NEFFEX - Mirror Lyrics

No, can't keep me down
Lost in my thoughts, feel like I could drown
Oh no, can't have it now
Buried so deep, I'm below the ground
I go, where I hear the sound
All on my own, I can feel it now
Unknown, so my heart pounds
'cause I don't understand what happens now

Oh no, I rest in peace
Leave behind a lesser me
Working hard to better me
Looking back, I'll never be
Let's go, recklessly
Fighting to forget it's me
I feel inside, it's festering
But I just want a better me

And you're the one that let me down
I'm looking at myself right now
The mirror nearly breaks itself
I'm screaming out 'cause I need help
And you're the one that let me down
I'm looking at myself right now
The mirror nearly breaks itself
I'm screaming out 'cause I need help

I try to forget
You held me back, soon as we met
You were always scared of what happens next
Unprepared, so you feared regret
I'm upset 'cause I wasted time
I sat at the base when I should've climbed
I stopped with the chase and forgot the grind
I feel out of place, empty inside

You thought I'd never be
Won't amount to anything
Had me doubting everything
You only knew a lesser me
You're now my enemy
Wish you never met with me
Work until the death of me
So I become a better me

And you're the one that let me down
I'm looking at myself right now
The mirror nearly breaks itself
I'm screaming out 'cause I need help
And you're the one that let me down
I'm looking at myself right now
The mirror nearly breaks itself
I'm screaming out 'cause I need help

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NEFFEX Mirror Comments
  1. Robert Giancarlo

    "You only knew a lesser me"

  2. Don Pedros

    [Wiersz 1]
    Nie, nie możesz mnie powstrzymać
    Zagubiony w myślach, czuję, że mógłbym utopić się
    O nie, nie mogę tego teraz mieć
    Pochowany tak głęboko, że jestem pod ziemią
    Idę tam, gdzie słyszę dźwięk
    Wszystko sam, czuję to teraz
    Nieznany, więc bije mi serce
    bo nie rozumiem, co się teraz dzieje

    [Przed refren]
    O nie, spoczywam w pokoju
    Zostaw mnie mniejszego
    Ciężko pracuję, aby mnie ulepszyć
    Patrząc wstecz, nigdy nie będę
    Chodźmy lekkomyślnie
    Walczę o zapomnienie, to ja
    Czuję się w środku, to ropieje
    Ale ja po prostu chcę lepszego siebie

    A ty mnie zawiodłeś
    Patrzę teraz na siebie
    Lustro prawie się pęka
    Krzyczę, bo potrzebuję pomocy
    A ty mnie zawiodłeś
    Patrzę teraz na siebie
    Lustro prawie się pęka
    Krzyczę, bo potrzebuję pomocy

    [Wiersz 2]
    Próbuję zapomnieć
    Powstrzymałeś mnie, jak tylko się poznaliśmy
    Zawsze bałeś się tego, co stanie się później
    Nieprzygotowany, więc obawiałeś się żalu
    Jestem zdenerwowany, bo zmarnowałem czas
    Siedziałem u podstawy, kiedy powinienem się wspiąć
    Zatrzymałem się z pościgiem i zapomniałem o zgiełku
    Czuję się nie na miejscu, pusty w środku

    [Przed refren]
    Myślałeś, że nigdy nie będę
    Nic nie da
    Czy wątpiłem we wszystko
    Znałeś tylko mniejszego mnie
    Jesteś teraz moim wrogiem
    Żałuję, że nigdy mnie nie spotkałeś
    Pracuj aż do mojej śmierci
    Więc stałem się lepszym sobą

    A ty mnie zawiodłeś
    Patrzę teraz na siebie
    Lustro prawie się pęka
    Krzyczę, bo potrzebuję pomocy
    A ty mnie zawiodłeś
    Patrzę teraz na siebie
    Lustro prawie się pęka
    Krzyczę, bo potrzebuję pomocy

  3. OneOfAKindShania

    omggg i love everyone of his songs i stg i do i dont like any music artist ecsept for u like im pretty sure im ur biggest fan and the only thing i asked for christmas was a neffex hoodie bc i love u guys sm ur so insperational u have helped me over come things in life i never thought music could have such a amazing impact on my life never give up neffex u will be the one everyones talking about soon love u guys 💓

  4. KT seroxd9

    Its lit

  5. Bibek Ghimire

    Neffex is my blood i love you NEFFEX


    начал слушать Neffex после просмотра Игоря Войтенко :D

  7. TheNobodyGuy

    You guys deserve Way more attention than you actually get. You're absolutely amazing! Every song of yours helps me push through my days and work on my drawings. You're the reason I haven't given up on my dreams yet. Keep the awesome rhythm going, boys! <3

  8. 1,000 Subs No vids

    One of the MOST if not THE MOST underrated music artists


    NEFFEX European Tour Tickets:


    Oh yeah ❤❤


    Deno deno alcadeno on fire free fire :v

  11. Wilson Cardenas

    I like that your logo resembles a fox :)

  12. Best Trap

    Mirror is one of my favourite songs about neffex

  13. ᎻS꧁JタエRエղ PRO

    Br 2019

  14. L Games

    AMV de DNK(?

