Neighbourhood, The - Female Robbery Lyrics

I think I found hell
I think I found something
I think I found something in my TV screen
I think I found out that I have nothing
That I have nothing in this place for me

I watched it all in my head, perfect sense
They'll take me from my bed
Leave everything that is worth a single cent and just take me instead
That TV show
I saw as I fell asleep
Had me on both my knees
Praying to whatever is in heaven please send me a felon
And don't let the police know

Anything, anything
Don't tell them anything
Anything, please

Anything, anything
Don't tell them anything
Anything, please

I think I can tell
I think I can tell them
Tell them they were made for me
I'm thinking they'll know, know it already
I'm thinking they'll know just about everything

I bet they planned it all out
Like the shows
Went everywhere I go
Walked in the store right behind me
Stood in line right beside me and followed me to my home
I'm sure they figured it out early on
That I would never run
That they could shoot but that's not fun
'Cause then they're killing the stolen son

Oh, anything, anything
Don't tell them anything
Anything, please
Anything, anything
Don't tell them anything
Anything, please
Anything, anything
Don't tell them anything
Anything, please
Anything, anything
Don't tell them anything
Anything, please, oh

We're going to die, die, down, die, die, down
We're going to die, die, down, die
We're going to die, die, down, die, die, down
We're going to die, die, down, die
(I think I found love)

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Neighbourhood, The Female Robbery Comments
  1. sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ por si les gustaría ver la traducción que hice de esta hermosa canción:)

  2. Rilez Alrimecar

    Why is everything they make so damn good

  3. Sampedro 135

    Pourquoi ils ont mis une voix française et pas polonaise ?

  4. kody babey


  5. Ula Faisal

    RIP to her youth

  6. yayo Moon

    Querido señor
    Querido diario

    ¿Por qué yo?

    Estoy rodeado de amor
    No se que es el amor

    Nunca me he sentido tan feliz
    Nunca me he sentido tan triste

    Mi vida es como una pelicula
    Si tan solo la vida fuera como el cine
    Es maravilloso . . . pero no lo es

    Nada podría hacerme irme
    Desearía que alguien me
    llevara lejos
    Nunca pronto

    Y no puedo evitar lo seguro que estoy
    Antes de lo único que es seguro

    De esta cosa . . . me alcanza

    Soy tan afortunado de estar vivo
    Nos vamos a morir.

    sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ holaa, hice la traducción de esta canción por si te gustaría verla;))

  7. mikah ferreira

    Brasil huhuhuu

  8. Helene Ektvedt Simonsen


  9. ofek LA

    The production of the album sounds similiar to Born to die by Lana's album. isn't it? same producer

  10. NotReallyEmoButEmo O

    Do someone know what the names are of the actors in this video???

  11. Şule pişkintaş

    French part français lyrics

    "Cher journal, pourquoi moi ? Je sais pas ce que c'est, l'amour, j'ai jamais sentie si triste.

    Si seulementt la vie était comme dans les films, mais c'est pas .

    Je souhaite que quelqu'un viendra me prendre bientôt avant que la seule chose qui est certain rattrappe moi

    On va mourir.''

  12. Cau _F.8_S.0

    How to motivate us to learn French....

  13. Fernando

    "We're gonna die."

  14. hellen santos

    I love the nbghd❤

  15. Dawn Managbanag

    I’m still here

  16. Alik Volkov

    Why is that translation of French so wrong

  17. Misfortune


  18. Hailey 444

    Ok before even watching this video I had a dream that this instrumental kept playing through out the whole dream & I was reading a bible. What’s this mean?? I watched the video the next day and was like wtff

  19. QTee

    Don't tell them anythiiiing. Anything...anything.... Dont tell them anythiiing, anythiinng pleeeeeeaase ... i came here to be reminded of their greatness... I miss the beginning of it all.... this sounds even better than i remember when i first discovered it years ago when it was just some of us ~🖤~ proud of your success guys

  20. ezgillela

    ı'll ask u something. My english is little bad and I want you to explain this song meaning easy. pleasee. i love this song sm


    looks like no one read this comment:'/

  21. Mimi

    I love this song I heard it like 2 years ago

  22. lil baddie

    So sad I was listening to this music at such a young age

  23. D. O. Vitelli

    This is GENIUS

  24. Tyler Andujar

    Looks like the thumbnail to an Inside Edition piece on an unsolved murder.

  25. Kana and Carlo

    I really cried watching this bc of how much I can relate to the little girl

  26. Danylo Dzemesiuk

    они охуенные
    хочу встречаться с Джесси

  27. Danylo Dzemesiuk

    я шляпа

  28. elvin su

    think she killed her childhood

  29. Alice Dias

    Brasil 2019 💖💖💖💖

  30. Alan Dew

    I've never come across a band where I literally love each one of their songs more than the previous!!!

  31. boo boo keys

    the way he says “i think i found something in my TV screen” ugh eargasm.

  32. S. W.

    Does anyone else think that the lady that kidnaps the girl is herself as an adult burying her past?

  33. Camille Pelletier

    french people knows the begin of record there are fake subtiles

  34. renoya ogirri

    I remember when I heard this on vampire dairies

  35. Dr. Philip

    I got the neighborhood tickets HAHAHHAHSHS

  36. Angel L'Mae Roberson

    Is my French bad? Or are the subtitles 100% wrong??


