Neal McCoy - A-OK Lyrics

Oh, oh, it's alright
Everybody's gotta get loose sometime
If you're uptight, better let it unwind
It's alright, it's alright

Oh, oh it's okay, save your troubles for another day
Put a big ol' smile back on your face
It looks to me like it's gonna be A-O, A-O, A-OK
It's gonna be A-O, A-O, A-OK

Let me raise a toast to all of those
Who are feeling just like me
Peak your head out the covers

There's a whole lot of others
Who are tired of losing sleep
And say no to all of those worries
That are holding you down

'Cause it's good for the soul
To get up and go
Take it all in to town

Oh, oh it's alright
Everybody's gotta get loose sometime
If you're uptight, better let it unwind
It's alright, it's alright

Oh, oh it's okay, save your troubles for another day
Put a big ol' smile back on your face
It looks to me like it's gonna be A-O, A-O, A-OK
It's gonna be A-O, A-O, A-OK

So go on, take off like a rocket through the sky
If it feels good, well that's good
You don't need another reason why
Or you could lay there like a book on a shelf

But a wiser man would say
It's gonna be A-O, A-O, A-OK
It's gonna be A-O, A-O, A-OK

Oh, oh it's alright
Everybody's gotta get loose sometime
If you're uptight, better let it unwind
It's alright, it's alright

Oh, oh it's okay, save your troubles for another day
Put a big ol' smile back on your face
It looks to me like it's gonna be A-O, A-O, A-OK
It's gonna be A-O, A-O, A-OK
It's gonna be A-O, A-O, A-OK

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Neal McCoy A-OK Comments
  1. Gwen Ammons

    Neal love your music

  2. Savannah

    At first I thought he was just copying the ladies love country boys video but then he started getting guys following him lol. I like the song!

  3. Crimson Vortex

    heard this song a few years ago and have been looking for it ever since. this is nice

  4. George Ward

    Pray for me!!!

  5. Jesse Wilson

    Who's the goober in the orange shirt with the camera waiving his arms in the back like he's at a Miley virus concert

  6. elizabeth whitt

    love song

  7. Rebecca Welz

    Love this song got me thru some hard times when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. It took awhile but he is A OK.

  8. Hayden Martini

    I'm love this Neal McCoy songs

  9. wendy herring

    Great song and wow what a wonderful video.

  10. George Ward

    Great song It is getting a bum deal for me at work.

  11. Sherry Miller

    Neal has more energy than those grand kids,lol.

  12. Carlos Juega

    yo solo queria spam

    Adri 420

    carlos jimenez a ok

    Carlos Juega

    ya estoy feliz :'v

  13. Nicole Anderson

    don't judge this song got me through a few deaths ,hard times ,and is helping me fight cancer it's a good message

    joseph walker

    Amen :)

  14. Joe Pebworth

    Lame song,
     and it looks like this video was filmed in Longview.

    Carlos Juega

    Joe Pebworth a ok

    Nancy McBride

    You must really be a negative person. :-( I pray the people around you aren't as negative as you. God Bless, hope your life gets better

  15. Maddie Futch

    I have met him in person backstage

    Jaded Star

    Was he nice?

    Callie Watt

    @Jaded Star he is very nice and down to earth!

    Ware am i

    I have talked to him a few times. He lives in Longview where this was filmed at.

  16. Tyler Lantier

    I am going to live my life by this song cause he made a really good point

  17. Natasha Powers

    I saw Neal McCoy 2x in Melbourne, Florida 1997 or 1998 Once at the County Line Saloon the other time at The King Center, Melbourne, FL

  18. TamiCU2

    Love u Neal!!

  19. Eileen Woods

    hes comming back to zanseville ohio next month i cant wait

  20. IamBratacus

    Never mind found out it was taken in Longview TX.

  21. IamBratacus

    Dose any one know where this was filmed? is this Branson Missourri?

    Michael Wimbish

    East Texas Angels Network, a charity for serious ill children, is headquartered in Longview.

  22. Anna Machen

    that is his son that he did that too

  23. Nancy Crews

    I am glad he is back have been for a long time since I was 16 and now I am 40.

  24. Matt Holmes

    I love this song. Neal is an awesome singer.


    Heck yeah brother!


    Get a life. Neil is the best.

  27. peaceandloveandhope1

    lol he looks black to me

    Jaded Star

    Puerto Rican and White

    Shelly Reinhardt-Moeller

    @Jaded Star he is Filipino (his mom) and American/Irish (his dad). His last name is actually McGaughey.

  28. kalmanizer

    P.S. I'm a fan of Blake, Miranda, and Neal and I saw all 3 (separately) in concert and honestly Neal put on the BEST show.

    I've ALWAYS told my wife that Neal McCoy and King George Strait have the BEST male voices in Country Music. Though I gotta add Easton Corbin to that list. He sounds ALMOST exactly like King George Strait. For a female voice I LOVE Deana Carter's. She's got a unique female voice. :)

  29. kalmanizer

    You probably have NO personality & NO sense of humor. I find Neal McCoy to be HILARIOUS but then again I have a personality & a sense of Humor. I'm also from Brooklyn, NY the City that HATES Country Music with a Passion & Neal McCoy happens to be 1 of my FAVORITE Country Music Singers. Neal McCoy has a GREAT voice & he sings REAL Country Music & NOT this Pop Garbage being released today so maybe you JUST happen to NOT be a fan of REAL Country Music.

  30. kalmanizer

    Country Music Singer "Neal McCoy." :)

  31. The Martin Tribe

    Ahh my aunt and cousin are in this video and its a great reminder that obviously everything is gunna be ok especially with my husband deployed...awesome song!!!

