NEFFEX - Damn Gurl Lyrics

And all I know is, you're fine, when you do what you do
And babe, I wanna make you mine when I see those hips move
I'm thinkin' "damn girl", yeah
Just let me be your man, girl

Our bloods running through my veins like it's cocaine
We always move fast, never in the slow lane
Enough foreplay, baby, this my domain
Don't wait, take the wheel and we can go play
Oh you a bad girl, know what you like, yeah
Said you like your eggs with a little sunny side, yeah
Said you make 'em beg for, seconds every time, yeah
I'm here to feel your legs all tangled up in mine, yeah

And all I know is, you're fine, when you do what you do
And babe, I wanna make you mine when I see those hips move
I'm thinkin' "damn girl", yeah
Just let me be your man, girl

She got me all in by the way that she fallin'
Down that pole, throwing ones like I'm ballin
Call me a pro, 'cause I know how to call them
Damn she fine, I just wanna see her all bend
I like rock and roll, don't stop it no
I like bad chick dropping low, down to the floor
Her body I'll explore, the neighbors hate, ignore
They banging at my door, she screaming out for more, uh

And all I know is, you're fine, when you do what you do
And babe, I wanna make you mine when I see those hips move
I'm thinkin' "damn girl", yeah
Just let me be your man, girl
And all I know is, you're fine, when you do what you do
And babe, I wanna make you mine when I see those hips move
I'm thinkin' "damn girl", yeah
Just let me be your man, girl

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NEFFEX Damn Gurl Comments
  1. Kuяσтαιкι θfficial

    Kurosawa taiki hahahhahahah

  2. Itz_Legend YT

    2020 Guys? Or is it just me watching 2020

  3. • SHREYANSH •

    If you love neffex then you all way up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Emmy Fannie

    Yo chill 🔥🔥🔥

    What is you favorite Dubstep Song?? 🖤
    Can you write it in the comments

  5. Thomas Liftinger

    This song just hypes me up💥

  6. Fanny Noob

    Why is this song so good for montage

  7. 『 BerserK iOS 』

    anyone came from kurosawa?

  8. RBTH Studio


  9. Nιƈƙɳαɱҽ

    Kurosawa..? Just me 😅😅

  10. tricky customer

    I hear your songs and go proposing girls randomly....
    PS: not a creep


    tricky customer U sure? xD

    tricky customer

    @aspielm there are exceptions..... I guess....


    tricky customer I get that. But what‘s the exception?

    tricky customer

    @aspielm songs.... Like destiny
    And gals like katie(upchurch's gf)
    And it's gettin okard

  11. JaredPlayz YT

    love ur songs i always here this song from kurosawa my fav yt

  12. Lilia

    Damn, Neffex 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍👌👌

  13. Ashish Nathaniel

    G guruji 😂?

  14. ThePcCuber

    Anyone from kurosawa taiki?

  15. Alejandro López Conesa



    Best song😎💥



  17. 戈水Pᴀɪɴ


    Dabbin Unicorn

    mostly yeah,but i have been listening to neffex for a long time too

  18. MMมาม่า CH


  19. NEFFEX

    NEFFEX European Tour Tickets:


    Neffex guys i love you guys great motivashion to ask a girl out from things are gonna get better thx so much guys

  20. Head Quarter

    G guruji ki jai ho

    Sasmita pattanaik

    You are Indian


    NEFFEX TOP.I train a lot for your tracks, you are a motivational bro that led me to success. Thank you. Good luck.

  22. yogesh agrawal

    G guruji

  23. Harito KRT

    Neffex always rocks

  24. Batoul Gharaibeh

    I love this one ❤️

  25. Hyello EZZAT

    NEFFEX always have a cool songs, i love it

  26. Shashi Srivastav

    osm song i listen it up to 20 times a day love this song

  27. อ่านเพิ่มเติม


  28. IM A WEEB ღ

    I came from CMFU amv.


    G gruji

  30. Crystal Gaming

    Who came after G gurji... 😀😀😀☺

    winner ricky

    @DJ Sardar me

  31. Evil Hacker's Hindi Gaming

    Ok i know you came from g guruji
    And I also know that you now loving this song

  32. T X D

    Akher kar milhi gaya

  33. Wanderson Silva


  34. Maxu Kun

    I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS!!! you make an amazing job in your songs keep it going!!!!

  35. Jhon Paolo Evangelista


  36. aLcor's Proof

    This song can make you energetic person.

