Neal McCoy - Same Boots Lyrics

The bottom of my boots could use some new cowhide
My soles are wearin' thin but it ain't breakin' my stride
I'm steppin' higher 'cuz of her sweet love
I'm into every little thing she does
So when you see me comin' down the street
I'll be kickin' up my heals with her next to me

Same boots brand new walk
Same voice brand new talk
Same height but standin' ten feet tall
New smile on this face
Same town better place
By changin' my heart she changed it all
Same boots brand new walk

I still put my jeans on one leg at a time
And drive an old truck, it ain't worth a dime
Still working down at the hardware store
But life's a lot better than it was before
She hasn't changed what I do or who I am
I'm still the same 'ol me but a different man


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Neal McCoy Same Boots Comments
  1. JT Roll

    I wish he he had an official video for this song.

  2. Kenny Blake

    This dude could sing the alphabet and make it sound good