I have never loved
A woman that haunts me like you do
I can't get enough, oh
Trust is easier when
I can hold on to you like I do
But lately I'm spent, oh

You keep me waiting
Mistakes that I made
Which words did I say
Oh I can't take it, I need you
Right now cause you keep me waiting, waiting

You, you're easy to chase
Your gravity pulls me into you
I can't get away, oh

You keep me waiting
Mistakes that I made
Which words did I say
Oh I can't take it, I need you
Right now cause you keep me waiting
Mistakes that I made
Which words did I say
Oh I can't take it, I need you
Right now cause you keep me

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  1. lttl giant

    I really like this band but give me a eye & pyramid symbology in our faces. What's next? A satanic ritual sacrifice? Cool song though 😎

  2. Reyna Bouslog

    I can't help laughing at the people who are saying the eye and triangle are the Illuminati or something. No, it's not the illuminati. The triangle is supposed to be a mountain.

    daya rode

    What does the eye represent then? Illuminati has a eye and a triangle tho......but I still could be wrong I guess

  3. Sergey Kazantsev

    How come you guys trade Savior and eternal life for masonic-satanic symbols and some fame? Whom you are fooling? Some kids? You need to repent and go underground if you have to, instead of pleasing those, who force you to put up satanic signs. You need to rebel against them, instead of flowing down the stream with all dead fish.

  4. Christina Masden

    Trey parker babe this is round 2. Im dying hun

  5. Christina Masden

    Trey parker sounds just like you

    Christina Masden

    I am about to die say bye. Ur story

  6. The Delivery Woman

    Matthew 7:15
    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    This album cover is a prefect example of this bible verse in action. We are truly in the last days , do not be deceived by the deceivers.

  7. Gulfcoasting

    Sniffle, sniffle, how did I not see you were HERE in Florida and I missed you!! I'm in your fan club and on your did this happen? So heartbroken :( NEXT TIME!! :)

  8. timothy Alvarado

    Rebuke this Worldly Filth! One eye Filth!!! Flee from this CHRISTIAN! Wicked worldly Music... Run to CHRIST! Listen to some old Biblical Hymns that will Glorify our GOD. Not this Evil Wicked Worldly Thumbnail and Music. Don’t believe the devil lies it is Not A Mountain!

  9. İlhansari


  10. Lisa Cody


  11. Lisa Cody

    ❤ BURNING ❤

  12. Lisa Cody


  13. Lisa Cody


  14. Lisa Cody

    ❤ I ❤

  15. Theresa Arnold

    Large eye at the end of a highway...nice:)

  16. EmEm

    Reminds me of a dollar bill. 💵 I thought at first it looks like the CBS symbol. I don't care for this song. Maybe if I could understand what is behind it, maybe I could appreciate it. Currently, I don't. ☹️😟😕

  17. Baojun Wang

    The best song for me in my all life.

  18. Lord Starscream

    I hate y’all dumbshits in the comments so much.

  19. RDCST


  20. Ana M

    I just found this song by complete accident looking for another song I had heard while re-watching CSI which was not this song it was a different one by a female artist, however I really like this song I am more appalled by the people in the comments section. I am so disappointed by the amount of JUDGEMENT I am seeing based on some artwork. You are not even appreciating the song you are over analyzing some artwork put on the cover and its really sad. Let's leave the judgement for the almighty how about that? It's not up to us to judge every piece of work for what the impact "could be" because there is plenty worse out there claiming to righteous and right with the word of god, but using it for hate instead. Yet, here we are on youtube judging some artwork on a cover for the fact it could be the evil eye of the illuminati sending bad vibes through a picture... Its really just super judgemental and it takes away from appreciating the music and respecting the artists.

  21. Bear Barrow

    People getting bent about symbols lol - they have no power, they're just shapes.

    Ice Mountain

    This is the most ignorant thing anyone could say. This truly is the age of the pisces.

    Sharon Gitau

    Then why do the same ones show up everywhere especially music

  22. e e

    what a song...straight to the heart..

  23. David Alley

    Hmmmm... An all seeing eye, a pyramid. WTH? I thought these guys were Christian? Looks like Masons(Luciferians)... Lord I hope not, please pray for Needtobreathe and whoever made this video....

  24. ErrorArtz

    I heard this song at Starbucks and pulled out the old google music finder.

  25. Leticia calheiros


  26. kevin McKevy

    I accidentally stumbled upon this song! Lucky me! 😁

  27. Ling Xiaoyu

    Yall mad over a pic?

  28. R Andrade


  29. AAM truthteller

    This is many satanic symbols can be in one image? All seeing eye, pyramid, and it's SPINNING...inversion, as above so below, spiraling like a hypnotic sheeple mockery...'christian' artists, my arse.

