Neil Diamond - At Night Lyrics

At night
On some dark quiet street
Baby, that's where we meet
When day is through

They say
That our love isn't right
So I wait for each night to be with you

Till they realize
Our love's not some passing phase
We'll just meet at night and pray there
For better days

I wait for the darkness to come
Till we can walk in the sun,
We'll meet at night

I wait
For the darkness to come
Till we can walk in the sun,
We'll meet at night, at night.....

At night, come on, come on, now love

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Neil Diamond At Night Comments
  1. ConsumerWarrior

    This was Neil Diamond's first solo song in the early 1960s. Before then, he sang in a duo (Neil and Jack).

  2. sf asasadd

    Neil sounds like a chick at the beginning of this song

  3. Ron Keast

    'missed this one on a radio call in contest, great early song for Neil...RockinRonny

  4. la mellas Jiminian

    wow Neil diamond!

  5. Katy Bleil

    Neil had such a talent, just love him, and this song........

  6. thewoodlandsrails

    Heard this for the first time today on the Neil Diamond channel 13 on XM.  My first impression was a "Neil Sedaka sound - Breaking Up is Hard to Do"

  7. keyjack100

    Very Brill Building with flashes of Neil Sedaka and Bobby Vee in the middle. Simpler times but enjoyable nonetheless...

  8. Vicci Lucas

    Love this song and you never hear it on mainstream radio...shame

  9. keyjack100

    Just heard this on Cousin Brucie's XM show..Why wasn't this a hit? Who knows..It fits right in with the early 60's pop sound perfectly. Columbia dropped the ball. Sure cost them a lot more to re-sign him years later.

  10. Jordan song ...baritone Neil