NBA YoungBoy - Carter's Son Lyrics

You're a Genius McFly
It's the carters son
Turn me up a lil

Picture me new 3D denim I'm city rollin (rollin)
But did I mention this my own clothes
The fuck you mean
Made nigga bought me own rollie
But if them crackers pull me over they gon say I stole it
4 mornin we on it
I went bought two S trophies
My father left my sis and bros to them I feel I owe it
But let's not be heroic
Cause everybody roguish
They don't want us to totin guns but they let the fuckin killas tote it
Let's take a ride and see tho
Where them people be tho
Colt.45 they gripped his iron bought this bitch from kasino
Soprano no soprino
We live life like Yung Bino
Had a show in Bimo after that post on the block with Chino (imma hustlin mothefucka)
Look for a star on every hunnid c note
I'm the top on youtube
Fuck a new school ion use no b votes
These niggas round me they to cruel
They bust tools
And die for me tho
I don't pay money for no life
The murder pay off me so

Came out alright
But I'm black and from the life I can't see tho (nawfside, in the field, 4kt bitch)
Got juveniles on the block 30 stick hangin out the Glock
Bandanna tied round the clip
And they go all out for me tho

Sucked all the pain up
Let's fuck the game up
Plenty niggas on the block pushin that rock (Mr.Carters Son)
You got yo change up
They brought yo name up
When it's war we wet they block
And when it's set this shit'll never be pain
I can't say I'm fucking with all this evolving
These niggas ain right and they ballin
I don't give a fuck (no)
I call up Osama my papa
Like load up and come and rob all them (rob all them)
Venezuela be there later
My first trip to Georgia made us
So keep play with that bitch
Double G NBA native
I wish baptism could've saved us
Never bunk until the grave in
Excuse ourself knock on the tables
I make her pussy bite the pain
I can't say I'm fucking with all this evolving
These niggas ain right and they ballin
I don't give a fuck (no)
I call up Osama my papa
Like load up and come and rob all them

Came out alright
But I'm black and from the life I can't see tho
Got juveniles on the block 30 stick hangin out the Glock
Bandanna tied round the clip
And they go all out for me tho

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    NFL toon-city rolling 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. 七小

    jian guan fa cai

  3. john3boii

    Imagine seeing VEVO in the corner of the screen as you’re hearing the song

  4. Felipe Leachuga

    Y’all bogus whoever dislikes or says this song is ass bc this abt 4kt witch stands for one of his friends that died

  5. Braceface Allen

    When you go on tour again can you come to Milwaukee please

  6. #KBA SOSA


  7. Smahila Playz

    City Rollin

  8. Albert Davis

    Go hard

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    this young boy's year

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    as long as we keep streaming this video its gonna get to most viral and viewed video

  11. Edward Galvan

    This song good

  12. john3boii

    I part of this video looks like it from an old posts he had on Instagram that said Judge Me

  13. mykel kuhns

    this song is fire


    "They dont want us toting guns but they let the fucking killers tote it"

  15. Eric Bonner

    Youngboy always coming what some more Good ass Gangsta Shit to get up out your bed and go get a pussy ass feel good out side it's a good looking morning to go put this pussy ass nigga up foreal.i don't give a fuck.iam going to give the city a fucking run..

  16. R. S

    Young nigga spittin fire

  17. joyroad reggie jr

    Mane I listened to this shit everyday 🔥🔥🔥💯

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    “Imma Hustlin Muthafucca💰💯‼️.”

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    This song is almos just like city Rollin by Nlf toon

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    Com to my mind

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    I will kill NDA young boy

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    #Pussy Bacon Escobar

  24. Kariel Gaulden

    @Pussy Bacon Escobar
    He already is the greatest rapper
    He is

  25. Albert hauritz


  26. ShottaFlowJ

    1:43-1:45 livin by tht got me through some hard times last month

  27. Taii Finesse

    The trumpet🔥🔥🔥. This man a genius

  28. Taii Finesse

    He so Raw 💥

  29. Williams Bakari Galadima

    Birdman mastermind

  30. Jameer Rasheed

    yb and og haddy should make a song

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    I know I heard the music from somewhere else can someone help me

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    I didn’t like half the songs on this album but head blown,but now I like every song and lyric

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    Dis mf hard on my momma

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    Tsi. Ais. Hsi. Is. Sks. Lsos.
    Tsisb sks. Aoa.e. dis HGa
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    Tsis. Sis. Hos aos. Hisbsos

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    I Love this fucking traaaaaaack it keeps me sharp and makes me Crazyy🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

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    Run that bitch young.them bitch's don't Kno w hi ow its played down here in this city B.R...THAT REDDDDD LIGHT GET YOUR FUCKING FACE BUS OPEN..SO DONT STOP..ITS GANGSTA..SO IF YOU NOT ABOUT THIS G SHIT THEN KEEP IT MOVING...?

  46. Adrain Barnard

    The fuck you mean they dont want us tow guns but the killers tho

  47. Barbara Hines


  48. wtfzion

    who here after hearing city rolling 🙋🏾‍♂️

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    Been messin with Young Boy even before 38 baby.... He has grown tremendously and its refreshingf to hear this! SALUTE YOUNGBOY!

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    Who else here In 3000

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    But they let the killers toat it.

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    NBA Youngboy - Carten Son
    Listen side by side I Ain't Sayin Shit 🛇🛇🛇🛇

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    S15 vZxnzii

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    S15 vZxnzii

    @Trey Trey Re-Read the comment dumb nigga

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    NBA YoungBoy the 4KT goat 🐐

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    Kaitlyn reyes

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