Ne-Yo - Let Go Lyrics

I know it's past tense
It's been a minute since
We were a couple
And, walking and holding hands
Kisses and I love yous
Doing what lovers do
But baby that was then

'cause now we don't
Talk no more
You gotta a new man
And, it shouldn't bother me
But girl its driving me, crazy
And everybody says
Boy why don't you just leave it alone
But I don't think I can

[Chorus (x2)]
I sit up all night
Thinkin' about you
And know it ain't right, baby
But I don't
I don't think, don't think that I
That I can let go (Don't think I can let you know)

I'm holdin' on to hope
I know its a foolish thought
Think that someday she might come back
Wish on it all the time
Knowin' it never may happen
But see I'm not a fool

'cause no we don't
Talk no more
You gotta new man
But, I'm gonna keep the faith
I've got the patience
That some lack...
But everybody says
Boy why don't you just leave it alone
But I don't think I can

I sit up all night
Thinkin' about you
And know it ain't right, baby
But I don't
I don't think, don't think that I
That I can let go (Don't think I can let you know)

I don't think I can let you go
I can't let you go
I don't think that I can let you go
Let go...
And everybody says...
And I don't think I can...

[Chorus (With Ad-Libs)]
I sit up all night
Thinkin' about you
And know it ain't right, baby
But I don't
I don't think, don't think that I
That I can let go (Don't think I can let you know)

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Ne-Yo Let Go Comments

    Came here after king james's mamba video... RIP Kobe. That music was played at background of their video

  2. Cheddah NQ

    music ain't the same anymore!

  3. בר כהן

    Beautiful song

  4. Mariano Duarte

    Que sería del mundo sin Calvin Harris

  5. Egemen Uzun

    2020 👍

  6. Jorge Nves

    Iaé gata, já tá pronta?

  7. Dayane Cristine

    27/01/ 2020 Brasil Rj 🇧🇷 Ne-yo❤

  8. Lucas Campos

    let's go = e ai gata ta pronta? WTAFAK

  9. Vlad Deyneka

    Ne-Yo is 🐐

  10. Hina Rey

    2020 anyone here? 💜💜💜

  11. endless

    Pepsi in 2013 with Van Persie,Messi and Ramos)

  12. Amina Mohammed

    I love you Calvin Harris

  13. Amina Mohammed

    All I think about is move, move move

  14. A Tökfőzelék az elég Dj


  15. 김성일

    That mv remind me toyko

  16. Feline Samurai

    Not sure if its me, it sounds quite K-popy for some reason

    Im getting a Big Bang sound off it???

  17. Anthony Stephenson

    Always me!!!

  18. Hola Amigos ROMANIA 4ever

    Nostalgia means = missing the good old days of best music back then during the 2010-2015 were one of the most successful songs ever and I love that golden era indeed.

  19. ParrotYee

    Last time I saw a Maltesers advert must've been years ago, holy moly

  20. Hola Amigos ROMANIA 4ever

    I did remember for the first time when I saw the Pepsi commercial on this video up untill now and its by far one of the most successful song by Calvin Harris ever it should have more than ~200 millions views if it was released in US on Top 100 BB.
    Most teens of nowadays they benefit by having access to internet and the views are slowing down nowadays, and if this song was sang by some popular known artist like Pitbull, Drake, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ariana grande, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj they make more than 300-700 millions views on their own lame songs who are talking about sex sells, drugs, break-ups, have naked womans and expansive cars and we should to appreciate the quality and message of the music indeed, rather than these shits who were released back from 2016 to 2019 the music sucks back then and it was destroyed by today's teens who are watching more often on smartphones, rather to watch less on TV and that amazing karma and vibes lacks and get busted off, mostly by Cardi B Billie Eilish Post Malone Lil Pump & Tekashi because they are the ones who destroy this generation soon.
    Calvin Harris is by far one of the best DJ ever next to David Guetta in songs and featurings with other singers due to the fact that they have strong and powerful beats of their songs. Anyway he is very unique among other artists and he holds the record od having 7 singles who rank number one in many charts all over the Europe, especially here in my country Romania.
    Have a nice day and greetings from Romania to UK bro's !!❤🇷🇴🇷🇴👍🇬🇧


