Ne-Yo - She Knows Lyrics

[Intro - Juicy J:]
Yeah, uh-huh
Mmm, yeah

[Verse 1 - Ne-Yo:]
You know, from the moment she turn around, ay
She know, how to back it up and drop it down {Ay}
She know, she what all the fellas looking at, mmmmmmmm
Cause they know, soon as her song come on it's a wrap, yeah

[Pre-Hook 1 - Ne-Yo:]
Cause she loves the attention
That she gets when she moves, yeah
Showing out with her home girls
Hypnotizing all the dudes, oh

[Hook - Ne-Yo:]
She knows
(She knows, she knows, she knows)
She knows
(She knows, she knows, she knows)
She knows
(She knows, she knows, she knows)
I know, I know, she knows
(She knows, she knows, she knows)
And I know, I know, she knows

Oohh, she knows

[Verse 2 - Ne-Yo:]
She bad, mixing ratchet with the classy, oh, yeah
Oh. So bad, I just couldn't let her pass me, no
Na na
I told her, "Shawty, you so right, but you so wrong"
(So wrong, so wrong, so wrong)
She said, "Daddy, I'll be back after this song"
"Then you taking me home" {Yep}

[Pre-Hook 2 - Ne-Yo:]
Said I know she loves the attention
That she gets when she moves
Showing out with her home girls
And she got me watching too girl


[Verse 3 - Juicy J:]
She know what she working with
(She know, she know, she know)
I see you, uh
You got my attention baby, gone do what you do
Eviction notice, now you gone have to make a move
All this ice in my rolly, no wonder I play it cool
Ain't no 'I' in Team but
I got my eyes on you, I watch it bounce
When she walk, she lick her lips
When she talk
I throw her in that Bentley coupé with the top off like Mardi Gras
All that cake, come get you some filling
Like a soap opera watch all my children
Hit it so long that she might lose feeling
With her legs in the air, she can walk on the ceiling

[Pre-Hook 2]


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    Real music has 0 percent twerking and 100 percent takent

    Vicente Lomas Lomas

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    someone listening in 2020 ?

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    It’s funny they put a stripper pole in a store

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    1/1/2020.....Grindin' to dis!!!!

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    Ok my 2020 goal...hit the gym

  18. Scott H

    What’s not to love about this song/video?

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    The moment you realize stripping is a SPORT 😳😳

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    Juicy J. Killed it again!
    Rip Lord Infamous, Koopsta

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    I love neyo... That's going to be my husband someday! Lolll

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    I use to hate this song when it would play on the radio but it slightly grew on me thru out the years 😭

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  34. Always Ready

    They are still stripper's. It doesn't matter there skill sets. While doing it. They will still strip for cash. Which is what a stripper is. Someone stripping for cash. Now, instead of calling them a plain stripper. We can gladly call them acrobatic stripper's. But, that's as good as it gets in reality.

  35. gman2015

    I always thought that the lil kid noise that goes "yea" is from the Crack kid with the basketball video lol.

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