Ne-Yo - Love Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I look away
When you try to look in my eyes
Cause I'm afraid
That I may scare you with what's inside
I try not to be so
Damn obviously overcome
When you smile at me
I try not to care that
You've become the air in my lungs
That I live to breathe

I love you
I love you
I love you
I'm no longer afraid to say
I love you
I love you
I love you
I'm no longer afraid
I love you

[Verse 2:]
Now until then
I don't care far away it is
When all I fear
This love will simply say it's not over again
I just can't believe how
Scared I used to be to say
What you are to me
I would surely die if
You were ever to fly away
Cause I live to breathe you

I love you
I love you
I love you
I'm no longer afraid to say
I love you
I love you
I love you
I'm no longer afraid
I love you

[Verse 3:]
And it feels so good to say it aloud
I love you
I love you
Wherever you go
Baby you know
Right here
And right now
I love you

I love you
I love you
I love you
I'm no longer afraid to say
I love you
I love you
I love you
I'm no longer afraid
I love you

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Ne-Yo Love Comments
  1. Darion Allen

    Feb 2019? Valentine’s Day mood

  2. juju C

    2020 feb no one listens to this

  3. Liv

    Ne-yo was such a big part of my childhood

  4. AshGottaSmokeEmAll

    Ahh yes.... The 2000s, such a simpler time

  5. aznmafia77

    Top 5 best Ne Yo songs:

    1. So sick
    2. Because of You
    3. Miss independent
    4. Sexy Love
    5. Go On Girl

  6. Debra Allen


  7. Adeilza Marinho

    E 11 anos se passaram e essa música ainda continua tocando 😭😭 alguém vendo em 2020??? Nostalgia pura

  8. Jameela Ali

    I remember this song an i remember the day d first boy i d like play this song for me 😂



  10. BeachChairz

    When it's beef I carry twooooooo.....

  11. Caitlin 3

    My sister met this dude when she was eight and her first question to him was “are you gay?” For genuinely no reason.

  12. Mathias Mark

    hands in the air if you listening to this song on 28 January 2020

  13. Mackeda Black

    neyo- 'she makes the hair on the back of my neck stands up'


    great song tho

  14. Eurosa Martins

    Listening 27.01.2020♥️

  15. Luis Faira

    Eu preciso muito ter minha vida de sexo com as minhas ex namoradas ex esposas outra vez

  16. Luis Faira

    Eu acho que eu vou conseguir minha vida de sexo quando eu completar os meus 20 anos eu prometo a deusa Atena Saori kido minha melhor amiga é Jesus Cristo deus

  17. Luis Faira

    Eu tenho muitos interesses amorosos porque eu sou um grande homem buscando uma nova vida de sexo

  18. Keon Roadson

    Ne yo is that shit he so good at this

  19. Ismail Jacobs

    Latest comment 23 January 2020 I still love this songs of Ne-Yo who is with me?

  20. Simooo

    I'll listen this forever, the best Neyo. ❤

  21. Liam Kirwa

    I am so scared right now. I have been thinking about this particular song for the whole day.
    Then I come to YouTube and find it first on my recommended.

  22. Jonas bunda

    NE-YO one of the RNB's uncrowned king.

  23. Sam

    Does anyone happen to know the drum and bass song that has the start of this song in it? tried looking for a remix of the whole song but cant find it. Swear to god i've heard it though

  24. Lemzy Wonder

    meks me remember all my ex's,, song neva gets old,,,

  25. Elijah Ali

    07.04.06 .. forever

  26. wu binhao

    Some songs associate memory of your life in the past.

  27. Kelly Punter

    When your landlord demands the rent#sexy love

  28. Jason Rafael Girardi

    Wow!🤯😲😲😲 He got the melody of this song from Human Nature. 😉

  29. Michael Dirks

    I was 8 years old wow I remember the day the video premiered

  30. Robert Cotton

    😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌👌love this song

  31. Dillan Clive

    lov3 this song 2020

  32. Jehudi Phillips

    Out gere looking like chris tucker

  33. Ashley James

    2020 anyone❤️

  34. Marlucy De Paula


  35. Mercy Madzikatire

    " I don't know what I would do if I loose your touch" omg he killed me there

  36. Malik Macon

    They dont make music like this no mo

  37. H A

    I was 12 when this came out, I'm pushing 26, I'm so old :(

  38. chilldaonly 1

    This song make me miss my true first love ❤️

  39. Rafaela Santos

    Alguém em 2020 ? Escutando ne yo

  40. Malik Woods

    Who still listening to this 2000s legend inn 2020?