  15. Senshi ꧂

    The first song I heard from you.... Probably the one that saves me from depression ♥️

  16. Otavio Sena

    Boa Neffex suas musicas são muito foda

  17. Zula Nova

    I just love your voice! ❤️


    Heyyy :D

    Standart Zock

    Maikel Boos Heyyy 8==>

  19. Vlad Pantazi

    #1 Music

  20. Alka Chaurasia


  21. G.R.D

    my favorite music

  22. jenxrj

    Anyone else here from "The Rise of Denis Cyplenkov" Vid??

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    He sounds like mike from linkin park

  24. GABO XD 4

    i ,like

  25. TheOnlyDragons

    Gonna use this in a montage. Still going to give credit and link it because others should hear this amazing song.

  26. Donnz Vape

    sensacional pqp!

  27. phantomzone4

    The mirror nearly breaks itself I'm screaming out cuz I need help

  28. Lukas W

    Your music made me fight my depression and let me finish the university.
    Thank you so much Neffex. Your message is great.

    Keep that on!

  29. Lien Maverick

    so cool

  30. anwin rc boy

    Hell yeah

  31. Patrick Wenell


  32. Titanium_Tetra_13

    Kinda sounds like destiny

  33. Lonrr

    came from - Rise of Denis Cyplenkov :)

  34. scpredacted _

    NEFFEX Is The Best Nation In Za Warudo, Best Music In The Planet,I Feel Good When Looking In The Mirror Because Of This Song.

    Keep It Up NEFFEX! Just Like Your Song Name, NEVER GIVE UP!!

  35. Aya r

    Amazing I love this song😍🤙🏻

  36. Patrick Wenell

    TJ gamer ♥♥

  37. Ankur Shukla

    Why the hell this song isn't famous? I mean its just <3

  38. Syrex Walker

    This one of the best

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    Очень красиво 🔥

  40. Gaming With Mihai 17


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    Can NEFFEX music like this comment ?

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    Beasty asffff

  44. Mohanish vargante

    Neffex songs are so good I just keep listening and just listening every song of them & guys come on guys subscribers and appreciate the real talent here.🙌

  45. Nuclear Icecream

    Lol the voice sounds like MGK.

  46. xXxMAGNETOxXx

    You are my enemy
    Wish you never met with me!!!

  47. Joseph Powell

    Who else is here from an anime video?

  48. DARK PIPO971

    i like your songs NEFFEX ;)

  49. Sai Emad

    the views it's low.... but (How)?

  50. Siddhardha Meduri

    original is lit

  51. RandomVJThings

    my workout music when im pushing my limits >:)

  52. NEFFEX

    "Mirror" is featured on "Careless: The Collection" which is our 14 song compilation of some of our best rock/edm hybrid tracks!
    Stream it on Spotify:
    iTunes/Apple Music:
    Google Play:​

    Hardcore Samurai

    @Brady After The Remix :-)


    Singer name please🔥🔥🔥

    Nikola Metteová

    Why your music songs aren't in instagram story music option?


    ily nef,uwu

    Emilio Maurice

    I heard this song on Asphalt 9.

  53. Hypenexy's 2nd channel

    I am selling replay buttons :>
    1 like and you get one replay button.

    0:00, 0:00, 0:00, 0:00, 0:00

  54. Gaming Boi

    I love neffex

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    Đoạn beat hay thật !!

  56. Lord of me Dontlethim

    I know bro but u got this g blieive me ur almost there u have to keep going

  57. Lord of me Dontlethim

    This shit was dopedude

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    The drop omg! <3

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    Heavy guitar, nice

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    eu adorei essa música da neffex!

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    Dipak wr can use for best of 2019 authorise him

  62. Назар Ен


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    I love ur music and I’m glad it’s copyright free

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    Whoever manages this channel needs to go back to English class.

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    Heard this song on a random video. So glad they linked in the description, fucking sweet song.

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  78. Clouds

    This background looks like it’s from Minecraft


    Mein zweit lieblings lied wer noch like

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    You guys are amazing. I can't stop listening, thank you.

  81. H2MK

    just become a great fan of you.. guys...

  82. Zaria McDonald

    When you put the songs spead on 1.25x the beat sounds even better

  83. F.B.A.U

    wooooooooooow ilove this mousec subs my channel and watch my video gaming @neffex

  84. Mirror

    I Always liked His Songs ... But this is the best one 😂👌

  85. Duck

    So like I'm the shy girl at school and I was wearing headphones and listening to this and the guys at my school litrly took my headphones off and put them on and then looked at me like: SHOOK

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    All your serious songs have literally always vocalized my thoughts.. fuckin beautiful.

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    All your songs are so amazing I should my friend and she said you should use these for my video but I am thinking about I will but a link about you if that’s okay when I post my video.

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