Naughty Boy - One Chance To Dance Lyrics

I'm no professional dancer
Baby, I ain't no Michael Jackson
But I would learn any move
Get with any groove
Just to dance with you
I'll let my feet do the talking
I met her out when I'm walking
Show you what I can do
And you know it's true
When I dance with you

Give me your hand
I'll be who I am
I ain't no Michael Jackson
But give me one chance, one chance to dance

Give me one chance, one chance to dance
Give me one chance, one chance to dance

I'm no professional dancer
Baby, give me your answer
I'll practice everyday
Don't care what record plays
When I dance with you
You take the lead and I'll follow
I'll take my pride and I'll swallow
May not have Jagger moves
But I ain't gonna lose
When I dance with you

Give me your hand
I'll be who I am
I ain't no Michael Jackson
But give me one chance, one chance to dance

Give me one chance, one chance to dance
Give me one chance, one chance to dance

And if I fall to my knees
I won't crumble and freeze
I'll pick myself up and I'll try it again, and again until you see
I'll take you by the hand
Just listen to me
Oh baby, if you could just give me a half of a chance
To make you understand
I know exactly who I am
I ain't no Michael Jackson
But give me one chance, one chance to dance

Give me one chance, one chance to dance
Give me one chance, one chance to dance
I ain't no Michael Jackson
But give me one chance, one chance to dance
One chance, one chance to dance
One chance, one chance to dance

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Naughty Boy One Chance To Dance Comments
  1. Jacob McCluskey

    Amazing song rock 😎😎


    awesome song that i came through .. but i cant find a cool video for this song yet..

  3. Lauren MinHo

    Oh-oh-oh-oh, I ain’t no Michael Jackson

  4. Renata Go

    Annoyed this was rejected by 1D, it's a great catchy song 👌

  5. GLORIAarafol

    Y this song didnt get much attention. Im suprise of its low views.. The song was a lit

  6. Live17 One direction

    Who’s here to check him if he’s good because of one direction

  7. Piotr

    This is actually a good song... how was it not more popular?

  8. Ghost boy ZazaTH_XD

    I think the background is in burma

  9. Summer Smith hollon

    i love love love this.....amazing smiles smiles smiles


    Are they siblings

  11. Shaza Edrees

    am confused joe jonas is singing this and his actually zayn malik twin and gigi hadid Ex ....why zayn and joe are so similar even in vocals skills confused , and even joe is a friend of zayn Ex-friend lol

    Zarreh Stylik

    They are NOT similar in any aspect

  12. Wezza 84

    I do this song at dance

  13. Hiền My Vũ

    Hà Thiên Trang

  14. Nghia Nguyen Huu

    here is Vietnam

  15. Vi Le

    I love Viet Nam

  16. Jeon Jv

    2019 anyone???

  17. Pao R.V

    The stupidest song EVER, hate it. BYE

  18. Blanca Fernandez

    Credit to @zaynmalik cough cough

  19. Pranay Kapoor

    This was Zayn's song you stupid naughty boy give him some credit

  20. Margaret Simpson

    Lv this song. 💗 big fan.

  21. A Oz

    the opening music sounds so familiar, that oriental string sound? Can someone please tell me where it's from? #DejaVu

  22. Arenjungla Kichu

    Nah, you don't have to be Micheal Jackson Joseph. You're enough.

  23. AdvanXion


  24. FiFtY sHaDeS of zIaNoUrRy

    This would have been a perfect One Direction song.

  25. Đạo Vũ Quang

    Thank you. Wellcome to Vietnam

  26. Rùa Bình Channel

    Việt Nam😙

  27. Nicole M

    I literally listend to this song just because I heard “Michael Jackson”

    Elvira Mirete Etayo

    Nicole Ale same 😂

    Josefin Arenas

    Nicole Ale same

  28. Họ Nguyễn Tên Sơn

    Viet Nam???

  29. Lona Nguyen

    Hà thiên trang như con điên

  30. Đạt Thành

    view in Vietnam , it's my country <3

  31. Przemysław Bochen

    I˛don`t understand why this song is not a big HIT ?????

  32. Minh Hung

    Beautiful scene, I want to be there soon.

  33. Đàm Huyền

    This one is making in Viet nam

  34. ItsTheOneAndOnly- Quang

    I am Micheal Jackson just get me on stage on stage XD

  35. Linh ML

    I from viet nam

  36. Linh ML

    Ok Vietnamis

  37. Đảng Viên Mẫu Mực

    Ôi việt nam tôi

  38. Chorpaka Nammahawong

    I knew this song from Zumba 's class after that I play over n over!

  39. UthaProduction104

    everything because Michael Jackson

    Elvira Mirete Etayo

    UthaProduction104 I was watching it on TV, I heard"Michael Jackson" and I go straight to look for the song on the internet

  40. Tài Lù

    Welcome to Vietnam


    JoJo FAB. (FT Remy Ma)

  42. Catriona Nicol

    This is just a carbon copy of Marvin Gaye

  43. i t

    Where it was taken?

