Ne-Yo - Over My Head Lyrics

So I had someone, you had someone
We started out as nothing more than friends ooh
But as the time got spent
I started liking spending time with you more than him ooh

And it wasn't what I meant to do
Started thinking about kissing you
Accidentally, accidentally ooh
Suddenly out of the blue
Guess she was thinking about it too
Cause ya kissed me and he saw it
Damn, damn

I might be over my head, a little over my head
But I kinda like it (kinda like it)
This is not what I expected, a little over my head
But I kinda like it (kinda like it)
I kinda like it

Oh said I kinda like it oooh

So of course he started acting crazy
Wound up punching you right in the eye ooh
He felt like the man but I felt bad
So I called you later to apologize ooh ooh

And it wasn't what I meant to do (oh no)
Start thinking about seeing you
Accidentally (ooh), accidentally (ooh) ooh
Suddenly out of the blue
Guess she was thinking about it too
Cause you came to get me and he saw you
Damn damn damn damn


This is so crazy yet so hard
They're fighting over me in the front yard
I don't know who I should root for
But there's one thing that I do know


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Ne-Yo Over My Head Comments
  1. Seth Corteza

    2020? anyone? 💗

  2. Melody Vaiphei

    Who is still listening in October 2019

  3. Elenoa Ducia

    Y is this not on iTunes

  4. ryuzaki Kami

    need thz sound track

  5. Gabi Japhets

    °Neyo🌎.God bless you❤!

  6. Licowcow Moomoo

    I don't like the song....
    I love this song 💚😊🍻

  7. Alucard prince

    I need soundtrack of thz music can you upload please

  8. Florence Wilson

    So in love with this track...eargasms one way uuuuh

  9. Meleana Timau


  10. Displore

    Who's here in June 2019

  11. Lizzy Ekamanmolaniruthalkina

    yarse 😍 2019 and still pumpin

  12. Sonatane Lui

    May 12 2019 ?🇹🇴

  13. 《ΛPΣX》 Sinister

    You fucked up he says wound up punching you "right" in the eye not punching you in the eye # neyolife

  14. Lovemore Zuze

    2019 The tune still rock

  15. Arun Diengdoh

    Who are still listening in 2019

    Sanjesh Maharaj

    Fuck yes

    Timmy Moua

    Hell yeah bro

  16. Sambor Nongkhlaw

    Love this song

  17. Angafor Lum

    am kinda crazy for this song 💕💕💕


    Back to those days😎✌

  19. Nakoma Thomas

    Up till 2018 awesome song

  20. Litea 'Unga

    Here i am in 2018 searching for the song 😏😏

  21. Island Bro

    Its not on Spotify!!! Why??

    Sevao Stowers

    Trying to look for it now 🤦🏽‍♂️ still no luck

    Terry D

    Sept '19 still no luck😕

  22. mercy mallari will you explain the accusations of your ex wife that she knows that there's something wrong between your girl friend nd you who was also married nd still with his hubby 🙁😎

  23. tereva teihoarii

    2018 ! <3

  24. Nikki' Nicole

    Memoriesss 😊

  25. Rae Wray

    All the ne-yo songs I have listened too and I missed this one i kinda like it top :)

  26. julieakajulz Tafale

    love this song need to do live singing, with lyricz

  27. Bienvenu KOSSI

    I do love this

  28. Janet Aoina

    Who's listnin in 2017?

  29. Etta Palaita

    I feel you it must be hard when you sang and wrote this song. I love you ne -yo and always will

  30. Wildlife Matters

    I kinda like it

  31. Ester Lolin

    i hope it very good for him to kiss her

  32. Nyambitta Tausi Ally

    kinda like it woow

  33. Russian Girl Ksenia

    But I kinda like it.. kinda like iiiiit❤️❤️

    Bruce Sohkhia

    Ksenia Melnikova •Russian Girl

    Sanjesh Maharaj

    This is not what i expected

  34. Tanie Flt

    Frannye <3

  35. SNØ MACK


  36. Anne C.

    2:48-3:10 is my favourite part.

    Chose Neihu

    What does the song mean actually?

  37. mayna puteri

    over my head 

    Nyaira Cody

    This. song

  38. nakintu sarah

    n am fighting ova u in uganda... lov u Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeyo.

  39. TheEricMM

    Its about him and his frens gfrend developing and acting on a mutual attraction. Damn homophobes, lol..

  40. Ninona Asare

    I luv u Neyoooooo

  41. juliana mrema

    Accidentally..really??? I like u NEYo

    felicity proto


  42. deja maharaj

    Damar <3

  43. Jeff Peniaranda

    i like this song i like u neyo

  44. illest boo

    Love this

  45. john kuameh

    l always think about it n drive me grazer , l love it boomu n more fun fr Neyo

  46. skye elk

    huge fan of Ne Yo and this song!!! love it

  47. Time_To_Panic!

    This like my favorite song ever!! I love neyo:D

  48. jay sandoval

    love this song

  49. Erick Flores

    I think this is a love triangle where he's talking how he fell in love with one of his bf (one boy and one girl ) and I suspect that they had something before that's what the song is about

    Michael Taholo

    I love you Benjami

  50. Lolani Akau

    this song reminds me of my best freind

  51. Justin

    If neyo is fine with home breaking can i do it too?

  52. Eric Melendez

    kinda awkward that every girl you go wit gets this song dedicated to them?

  53. Kris Awal Stunna-Wigglez

    Gosh !!! this song is fucken interesting dedicated to all ma gurlz

  54. Julia Hann

    People are so stupid, Ne-Yo writes songs for all genders to sing. He is not gay, and if he was, what does it matter? Gay or straight, Ne-Yo is one of the most talented musicians out there.

    Sompong Ratsakhy

    Shit i like women but this songs cool to me

  55. Tendai Muziringa

    shhhhhoooo nice hit

  56. Wangchen Dorjee


  57. Leah Saxon

    @markyp90 its meant 4 a woman to sing it duh he does write music

  58. Monkeyboy2o9

    I always wnted to know if this song was for gay ppl?????..Not tryin to racis to gay ppl just wnna know cuz im koo with gay ppl they koo

  59. Tuan Leo Cash

    i feel you neyo i feel you..... ireally doo

  60. carlie burton

    this song wood go great for bella & jacob..i mite make it

  61. Michael Johnson

    this song goes hard , foreal ...this song describes what had me to me and my bestfriend who's now my boo :))

  62. Monica

    This songs , one of the cuttest ive ever heard. <33

  63. Jessica J

    man im be over my head sumtime its just quissical sumtime

  64. ebenezer ansah

    aaww i love dis song...''i kinda like it'' dis lyric is mwuaah

  65. Heather Clayton

    i might me over my head, a little over my head.. but i kinda like it..(:

  66. Cesar Perez

    greatttttt song

  67. Kimberly Tempelman

    Ilove this song ! ('ll)

  68. Kaci

    omg i love this song!!!

  69. Usheriia Knowles

    yeahhh i love thiis 's my best for the moment...i listen again...;all the time..

  70. czrei

    theres remix called 3 way love, way better =D

  71. Shania Troxler

    this is a very lovely song :)

  72. monkeyball2

    I like how he singin it from the girl prespective

  73. sweetlgmusic

    ich liebe das lied....