  41. Southern Girl Chef

    Ayee!!!! Who’s listening in 2020?! 🙋🏾‍♀️



    Mamny Kk

    Who's my sexy love in 2020

  42. Zikode

    Zuid Afrika 2020

  43. Emmanuel Santou

    2020? 😍😍

  44. trap mk records

    Mais um like

  45. Raiyaan Shaikh

    2020 any muthaphukr

  46. Leroy Black

    Hey bro, pay your rent.

  47. CapeofStormz

    Jan 2020. This song still rocks!

  48. UnangB Burac

    Yeah its 2020..hit like if you were here ..listening old music

  49. Chris Townsend

    2020 never ends w the early 2000s

  50. Aimable NDIHOKUBWAYO

    I m very honored to be the only one who still listening to this song in January 2020! Is there any one else ??? If yes come on plz and join me to like

    Andreia Santos

    I’m here too 😍😍😍

    Ivan Fernandez

    Hell yeah

    Favour Jack

    Am here also

    aesthxtic_ tears

    Nah its 2025

  51. AskateR

    2020 squad where you at? I remember a decade ago gave my very first kiss to the girl I liked back then listening to this song and it was magical believe me. As corny as it sounds, this song has a special place in my heart

  52. Miasia

    Am the only one here in 2020?

  53. Tatiane Barros de oliveira

    0 sonho da minha irmã e conhecer. Ele ,

  54. Sergio Paredes torres

    2020! Ready!

  55. Phroggg gggorhp

    One of the only guys able to pull off a fedora consistently

  56. Darkskin Tony

    2020 Jan 5 who's here come on?

  57. PenBfb

    2 boys Knocking

  58. Abram Fullante

    guess im the first. 2020 <3

  59. Shazam Kablam

    I was 13 back in '06. How old were you when this song came out?



    Who else sent this to there girl friend

  61. Veronica Cooper

    I’m on an old school music trip

  62. Fanny Silva

    Haaaaa eu amo esse cara .....🥰😍

  63. alex anderson

    Who here for 2020

  64. Judy Ferguson

    2020 we here

  65. Chestar AK

    JAN 2020

  66. Segredos Caseiros

    anyone 2020? 💗😍😍🇧🇷

  67. Lidia Mikaele

    2020 e nós aqui❤️

  68. Jay Bukartek

    2020 anyone?

  69. Erik Bridges

    Its 2020...sond still hard

  70. zEE BONE

    Who else hates the “who’s listening in 2019?” Comments ?

    Symphony Of The Day

    It's actually 2020. Lmao!

  71. Leonardo Cassiano

    Who is listening in January 2020?

  72. johnson2618

    Guess I’m first here for 2020 😏

  73. mohamed hussin

    Who is listening in the last day in 2019 😍🔥

  74. A&M passion struck

    Ne yo is looking great in this outfit and that sexy chain with cross !!👍👍

  75. Emyahn Headen

    I still listen to it

  76. LaVonda S

    Still one of my favorite Neyo songs. DEC 2019

  77. Luis Faira

    Eu poderia fazer uma hora de sexo com as minhas mulheres negras gostosas morenas no elevador se ficarmos presos no elevador

  78. Luis Faira

    Sabe porque eu sou muito safado tendo alguns interesses amorosos

  79. Luis Faira

    Com outras mulheres negras gostosas morenas

  80. Luis Faira

    Eu tenho outros interesses amorosos

  81. Delani Akia

    Missing the woman I haven't met yet.🎵😍🎶

  82. 9577frasier

    Anyone have a comment besides anyone 2019 smfh

  83. Kel

    This shit don't sound a day old.

  84. Bella Hihe

    old song spreeee

  85. Jamison Trotter

    Everybody's wanting too know Who's's a little pathetic...Stop...move on..2020 is coming
    So is 2021...just listening...Stop asking beggers❤ December 2020...🌷

  86. Vizion

    In that feeling when you hear one classic you gotta listen to them all XD

  87. aliza bagnol

    Still Listening December 24 2019 ❤️ One of my favorite ever 😍😍
    Kung naaalala nyo, eto ung theme song ng 'She's Dating the Gangster ' ung orig version. Skl 😍

  88. Joy Thrasher

    This song/CD will always play when I’m listening to music 🎼

  89. Neymicky


  90. Cam The motivator

    Who’s here in December 2019??

  91. A&S I

    At 2:51 they leave, so does that mean they don't have authority to re-enter, after all those eviction notices??