Neil Diamond - Home Before Dark Lyrics

Home before dark
Before the night comes falling
The sun going down
And I can hear you calling
I followed my star
Just to be where you are
But I couldn't get far
In the dark

Home before dark
Before the day deserts me
I looked for my truth
Knowing the truth might hurt me
Been traveling light
Just the head of the night
And I'll be getting home right
Before dark

I've been searching
Can't explain
Looked for reasons
But what I found in me
Know for certain
Things are changing
I've been changing
Now I need you to be
Home where I can see

Home before dark
Before the light escapes me
To be at your side
That's where the journey takes me
And I've been afraid
If I lost my way
Then I wouldn't be save
Before dark

I've got stories
I wanna tell you
You need to hear them
Maybe then you'll see
That I've found them
Never knowing
They were going
On inside of me
It's where I had to be

Home before dark
Know you'll be waiting for me
To be at your door
And talking to a fool
In the morning
Been so long
The places I know
But I knew i'd get home
Before dark

Because of you
I get home
Before dark

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Neil Diamond Home Before Dark Comments
  1. Bobby

    Great !!!!!!!!!!!!! Met him in 1966, at a concert I was playing music and he was there also. We were talking and listening to the bands that were playing. The mccoys and the young rascals just got done playing there set. When Neil was to go up and sing, I ask him where was his band, he said, just me and my guitar....oooh I said to myself as he went up on stage, I thought over 20,000 people are going to eat him alive....He started with cherry cherry and the young kid and his guitar tore the place up, over 20,000 went crazy, I thought to myself, someday that guy is gonna be a big star.
    I am now 72, Neil, thanks for the memories

  2. Taka Yama

    Neil Diamond: The True Soul Music Singer.

  3. mamabelle

    Enchantingly Poetic. Sublimely Simple....Brilliant

  4. Billy Donahue

    Neil is my Favorite Singer Songwriter....So sad he has Parkensons

  5. Eva Lynne de Vera7

    Beautiful!  Hit my heart.

  6. Jacqueline Mouton

    Tout est piqué sur mes PLAYLISTS au nom de JACQUELINE MOUTON. Eric

  7. Johan Volkers

    Great album, just like 12 songs. Melody Road is a disappointing one for me, though. This is the Neil Diamond I want to hear nowadays, not acting as if he is still in his fourties.
    Singing the ballads suits him better today.

  8. Sweetpea027

    A lovely song . Means a lot to me . I always told my children to be home before dark .  Now one was murdered & robbed  at midnight . Love this song !!!! Thank-you for these words sung that God gave your heart ..