Neil Diamond - A Million Miles Away Lyrics

Every time that we're together,
I'm alone
When you're by my side,
You're far away
And you treat me like
Someone that you've never known
You seem to be a million miles away

Our love's become a one way episode
You don't even hear a word I say
And darlin' when I ask you
What's been goin' on,
Your answer seems
A million miles away

The things you do
Just have one meaning
There's no use trying to pretend
Oh darling, what I would give
To find out that I'm dreaming,
But I know, we've reached the end

I can see you found
Someone more dear to you,
Your eyes tell what your lips never say
And every day
Your lover grows more near to you
But I remain, a million miles away
Yes I remain, a million miles away

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Neil Diamond A Million Miles Away Comments
  1. lowry1204

    Love love love Neil's voice.

  2. Oma Pam

    I am so glad we have these recordings. It is great to see the progression of his work. i find it appealing in all stages. Brilliant work throughout his career. Here's hoping his retirement from live performing are as productive as possible in creating new music.

  3. Michael Bellinger

    What was the commercial jingle he wrote?

    Keith Allynn

    Michael Bellinger He wrote a jingle for Coke Cola.

  4. Sam Feldstein

    Wow Wikipedia doesn't even mention this song or anything he recorded prior to 1962.

  5. Nu Liform

    woah........this is Amazing!

  6. pickingtunes

    Can you get anything from the bitter end era .I bought a songbook that has about 10 songs he wrote in 1965. A taste of roses ,raising cane and others.

  7. ruth carter

    he's so talented

  8. Johan Volkers

    Is Neil aware of this? :)   Thanks for posting.

  9. Nathan Moser

    Are you sure it's 1958?- It sounds like '62 or '63

  10. rocknrollroy2007

    I never knew that this existed. This is fabulous! I have been a Neil Diamond fan since I was a kid. It was the Double Gold LP that got me started. Thanks for posting all this great stuff! By the way, could you please post "I've Never Been The Same" from 1963? Thanks!

  11. 4evermore12

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. This was recorded in 1958. A very young Neil.

    Keith Allynn

    4evermore12 this song was neither the first song he wrote, nor was it recorded in ‘58, This song was recorded for a record deal he had with his then partner, Jack Parker. They sang under the group name of “Neil and Jack.” They released 6 songs (3-45’s), and then were subsequently release from the Label. This was in 1962. The song he wrote in ‘58 was “Hear Them Bells,” for his girlfriend, and that was the first song he wrote. Though it was written on the piano, if you listen to it, you will note that the song is basically written to the background of “Heart and Soul.”

  12. 54nomore

    This is a very young sounding Neil Diamond. What year was this demo done? Great Post!