  30. TheAntiSmug

    That's some curious artwork you chose, considering the things you sing about....

  31. Dora The Explorer

    They sold out to the all seeing eye and tje pyramid.


    NEED TO BREATHE Needs to change these signs...

    Faça o que Jesus faria

    I think this to

  33. Dora The Explorer

    Why is it looking illuminati? And the woman you love sounds like a Jezebel?

  34. David Croft

    Hey Seth
    You guys are tight. This is Danny. #2 of the cabinet cretw on the island.Really dig your sound!

  35. E M

    Reminds me of m83

  36. Sarah Wolard

    I absolutely love this song and the lyrics and it broke my heart to hear the newest song lyrics. I hope all is well. ❤️

  37. Athena Garcia

    god is so good

  38. Virtuous Crown

    On that day many will say "Lord ! Didn't I do ALL these things in your Name ?? But the Lord Will say "Depart From Me ! I Never Knew You" MATTHEW 7:22

  39. Bill Conner

    I love this song. So cool. As for their style it doesn't matter if they're a Christian band who occasionally sings a secular song! Big deal. How many celebrities and sports figures are Christian but their work is not based around their faith?!..hmm? Give this band due respect and stop all the religious legalistic spewing and check for that plank in your eye first!? This is obviously a love song. If one lost soul listens to it and is drawn in to listen to more of N.T.B. music and is changed, then I say praise God. Give NEEDTOBREATHE room to BREATHE folks!!

  40. M CJ

    Sad... you guys had the touch of the heavenly spirit in your music... I have not listened to this song but the symbolism in the beginning of the video was enough for me to turn it off... remember who you are

  41. prjn5887

    Needtobreathe is so good. I love their hearts.

  42. Summer Haverkamp Haverkamp

    ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥This is legit.

  43. Pablo M. Morales

    My question why the pyramid and the eye of osiris?? Just wondering?? Does any one else see that??

  44. Jase Rosenburg

    This makes me think of some great 70s music. I love this style!

  45. Albert Psaros

    hate the symbolism... regardless of intention we are told to flee even the appearance of evil. Why do you guys use it? Paul said that if eating something caused his brother to stumble he wouldn't. There are many people tripping up over this and the least that can be said to NTB is that they are being irresponsible and unloving.

    jared Goforth

    What is evil about it? It isn't the Eye of Horus, the math is all wrong for such a specific symbol. The Eye of Providence is probably the closest thing to it, but even that is all wrong.

    Look, just because someone uses an eye in art work doesn't mean it is evil. I mean I have two eyes, and I am God's art. Peacocks have many eyes on their feathers, and their beauty must declare the glory of God.

    The problem with symbols is that anything, and everything can be a symbol. The most mundane object or image, and if you look through history you probably use all kinds of symbols that you don't realize or care that you use. I mean if you really want to go after Need to Breathe... they use drums in their music and dance. Very occult of them.

  46. Windows Alternative

    Even if your excuse about the eye and the pyramid where true witch it's not, why would you as Christian use symbols that closely resembled occult symbols? Wouldn't a true Christian stay far from anything that might look like that? I'm sorry but that excuse just doesn't fly with me! Oh and just for the record here the bible says a man having long hair is a shame, so tell your mate to get a haircut!! Seriously your not a metal band!!!! If you wanna be part of the world fine and it will show in your walk as it does, but to represent yourself as Christian is just a shame!!! I bet money not one of these comments about the symbolism you use has ever been answered by you, as you are cowards hiding behind a fake smoke screen of Jesus Christ!!! Come on people use your heads here is it looks like crap and smells like crap it's probably without a doubt crap! Was it a condition of your record lable that you sell your soul?

  47. Courtney Woodworth

    Oh good. Another group of individuals masquerading under the pretense of "Christian" artists while attempting to anesthesize their listeners with Illuminati-derived propaganda. If these self-ascribed "enlightened" individuals were actually enlightened, they might be interesting. Instead we're left with yet another clear example of the blind leading the blind. It's almost comical. Almost.

  48. Eduarda Botelho

    Esse símbolo maçônico foi forte

  49. Erin King

    So I did just a remix with this and Happiness..Total awesomeness....

  50. Brodie Peters

    Hey needtobreathe any plans to do a tour in Australia

  51. Dinah Rogers

    Listening to this awesome song playing in a Starbucks in McAllen, TX! Love you, boys.

  52. toni bales

    Another hit, by these beautiful guys!!! SO IN LOVE, W ALL THEIR MUSIC

  53. Katharyn Waller

    What's up with the weird peganistic symbols for the album cover? The Eye and the pyramid? Lame.