  21. Dimitar Georgiev

    Cool Song

  22. Алексей Кулаков

    Damn, now listening to the lyrics (simple but effective), that's motivational as hell. 🔥

  23. Michal Kasam

    2020 here only 60 mln ? Pffff Calvin <3

  24. Cheesy Moon

    Pepsi knew what they were doing

  25. kasztan

    London New Year 2020 🎆

  26. Carlos Roque

    someone still listening in 2020.


    me bdw ,listen to my beats if you free

  27. 黃彥誠

    The opening track of London 2020 fireworks

    Hina Rey

    Yeah, I remember that, I was there with my family, and we couldn't stop dancing with my sister while watching the show haha, a magical time I will always remember, and looking forward to Tokyo 2020 😍😍😍💜💜💜

  28. Corey Mann

    This song is the opening track for 2020 display

  29. Lilboi Carti

    Who is also jaming to all of the legendary songs like this that made our teenage years before the 2010s end

  30. Hola Amigos ROMANIA 4ever

    Top 10 one of Calvin Harris best track songs are:

    1 How deep is your love
    2 Summer
    3 Let's go
    4 This is what you came for
    5 One kiss
    6 I need your love
    7 Feels
    8 Promises
    9 Giant
    10 Feel so close


    Mine would be

    1. Ready for the weekend
    2. Let's go
    3. You used to hold me
    4. I'm not alone
    5. Bounce
    6. Acceptable in the 80s
    7. Summer
    8. Merrymaking at my place
    9. School
    10. Awooga

    aditya annadatha

    Where is flashback and thinking about you!


    @aditya annadatha ah i forgot about flashback, that was a good one. Damn

    Fortnite is gay

    Under control, outside and blame?

    Anuraag Kumar

    Where are I'm not alone & blame???

  31. Hola Amigos ROMANIA 4ever

    Anyone here witnessing a marathone of the old songs on december at the end of the year ?
    This song never gets out of style and is old but gold ❤❤❤💥
    Youtube recommandation:
    2012: nope ✔
    2013: not really ✔
    2014: not really close ✔
    2015: not even really close ✔
    2016: not almost close ✔
    2017: 5 years later flies fast ✔
    2018: NOSTALGIA ✔
    2019: ready to play the song right now !✔
    2020: Anyone from the future ?🔜


    Alguien 2019?

  33. 빠나나빠나나

    몇년전 보고 다시 지금 보고 느끼는건데.일본은 좆나 병신처럼 하루는 보낸다는거다.신주쿠 양아치마냥.

  34. faze_sway chileno

    algien como se llama la cancion del 8:58???

  35. Jhony Lopes

    Nostalgic Winner World Cup Corinthians 2012 FIFA


  36. 《 ابو زهره x

    Man dj in 2012 was in 🔥

  37. Guga lima

    Corinthians campeão mundial 2012 essa música marcou quando o capitão levantou a taça

  38. Dilan B****


  39. Kleiner Hof

    2019 nice song

  40. Besmir Shala

    December 2019 😍😍👌🏻

  41. Sunny MANGO

    Don’t mind me I’m on a 2008 to 2013 American song binge

  42. Korkira

    Hi guys! If you love some #mashup #music, here is the new one which features this song: Enjoy!! ;)

  43. Tom Stanbury

    Why the “hey, it’s now or never” part taken out of the Spotify version like that was THE part of the song

    Rahul Let

    Tom Stanbury yea same br

    F Wickham

    I know right, that part makes it.


    i almost thought i was suffering mandela effect because of that lol

  44. kemal buyruk

    O no feeling ridicilious

  45. Jackamomo

    Well that was ******* ****.

