Neil Diamond - Adon Olom Lyrics

Adon olom asher moloch
B'terem kol y'tzirnivro
L'eis nasso
B'cheftzo kol
Azay melech sh'mo nikro

V'acha rey kichlos hakol
L'vado yimloch noro
V'hu hoyoh v'hu hoveh
U'hu yih yeh

B'yo do afkid ruchi
B'eis i shan v'oi roh
V'im ruchi g'viyossi
V'lo iroh

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Neil Diamond Adon Olom Comments
  1. AthenaArgos

    It’s one of the most important prayers in Judaism. It means Master if the World and speaks about the nature of God in the Jewish tradition.

  2. TODD M

    I don't know what the words mean, but there's something so joyous and proud about the melody.  I respect and admire the Jewish religion a great deal.