  54. Beautiful Lady

    I'm I the only one who notices the illuminati pyramid and all seeing eye symbol on here?😓


    its a mountain

    Gabriely Reis

    no, i too

  55. Sara Filler

    Illuminate exposed. This is what happens when going mainstream. Is gaining the whole world worth your eternal souls. I hope I’m wrong.

  56. Jester

    This song...


    *Breaks replay button.*

  57. Joseph Sadar

    Okay wow, the pyramid and the eye is just blatant in our faces. I mean, come on

  58. Alex M

    The official answer to the question about the album cover is RIDICULOUS and the idea that the eye and pyramid on the back of the dolaar is not satanic is even more ridiculous. READ IT IDiot. IT SAYS NOVOUS ORDO SECLORUM.= NEW SECULAR ORDER! SECULAR as in WITHOUT GOD> WAKE UP>YOU WILL HAVE TO ACCOUNT FOR MISLEADING MILLIONS.

  59. Alex M

    I love you guys but have you sold out.Whats up with the satanic album cover. The Eye of Horus and the pyramid? Are you kidding me? Don't you know what an abomination this is?

  60. Tabatha Cheri

    Oh my gosh!!!! I LOVE THIS ONE! These Fellas never cease to amaze! I hope they come back to ARIZONA in 2018!! I will so be there!!!

  61. Emma Jane

    0:41 sounds like something out of stranger things..

  62. Windows Alternative

    Whats with the pyramid and all seeing eye? Are these not symbols of Illuminati?

  63. jj bug

    There is a simple solution for those folks that think the artwork is somehow satanic: Don't listen to it. Don't buy it. Don't watch it. Don't tell people about it. Ignore it and get on with your life you silly, silly people.

  64. Jenna Morrison

    As a Christian I was always somewhat dissapointed in myself that I did not realy enjoy listening to Christian Music.....Then I discovered NEEDTOBREATH. .....Love it!

  65. VJ Thomas

    I love this song. It feels like it should be the theme of Stranger Things Season 2. It has like a 70s vibe, Kinda Beetles idk. It's a new sound for them but an old sound revived. It's great!

    becka grace

    VJ Thomas when I first heard this song it remineded me of a cello green soong and they covered it

  66. Danut Gabriel

    This is so cool!! Love it! Can I somehow get the bass tab? :)

  67. Usedtobe hjsyy

    I love this song so much it reminds me of my dad l love him so much and this song makes me miss him when I’m at my moms and I never get to see him when I’m at my moms house I wish I could see my dad :(

  68. kvix

    i don’t know why, but this is one of my favorite songs ever. something about those drums dude


    First time listening to this song however I do enjoy other songs that this band sings. As for the symbols (to each its' own) that's why in my opinion I depend solely on the spirit of Jesus to give me the discernment that is needed even more today. We all are still subjective to our own beliefs at the end we all have the choice to choose so we aren't placed on this earth to judge anyone. Further more to spread his word. For this reason I am very particular about the lyrics of songs and the message it brings THROUGH the music you take the sound away and it gives you a more clear perspective on the REAL message any song brings.

  70. Kristin Caceres

    okay but why is there an eye and a triangle, doesn’t that mean illuminati?! 🤔


    No it doesn't Kristin. That's a mountain


    Means your are paranoid

    Windows Alternative

    @smithwez1101 yeah right keep telling yourself that

  71. Hannah Masri

    What's going on with the all seeing eye???? Can't seem to find the connection.


    It's a reference to their song Mountain. its not a pyramid

    timothy Alvarado

    bootskeepfading that makes No Sence man. It’s just screening out I am Not of Christ I am of the World. Don’t listen to this trash flee CHRISTIAN.

  72. Donz Thriller

    Great song. Don't listen to the "Religious people." I am a true christian and I still support you guys. I don't see anything wrong with y'all's songs. They still great as normal. Keep up the great work.

  73. Santiago Zapata

    What's with the eye and triangle on the record

  74. Spider Girl

    i sooo love this AWESOME beat.i wish it was Christian though.....

  75. Julie Rushing

    the new songs have an "arcade fire" feel to them... but still has that needtobreathe classic soul and heart. God keeps pouring out His awesomeness on you guys 💚

  76. Try God TV

    Nooo whyyyy need to breath??? My favorite band :(
    I just don't see the point of it 🤦‍♀️.

    Try God TV

    I so wanna cry 😭 Whyyyyyyyy?

  77. Fernando Ramirez

    This is so different from the usual but it's so good.

  78. Joey Moreira

    Three shades of pink, super cool

  79. eagles4christ

    Oh for crying out loud.