    Angel L'Mae Roberson They are wrong, they are supposed to be misleading

  37. Tristan Jersey

    I love the sound that starts at 3:08, I wish it were on the standard version too and not only on this video.

    Tristan Jersey

    Scratch that they used it on their live vevo lift vid

  38. wiped out!

    I wonder what he says in 3:30

  39. Justelo

    i speak french and i heard the start i was like omg yesss

  40. mjyjgkkv160

    I’m only here because my friend watches this during class

    Erin schenkkan.

    Great for you really

  41. starlite xo

    This is about leaving your past behind. She's burying her old memories.

  42. Flavia Dragomir

    watching this video while being high seemed like the greatest movie ever. love the song, too!

  43. Vinícius Godoy


  44. Ri Tier

    Привет из 2019-го:)

  45. 13firebug13

    lol couldn't be bothered writing the rest of the lyrics?

  46. Amber xxStepsxx


  47. shukran .m

    1:33 I just can’t...

  48. ebony b

    I believe this song is about human sex trafficking, just by the lyrics.

  49. Sandra Valeria

    I Love you

  50. Christine Palitang

    that kid is my friend 😭🤣💀

  51. Lucas Melo

    it's supposed to look like that probably do it like she lies and fakes that everything is okay

  52. Richa

    the child wants to get kidnapped like the tv show and live a better life....but not in the home.. which is just a title.

  53. Eliothebeast

    The neighbourhood's songs are a mood.

  54. C r a z y Kanashī悲

    MT foda

  55. Lilia Sophia

    Latinos dejen su like 🙏🏻😄❤🔥

    sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ por si te gustaría ver la traducción que hice de esta canción;)

  56. Glacieny Vitória

    The Neighbourhood: a
    Me: WoooooooooOW... ❤

  57. cam 's

    Il y a des englais qui traduisent le début, il n'y a pas des français qui veulent traduirent la musique ? 😅😂😅😭

  58. Alyssa Olivarria

    Idk if this is confusing cause I'm high or if this just doesn't make sense hahaha

  59. Paddy106

    Audio is far superior on this video than the album release. Tragic.

  60. Faze air

    *generic quote from the song*


  61. evehpark


  62. Koro Muffin

    Why do the dots on the i's hurt me

  63. Emrullah 1907


  64. clara


  65. si d

    1st time seeing..

  66. Maddy Church

    He’s singing about wanting to be kidnapped, he wants to get away from his miserable life and hopes that no one will find out, he got the idea from a tv show and ran it though his head as to how it would all pan out. He had this idea that the people that would take him would be “made for him” where he’d be much happier because the kidnappers had everything he ever wanted.

  67. Andreea ManE

    Anything, please

  68. Exotic Bannanas

    i luv dis so much. thank u 4 making this

  69. Sweet Waiter


  70. JeanSam

    The french is bad subtitle

  71. J3Y YT

    Dear lord
    *Dear diary

    Thank you
    *Why me?

    I am surrounded with love
    *I don't know what love is

    I have never felt so happy
    *I have never felt so sad

    My life is like a movie
    *If only life were like the movies

    It's wonderful
    *. . . but it's not

    Nothing could ever make me leave
    *I wish somebody could take me away


    And I can't help how certain I am
    *Before the only thing that is certain

    Of this one thing
    *. . . catches up with me

    I'm so lucky to be alive
    *We're going to die.

    *Stolen comment btw.*

  72. Sarışın

    baba lazanya moruqqq

  73. Amanda Thomas

    She's burying her childhood self and her memories. Such a great, layered video. And song damn

  74. Saurabh Purkar

    Hell Yeah!

  75. diamond ender

    Those subtitles didn't fool me, lucky me, a spanish speaker girl. French and spanish share so many words and structures B,,,,^)

    JYNX 2

    diamond ender thats the point

  76. Meuf Blasée

    In the begging its French and its opposite of what is written

  77. Jessica Huber

    I think the song is about a girl who pretends shes happy and doesnt want to disapoint her father who cares less,and rather watch the sunday football game and some woman sees them somewhere and follows them when the girls parents arent home the woman kidnaps the girl to save her,she then teaches her how to be a girl and burys the girls past and raises her as her own and to not think less of herself... Im probably wrong it I just personally think the song means that way to me

  78. idk idk

    This song reminds me a lot of Norman from Bates motel as he goes mentally insane slaughtering people and begging his mother to not tell..

  79. Dana Plotkin

    Dang that's deep

  80. Motocar Motos & Acessórios

    Na Velocidade 0.75 se torna um som sexy

  81. Mica Mattingly

    @ everyone commenting on the subtitles being off: This band is known to have a deeper meaning than face value. I think it was intentional. She is really saying/feeling one thing, but it is being presented to others as something else bc she's hiding it from everyone

  82. Mai_ mercado

    No entendí ni madres el vídeo

  83. shyry

    I think it may be hard for people to find this song because it never says the title in the song😞

  84. EmilioProMinecraftGaming Andersen

    I think she dreaming becuse she sleep at the begining

  85. Shadiyah Thomas

    Daddy issues vibe

  86. Nosebleedbones

    actually this is one of the best videos ever

  87. Nosebleedbones

    the best part of the video is knowing french 'cause i'm able to understand what she's really saying

  88. someoneselesbaby

    this is DARK

  89. LeDuck

    Image what the neighbors were thinking when they filmed this