Ne-Yo - Money Can't Buy Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Jeezy:]
You lookin' better than a Scarface starter kit
All hundreds, small faces nothin' counterfeit
You want this ghetto D? Or that over the counter shit?
Catch you slippin' in the kitchen, on the counter shit (damn)
Oh shit (sup), I guess I'll pause for these bitches
Guess I'll ball for these niggas, swear this my last three swishers
On my grown man shit I'm 'bout to kill these bitches

[Hook - Ne-Yo:]
Baby you know I got some money
Girl, the dough ain't a problem for me
But when I look in your eyes
Baby you've got everything money just can't buy
(All the things money can't buy x4)

[Verse 2 - Ne-Yo:]
Got a diamond in the back, sunroof top
Got a diamond on my hat and my sunroof off
Her mind strong but her body so soft
Tattoo on her hip read "Only for a Boss"
She ain't impressed with the way I ball
She said "You seen one ghost, you seen 'em all"
Even though that thing cold
She said "A Rolls Royce or a Civic, Daddy I'm a roll with you"
She ride for me, die for me, love me, that's how she do
I pulled up close and I tell her what's true


[Verse 3 - Ne-Yo:]
Shawty where you at? Meet me at the mall
Told her "Let me buy you something", she replied "Naw"
She said her love won't be bought
I don't need to spend no money, spend some time that's all
I told her "Daddy don't mind spending"
I want to see you shine like the diamonds in my pendant
She told me she don't care for the flash
Want affection not cash, girl I ain't even mad at you
She ride for me, die for me, love me, that's how she do
I pulled up close and I tell her what's true


[Verse 4 - Jeezy:]
What's happening with it baby? Hope you don't think that I'm crazy
Say me and you, get us some practice makin' a baby
I will take some out the stash and buy you that new Mercedes
Then be all up in that ass in the back of that new Mercedes
You confident, protectin' ya, send me your issues
They ain't 'bout to be playing with her, me and these pistols
See that thirty-six for D'Usse, I'm the provider
Come scoop me in that 458, you be the rider
(Yeah) Oh well, that's that, back to the party
Bet you niggas anything I'm leaving here with shawty
Got a feeling that she fuckin' with me for me
She got me feeling like I got a million on me


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