Neil Diamond - Be (Ending Version) Lyrics

On a painted sky
Where the clouds are hung
For the poet's eye
You may find him
If you may find him

On a distant shore
By the wings of dreams
Through an open door
You may know him
If you may

As a page that aches for a word
Which speaks on a theme that is timeless
While the sun
God will make for your day

As a song in search of a voice that is silent
And the one
God will make for your way

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Neil Diamond Be (Ending Version) Comments
  1. Robert Hoffman

    Neil’s corporate logo is a lone frog with a crown on its head....pretty cool.

  2. Rosario Garcia Suarez

    Me encanta este tema, no me canso de decirlo, ya que hay q estar lejos de lo que consideras tuyo, para entenderlo! Bien por Neil, donde quiera que esté. Grandioso compositor y vozarrón.

  3. michael daniels

    God's own song

  4. Michael Daniels

    may they carry me out with this playing.

  5. jbx1967

    L.A.'s fine, the sun shines most the time
    And the feeling is laid back.
    Palm trees grow and rent's so low,
    But you know I keep thinkin' 'bout
    Making my way back.

    Well I'm New York City born and raised,
    But nowadays, I'm lost between two shores.
    L.A.'s fine, but it ain't home;
    New York's home,
    But it ain't mine no more.

    "I am"... I said
    To no one there,
    And no one heard at all,
    Not even the chair.

    "I am"... I cried;
    "I am"... said I,
    And I am lost, and I can't
    Even say why,
    Leavin' me lonely still.

    Did you ever read about a frog who dreamed
    Of bein' a king and then became one?
    Well except for the names
    And a few other changes,
    If you talk about me,
    The story's the same one.

    But I got an emptiness deep inside,
    And I've tried but it won't let me go,
    And I'm not a man who likes to swear,
    But I never cared
    For the sound of being alone.

    "I am"... I said
    To no one there,
    And no one heard at all,
    Not even the chair.
    "I am"... I cried
    "I am"... said I
    I am!

  6. coolpepsitgif

    Most probably one of the last songs to leave this earth........

  7. Scot harper

    Love the emotion in Neil voice :)

  8. m daniels

    someday i want to shake Neil's hand--for this song alone.

  9. m daniels

    very nice

  10. Neildi

    Una exquisita presentación para una gran canción, y muy especialmente tratándose de esta portentosa versión. ¡Felicitaciones!.