  46. Aaron Martheyn

    Activo diciembre 2019

  47. nourilondon

    Come on Let's go and make the views to this song to 100 millions views at least.
    just keep play it on over &over again👊

  48. Lilian Tan

    Let's go to hell for a refresher, how to behave.

    Lilian Tan

    Let's make it happen tonight JESUS, please let me know if I can do it.

  49. Masum Tanvir

    This music video looks like any commercial ad lol

  50. Ashrul 88

    Anyone still hear this song? Give me like

  51. superguy X

    This reminds me of Chelsea in the champions league

  52. ivan beta

    nice nice

  53. SiD Garcia

  54. Lucas Luis

    Nostálgico demais

    Joao Vitor Silva Rocha


  55. PH Daniele Glisenti

    November 2019?

  56. Roberto Carlozzo

    Let`s go!!!!

  57. Sergeant Kurabara

    Euro 2012 memories..

  58. Jimin’s Wifey

    ⭐️2019!!! ⭐️

  59. Aakash Rai

    Literally only 59M

  60. Yaroslav Kiriyaka

    The Best!

  61. Andrew Bedford

    why isnt this version on spotify.

  62. Ogün Yılmaz

    Yıl olmuş 2019 hala burada olan var mı?

  63. xuxa nohely arriola astocaza

    Que nostalgia 🥺🥺

  64. Doverboy21 1

    I can't even do my homework cause it's bringing back too much nostalgia

  65. 今井リサ



    くそぉ野菜 はーい!Go ジェッツ


    くそぉ野菜 🙋‍♂️

  66. Ash raf


  67. Lilian Tan

    Let's go to the afterworld

  68. zack gamer

    Kkkk o Brasil todo é favela kkkk

  69. Angus Hall

    Let's go speedily quickly score All the way come on man city

  70. imad ALbalushi

    Who remembers that pepsi advert with torres, messi, aguero, jack wilsher and drogba?

  71. Mr .Gamer


  72. Tunç Demir

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌍 Number 1.

  73. Patryk Seweryn Wieczorek

    Who has heard the New Ne-Yo song with Armin Van Buuren - UNLOVE YOU?? It’s amazing!!!

  74. Gray Noir

    My #1 working out song

  75. I’ll crash Your nans car

    Litrally every gym ever in like 2013 this song got so over played xD


    i just literally one man party with this song

  77. TheUnknowableness

    2019 !!!

  78. k ta

    ゴー ジェッツ!

  79. Tunç Demir


  80. Reine De neige

    Anyone is here October 2019 my tears dont stop

    Re Karma

    Why they roll?

  81. Emre Köroğlu

    Türkler burada çünkü gaza gelmeyi severiz 🇹🇷

  82. Kendine Texe

    Taste the nostalgia

  83. Sam Roselee

    i just knew this song was used on stage btob vs b.a.p . i thought this song doesn't exist

  84. Dorian HASPOT


  85. Nilesh kumar

    This song is so powerful

  86. Nizar Johari

    Feel it.. Let's go 👍

  87. Ler Wei Jun

    Who is here after UPW ????????

  88. Blueberry Delight

    We have this song playing every assembly and it gives me ptsd

  89. Nana AK

    Still a bop. Always and forever!

  90. CritZ

    Why is the Spotify version different?

  91. Andrei Diaconescu

    Very good song my frienderinos

  92. CalvinHarrisVEVO

    Watch this Best of Calvin Harris
    Watch this CalvinHarris - Remixes
    Watch this CalvinHarris - Audio Videos

    קסם יצחק עדרי

    לייק 2018

    Tessie Lopez

    Calvin Harris is the best singer 😎😎I'm watching from Philippines still listineng until ever

    fabrizio porras

    i just simple , i love this song always on my heart , fuel for my soul .

    fabrizio porras

    i remember , hard age for me 2012

    joanne sharlott

    Happy Birthday to me. Thanks for the play list. Woohoo, Mr Harris! 💃