    Guys, the Illuminati was a group that opposed superstition, abuse of power, and religion controlling public life. They were founded to combat the oppressive church at the time. The Church of England in that time was very much like ISIS is today. They ran the country, they manipulated political parties, they massacred thousands that disagreed with them, they cheated people out of money and property, and they were all around very corrupt.

    Many groups rose up during that time to combat that. The Illuminati was one of them. They aren't devil worshipers, they aren't evil, they aren't satanic, they don't oppose religion, they just hated the abuse of power and decided that a church shouldn't have power like that.

    All of the talks of satanism and evil is propaganda made up by the church to turn people against the Illuminati. Very common practice at the time.

    In reality, the church was abusing power and acting like devils, and they were trying to stop a group from taking that power away.

    Stop with the stupidity, stop with the ignorance, and get educated. I'm sick and tired of seeing the church murder itself by pulling hairs over stupid stuff like this.

    The album artwork is awesome and in no way representative of any sort of evil. Quit being so gullible.

    Mind Psy

    No they started from the theosophical sosiety by madam bovarte in Bavaria, not in England. And they do believe in superstition since they do rituals perform spirit magic. The illuminati has been the enemy of the catholic church since its inception in the early 1800's. You are the one being ignorant

    Mind Psy

    secret societies are against the bible and christian doctrine

    Alyssa Gilmore

    eagles4christ I wish I could have liked this more than once. There are so many comments condemning this because of the "satanic" cover art. It makes me sad people are so blinded..

  80. Chelsea F

    I love the new songs. Seen you guys 5 times and you never disappoint. Don't listen to the haters. So many people love the new stuff. 😊

  81. N J

    NIIIIICE "guitarmony," guys!!! 😉

  82. JENNA H

    too 80's for me.. i like your blues music better!!

  83. Yuri Dias

    Why this image on the cover? Is that a pyramid is an eye? Are you and your songs Christian (Evangelical)?


    Yuri, that's a mountain

    Faça o que Jesus faria

    I think this to

  84. Gabriel Gac

    Just keep on that vibe guys! this singles and the hard love album are your greatest sound works, keep it up! Love you all, God Bless! ❤

  85. Patrick Brian Roldan


  86. HiddenTalent

    Did anyone notice that the thing up there is an eye?

  87. nerolisk

    to the people who say the album art is illuminati symbolism:

    1) it's from their lyrics to MOUNTAIN, Pt. 1 : "I can see over the mountain, and I know that it's real"

    2) grow up. they could use a severed goats head and satanic cross as album art and i'd still listen to them cuz they make DAMN GOOD music.

    3) yeah

    Dennis D'Avanzo

    DrAlexHarper your art work helps me understand your opinion

    Mind Psy

    Nah don't be so gullible ..

  88. Catherine Peach

    Love this wow!!!

  89. Dina Ladislau

    que álbum incrível
    go to Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  90. Laura Gubler

    Perfeito! Eu amo a NEEDTOBREATHE

  91. Mark Kordic

    Really like the alternative sound & message. Nice variety. All of DFW looks forward to your September gig in Irving TX!

  92. The Old Man

    why is there a Illuminati pyrimiad coming out of the all seeing eye? you guys couldn't find a better picture for your album or you sworm some type of loyalty?

    fairys rule

    The Old Man it's a mountine


    it is impossible that they do not realize that it is the eye that sees everything and the triangle
    illuminati simbology.

    this is not about a mountain but who does not want to see, who does not see and does not realize.
    the song is very beautiful but that is illuminati simbology


    You know the eye in the pyramid (Yes it has to be inside the pyramid to be the symbol you're talking about) is the eye of God?

  93. DerrickSWFLrealtor

    Dig the CBS logo 0:02

  94. Shanice Fauntleroy- Woods

    sold their souls

    Tabatha Cheri

    Eyes Wide Open? Funny how things can be misinterpreted.


    Apparently you've sold yours if you believe this is Illuminati. Its a mountain

  95. Timmay7 0000

    Claim to be Christian but have the eye and pyramid displayed showing who they really follow


    That's a mountain. So shut up.

  96. 777Ghostdog

    Just curious about the pyramid and the eye of ra

    Luca Guastaferro

    its a mountain


    It is clear that it is not a mountain.
    if not the eye that sees everything

  97. Dmiudo



    Excuse me, thats a mountain.

    Jade Selman

    Then why aren't they famous? Lol

    R Andrade

    @Jade Selman they probably didn't do a major deal to become really famous,
    And if they weren't famous, how tf do they have all these fans around the world ?
    Exactly shut the fuck up

    A Mere Mortal

    @R Andrade 😲 The hypocrisy! You're trying to claim your high ground under the guise of a Christian by tearing down some guys who made a mistake _swearing_ all the while. How... worldly of you.

    R Andrade

    @A Mere Mortal boy who tf