  37. Masaidee Sayo


  38. Tech Drone

    1:24 drop button

  39. Tech Drone

    0:07 drop button

  40. Sara Licon

    i love this song and your voice and flow are perfect!!!!

  41. Arnav Kashyap

    G guruji?

  42. Darley Amorim


  43. games 2 techno

    Like for G Guruji

  44. Swati Hegde

    Here after G Guruji


    I'm for indonesia

  46. Kim-Niklas Görtz

    Hello, May I use your music in my YouTube videos? Of course, you also link

  47. Kirito Official

    Finally found this 1 day later

  48. T-PAIN And J-SLAM

    Anyone 2019?

    Fossil EVO



    G guruji

  50. Elias Torres

    Neffex your one of the best on my list

  51. Jay jay o jatinho

    Thanks this music os awesome

  52. É Trapzin?

    Algum BR?

  53. É Trapzin?

    FOR YOU:



  54. Sofito bg

    Bulgarian please!

  55. Piros

    Damm gurl

  56. mefallen

    Bought the song, thanks for the treat

  57. Ghoulxs ••

    This is great song dood

  58. James Reuland WP ScorpionWind

    @NEFFEX Music. OMG I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BEAT! I turned it on and immediately stopped what I was doing, and did nothing but listen. The vibe is by far some of your best work.

  59. Arjun Wakode


  60. Sonic Akshay

    Who is here after g Guruji 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Bert the Muppet

    I m guruji fan


    The true question is who is here BEFORE g Guruji ?

  61. ธวัชชัย มุ่งดี


  62. Homik50054

    daaamn girl

  63. เกียรติศักดิ์ เสนาเมือง

    ตามมาจากช่องเลซ่า กับกี่คนที่ขี่นินจา400ครับ มารวมตรงนี้

  64. GAM ES


  65. S47 Nitro

    This music makes me rage😣😣

  66. Kong Kamavan


  67. GAMER A

    Who is After G Guruji

  68. Shadow Wolf5420

    cant stop listening this song rocks

  69. Pramit Karmakar


  70. Pekendi Bar bar

    Indonesia ?

  71. Queen Eyolf

    I've been stuck on these songs for a while now, and been putting them on repeat for hours. I love your songs, NEFFEX. Like... seriously. Them vocals got me hypnotized.

  72. Abhay Pratap

    You are one of the best channel on YouTube

  73. Felix Fleck

    Damn dude you are awesome. #nocopyrightforall

  74. SkL RoYaL

    Damn gurllllllll

  75. AndreGomes - FF

    The best music of NEFFEX hehehe ...

    I'm Brazilian ;-;

  76. frigat

    I'm just curious, who are you, and why are you doing this????? Giving great music4free! That's awesome. I wish you to continue all that, what you're doing) You are awesome! Thanks a lot!

  77. Rain -!!!-

    Omg so good damn

  78. Three Days Grace

    Fire 👍

  79. W3vE Kobie

    Gamer Musik in 2019


    W3vE Kobie *2020!
    Frohes Neues!

  80. NEFFEX

    "Damn Gurl" is featured on "Careless: The Collection" which is our 14 song compilation of some of our best rock/edm hybrid tracks!
    Stream it on Spotify:
    iTunes/Apple Music:
    Google Play:​


    Amazing 👌💖🙌😇👍💙

  81. P O U

    Love คนไทยจ้า🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🤘

  82. Gabriel Domanski

    Good music to play games

  83. Shawn Gabriel

    Your the best neffex

  84. Adeeleia

    I just have 2 questions..
    First of all, why the fuck isnt this longer?

  85. juan zuluaga

    Why neffex is so God Damn GOOD!

  86. ana love

    My boyfriend asked me out with song he knows how much I love y'all thank you so much for all the great song we use them to workout to

  87. F4T4L- Soul

    The best 💚💚

  88. Bogdan Teletin

    AWESOME 🤘🏻

  89. Kvng_Diego 23

    I sent this to my crush the next day she saw me and slapped me 😂💔

    im a legend

    Lmao..u ok?

  90. Owen Lynch

    these songs are what i live for

  91. Sean Bird

    It sounds absolutely amazing from start to finish

  92. Ahmed GaminG

    Wow NEFFEX where u come from Guys ... are u From this planet ?? !! Keep UP the Good Fcking music ... <3

  93. Gangster boy


  94. นาย เงอะ รู้รู้ กันอยู่


  95. AwesomeSauce PARTH

    Hats off to you Neffex Team ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