  32. JohnMagillM

    before you put Neal Down, he does a ton of charity work here for kids through the east tx angels network, and hes done more USO tours for the troops then just about anyone else

  33. JohnMagillM

    No you didnt see the ymca, theres not one here in longview Tx anymore

  34. JohnMagillM

    it is longview tx

  35. Jacob Kennedy

    This is the Cheesiest country music video i have ever seen. I mean look at 2:24 when he puts the kids hat on like a mentally handicapped donkey.

    Jaded Star

    Hey don't make fun


    OK, jk: Please refer us to the classy videos you have created & made. Take a hike!

  36. Nancy Crews

    Neal rocks i just love his songs

  37. Corey Kotowski

    No one will take you seriously when you spell Jeans* wrong.

  38. ariel921000

    who is this by

  39. Rich Spurlock

    your an idiot, bottom line

  40. Douglas Taylor

    This is awful!! Blake!!! Miranda!! What are you thinking? Neil is long gone thing of the past. Not very good. Not very funny like he tries to be. And the tight genes are waaaaay a thing of the past. He very nice Christian man but just in the wrong business. Behind the scenes just stay there and be thankful for what God has done.

  41. Shannon Carroll

    My Anthem! If only I could whistle . . . .

  42. Lynne Thomas

    I Sure Do Love This Song.. It Always Make Me Happy And It Always Makes Me Just Forget About All The Bad Things That Has Happend In Your Life.. Please Share This With Your Friends And Family! It Could Be A Real Pleasure And Everyone Will Always Feel Happy! :)

  43. Eric Taylor

    its no the ymca its the A OK

  44. Carman Wesson

    Looks like Longview, Tx :) Love NM & glad he's back at it!!

  45. JohnMagillM

    @JohnMagillM dang typos, ment nice

  46. JohnMagillM

    @BBDDmudcrew You must be in Longview also. I have met him 3 times already amazingly cool laid back dude. He was leaving the old Big Lots once and I was walking across the parking lot wearing a RandyWhite jersery and he went flying by me and yelled out hey Nive

  47. Shana Wolfram

    i wonder what would happen if i went throught the streets takin someones hat, hangin someones fone up and jumpin on garbage trucks. great song!

  48. TINML

    Real country on country radio. Who'd a thunk it?

  49. Jeff Johnson

    Love this song! Thanks for comming back Neal McCoy!!!

  50. Kevin Roshanaie

    good song im glad neal mccoy is back

  51. Thesamjam5

    @sammilover100 do you hate it or love it

  52. Amanda Kelley

    I love this song3 I love billy's got his beer goggles on 3

  53. ron staggs

    its gonna be a-ok love the song

  54. Laura Ailinger

    Such a fun song! :D

  55. Thesamjam5

    So Neal hows it feel to be the next Country singer?

  56. Eric Taylor

    @sammilover100 If your nor country then don tliisten to the music

  57. austin lebsock

    Im so glad Neal is back!!!

    Jaded Star

    No he's not. Puerto Rican and White

  58. Joshua Isham

    this makes me happy everytime i hear this

  59. dudman776

    Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are singing back up.

  60. Shannon Carroll

    Theme song of my life right now . . . . .if only I could whistle!

  61. AKomega89

    This makes me happy :)

  62. peaceandloveandhope1

    @mckeehan222 how in the hell is he asain?

  63. Matt McKeehan

    @peaceandloveandhope1 He's asian

  64. shannon ragain

    Every time i listen to this song it reminds me to realize life isnt that bad. Everything in my life isnt worth gettin mad or irritated about cuz everything will be ok

  65. peaceandloveandhope1

    is this guy black?

  66. nsvr6

    Sure beats the hell out of Ricky Gregg....

  67. Donna Voss

    That little girl he helped up is my friend. Her name is Miaah. :] She's awesome!

  68. Elly May

    I was in love with him when "wink" came out I was 5!

  69. Alicia Curry

    i am absolutely in love with this song!

  70. Matt Dumais

    Neal rocked Saskatoon last night....thanks for the awesome show!

  71. Marci Jeffcoats

    Thank Neil for using the city of Longview in this video.. Proud to live here

  72. valerie kiel

    AWESOME!! Love the song and video!! Sounds like Blake and Miranda in the background!!

  73. cody kulcheski

    i just recently saw him in dauphin manitoba. perdy good

  74. Chapafifi

    @Prettypink5544 You have actually gone to his house?

  75. abo300zx

    Great song. Way to go Neal !

  76. cdtnplyr

    love this song always gets stuck in my head

  77. Hunter Lohr

    Great song! Plus, it's really cool to see Longview in a music video, i like it!

  78. GayNell Tucker

    I love this video, and what a great fun song. I live in Longview,also(Lived here all my life). Its fun to see my home town, and all the places I know in this.

  79. ThePatriot029

    I live in Longview ,Texas where this video was shot. Its weird seeing places I recognize in a music video.

  80. shaq3334

    Love this

  81. Just Fan Stuff

    Cool song, friendly, down-home feel video. Thanks for letting the fans have first view. I like it, both the video and the early access for fans.

  82. Lawrence Larson

    I Love This Song by Neal McCoy it's so positive and uplifting cause no matter what your going through in the end you know it's going to be A-OK and everything will work out thanks Neal for recording this song

  83. kalmanizer

    I may be from Brooklyn, NY and I may have as MUCH of a Northern Accent as Neal McCoy has a Southern Country Accent but I know GOOD Country Music when I hear it and this is AWESOME Country Music at it's finest. Besides, Neal McCoy happens to be one of my FAVORITE Country Music Singers and I had the pleasure of seeing Neal McCoy in concert. :)