home.

  13. JPammo

    I too, looked FOREVER   for this song!!   My first listen of it was   Neil Diamond  Double Gold,  LP.... Life went on,  I lost my Neil collection :-/   Then I FINALLY founed it!!   I love you Neil... Your vintage stuff means even so much more to me now that I am vintage  ???  Crap!!!  I hate when that happens!!!   You are a Lovely, hard working man.   You did work hard,   now you don't have to anymore.   I am still 20 years younger than you!!! I always will be!!!  I was born in June.  Being a little Irish/Cherokee/ English  even got some Creole.....  Gemini   :-P   Blondish, with my same dark brown eyes "just like my kids~~4 of em"   I was cute,  back in the day!!!  ;-P  

  14. Mark James Meli

    My FAVORITE Neil Diamond song.

    jennifur sun

    +Mark James Meli one of mine too

    Mark James Meli

    Beautiful thing here is that, it doesn't have to be sung to, or about a girl or a lover.

  15. Brian Matson

    Thanks for posting this rare track! I had a transfer from Double Gold vinyl but it didn't sound so great. Nice to have a better sounding copy!

  16. stafandjane

    I can not CD the whole LP as I do not have a record turn table anymore but I do have this song and a couple of other oldies of his from this era in MP3 format.

  17. stafandjane

    Thanks for posting this I have it on one his albums from the mid 60's

  18. trfesok

    Muy buenissimo! Gracias!

  19. potts5588

    Discovered "Crooked Street" years ago while playing his Double Gold album. Too bad the record companies have never made a complete compilation of his old material, as even The Bang Years is missing two songs.

  20. Alicia D

    @mrmjb1960 Ahhhhh Like no one would recognize him with the beard!!! HA HA Love these "back stories". Thanks mrmjb!!! Appreciate the response. I've heard that at the time of his divorce, HIS was the most exensive settlement for "the time".

  21. Michael Boyce

    @LeeLeeDe1 Well,his former wife was looking for him for something,so,to avoid her,he'd grown a beard to throw her off until he'd could straighten it out..the Lawsuit was later dropped.

  22. Alicia D

    @mrmjb1960 I am an oldies trivia person and found your comment very interesting. Could you tell me more about the "Hirsute look being done to avoid a lawsuit by an ex". Thanks.

  23. pkfireflies

    Love Love This Song!

  24. Michael Boyce

    The Hirsute look was done to avoid a Lawsuit pending by his only appeared on the original version of "Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show" Lp,Issued in 1968..the cover was modified in 1970,with the addition of "Sweet Caroline" which was not on the Original Lp.

  25. marylou buchman

    recently just heard this when i purchased the bang classics this is so great!!!!! his voice is so soft & sensual thanks for putting it up

  26. gq5341

    Awww, I'd never heard this song before. What a treasure! Thanks for posting this video.

  27. maestro22121

    he has a beautiful smile! very handsome man! i love his clothes

    Frank Kalisz

    I think you just love his $$