NBA YoungBoy - House Arrest Tingz Lyrics

Drum Dummie
Drum Dummie made the beat and you know he killed it
Oh, this Drum Dummie who made this beat, huh?
I ain't flashin', though
I'm just coolin' right now
It ain't nobody but me and Herm in the studio
And I'm just bored
And, I hope y'all was waitin' to hear from me
So, I just recorded

Real street nigga, I ain't tryna feel no sorrow
Drive that Maybach like a fuckin' Monte Carlo
I been tryna find some peace and only God know
Cross me once, can't call my phone, you get the dial tone
I been on fleek, I'm poppin' (I'm poppin')
Not many 'round if you don't know, it helped my pockets (My pockets)
And my bro, take that Draco and go wildin' (Blaw, blaw)
Tryna grow up, don't come in contact with that violence
Violins should be played, how I'm stylin'
Comment "Where," she like, "What picture?" That ain't my bitch
Tired of the Bayou, I want take it out to New York
And live a high life like a nigga signed with Highbridge
I flash out and take his head from off his body
I never once showed you that side, but that's who I'm is
Hidin' out, I let that 30 spit on College
If I die right now, just check the stats and see how I did
I'm a real street nigga, yeah
I just pulled my retta out and tried to stop a nigga (Where you goin'?)
I just walked outside my house and almost shot a nigga (Fuck is you doin'?)
Fuck my ex, I hope my next can prolly top a nigga

Take me to a place I can't imagine (Oh)
Victim of heartbreak and I'm so damaged (Oh)
Steppin' in blood, we deep thugs and I can't panic
Yeah, we knocked him off
Nigga what? They gotta hand it

I just took to foreign on the block and took the top off
Talkin' out his top, I go by top, I get him knocked off
See them youngins hoppin' out that Benz, that's some dropouts
They was hatin', I knocked 'em out my lens, that ain't my fault
I'm with Herm, I'm drinkin' on that Hen' like a papa
Pure codeine, they drinkin' on that gin, I been goin' off
Goin' off on all these hoes waitin' on me to fall
I walk in court, dirty as the fuck with pee up in my draws
Bitch, I'm drunker than the fuck, I need some Tylenol
I go nuts, soon as you buck, I shoot at all of y'all (Blaw, blaw)
I left therapy with K3 and I sped off
Talkin' proper as the fuck with my head off
Talkin' proper as the fuck with my head off
Been goin' crazy but I can't let my son see it all
All this love got me damaged, I just want it gone
If you my friend, let's get it in, bitch, take yo' panties off

Take me to a place I can't imagine (Oh)
Victim of heartbreak and I'm so damaged (Oh)
Steppin' in blood, we deep thugs and I can't panic
Yeah, we knocked him off
Nigga what? They gotta hand it

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    2020 and this shit still hard asf🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 youngboy ben snappin bih

  2. Chidera John

    not many around if you don’t know it helped my pockets

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    Like to wish nothing but greatness to everyone in #2020 hope everybody has a great year
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    2020 !!!!

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    I been tryna find some peace but only god know 😔

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    Literally everybody in the comments : hE SAiD vIOliN bUT pLaYEd FLutE 🤓

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    Who listening to this on new years night❤

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    Happy new year it leland and I like your song

  16. 50,000 subscribers with no video

    *Who’s here in 2020*

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    Who still here in 2020

  18. LiLi Valdez

    He said violins but he played a flute 🤣

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  20. Ja'marri Evans

    I like this song

  21. th3real JAY

    Follow me on Instagram

  22. th3real JAY

    The goat

  23. Selena Henry

    Anyone notice his parole officer behind him when he violins👀

  24. Kyle Wambold

    Thank god for the sample Aunt Suzie by Buckethead

  25. Cracced Dribbles-_-

    He really said violins should played how i be stylein when he made the gesture for a clarinet

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    If you yb fan like this

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    roses are red
    vilolets are blue
    his son is cute
    and he is too...

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    I love you NBA

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    My nigga

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    Shouts out sosa real niggas will know

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    If you're reading this, fuck you.

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    yw :)

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    OMG young boy u the real deal I love ur music so much I kinda relate🙏🙏

  66. Ligma Balls

    NBA youngboy this is daquan you don’t know me but I was paralyzed from neck down in 2009 due to a tragic accident it’s been a rough few years but today I stood up and walked to turn your music off. God bless you

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  71. nilson ramirez

    On my youngboy mood no cap

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    So we guna ignore the fact he said violins and he playing the trumpet at 0:49 lol

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    take me to a place i cant amagin

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    Violen should be playin how I’m stylin 🔥

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    So this not the same beat from exercise with nocap and rylo

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    Realest G,you should visit Kenya for a concert

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    He said they should play violins while doing a flute action 😂😂

    Aries 5x

    Justin Seidenfaden u got it wrong too, that’s a trumpet

    Justin Seidenfaden

    @Aries 5x lamo how can you tell the difference in the flute and trumpet finger moves....they 're both fingers going up and a straight line win tho....trumpet shmumpet whatever lol it damn sure wasn't a violin....

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