  44. Huynh Nguyen

    Vietnam ♥️🎼

  45. Rose Stretton

    Why is everyone carrying on about Zayn Malik writing this song when it was actually written by Naughty Boy and Emeli Sande with the help of some others (Matt Holmes, Philip Leigh and Samuel Elliott Roman)?
    The song was originally intended to be on the 1D Four album... but it's not their song. It's Naughty Boy's.

    Rood Pierre

    Rose Stretton because Zayn really co wrote it

  46. Elba Fuenmayor Rojas

    I can’t believe 1dead rejected this bop Zayn wrote and decided to accept Act My Age. Wtf

  47. Chung Luong Ngoc

    Let's see a beautiful, fantastic, magnificent Vietnam in this video. Trust me, this is my country.

  48. Khang Zawj

    VN ơi 🇻🇳🇻🇳

  49. huy cao

    Tuyệt vời quá... Việt nam ơi

  50. Diep Ngo

    VietNamese 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  51. Linh thần

    well come to vietnammisse

  52. Phuc Pham

    👍👍👍 from in vietnam

  53. Phuc Pham

    Việt nam điểm danh

  54. Hieu Diep

    Best voice and VietNam is beautiful!

  55. Trung Thanh Thái

    Welcome to Vietnam - my country, to my Hanoi - my homeland

  56. Hà Xuân Thọ

    Việt Nam quê hương tôi.

  57. Thom Nguyenthi

    Ha Thiên Trang ne


    0:11 that music is nice 👌👌👍👍

  59. Bui Dung

    Wow, this video is filmed in Vietnam, right? Those Vietnamese girl is so good. So proud of you guys

  60. Laura R

    When you realise that this song was once written for One Direction and they never released it 😭

  61. Ria H

    Lmao Zayn Malik and Emeli Sande helped write this song. Why don’t they have any credit?

  62. sugamonchi BTS

    The girl is like me i always wear a jacket and I'm like a boy

  63. Abhisek Maheswari ari


  64. nguyên thu huong

    Vietnam♥ ♥ ♥

  65. rozana aquino


  66. Avril Verma

    She don't want to dance like Uma Thurman.

    -Fall Out Boy

  67. oncu Lois


  68. one direction ft. iKON

    Zayn wrote this yet they didnt credited it to him

  69. Thực phẩm Cao cấp Hifood

    This MV was shot in Vietnam!! We can't be more proud! <3 Love from VIETNAM!

  70. Sam Jimenez

    Worst music ever

  71. Ngọc Phan

    Thanks ekip
    My Vietnam so beautyful :3

  72. Zarry Documentaries

    This is sooooo incredible! So visually stunning! And the narrative... Oh my Lord. And just imagining Zayn singing it :((

    sujata k

    just watched all your videos, and came here to listen to this song.
    loved your work.

    kiwi xD

    Cane here after watching your video :D
    And OMG zayn singing this, that would be amazayn 😍

    Just Me

    I am huge Joe Jonas fan and I didn't even know this song existed until watching one of your videos. The only reason that 1D rejected this song or all Zayn's song was because 1 member didn't have the vocal skills (Louis) to sing any parts on his songs. Louis made sure his songs got picked, so he could sing. You damn well Louis and maybe even Niall didn't have strong enough vocals to sing songs like this.

  73. rozana aquino

    Zolita - New You

  74. PrinceLawless

    I love the song but I still can’t relate it to the video :/

  75. Luna M

    is it me or am i seeing young lesbian love?

    S A

    I am so confused??? That's what I thought too!

  76. Luna M

    i love this song! im just shocked why it didnt get a lot of fame :/

  77. ExePixel Gamer

    I heard Michael Jackson, I liked and subscribed.

  78. Yassin Mbk

    Niiicee :D

  79. Cute Tuffy Bros. America

    From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Of DreamWorks Animation SKG’s Puss In Boots 2 Nine Lives & 40 Thieves In Theatres November 16th 2018.

  80. Ashley Styles

    I miss One Direction


    Me tooooooooo and hate naughty boy like bastard

  81. Nigel Phillips

    I love the lyrics... but the video is disturbing in that it takes you to a sordid different dark place where humanity is currently at. The buying and selling of young girls in south east asia and the whole thing of growing up before ones time. leaving me uncomfortable. Pity I watched the video cause now it has spoilt the video for me... .. but still a reminder of how far we still have to evolve... hmmm....

  82. lexiex

    Well I don’t know about you but I still remember La La La La 😏

  83. kwill gaming xD

    Who is from that lala lala clip?

  84. Ery k Tachibana

    where was this filmed? nice song and video ":)

  85. แอร์ มาเลย์

    give me your handddd

  86. Xiao Xavier

    balik kesini lagi saya, ini yang dua perempuan berantem ini, kirain ini tuh video terbaru.

  87. Nitin Katoch

    why so under rated :(

  88. Jiri Svoboda

    Good tunes.
    Although so much more could have been done with the video. The song literally begs for some amazing dance choreography. Simply said the whole piece is about dancing and there is not much of dancing in the video. I know it is probably absolutely different genre, but for example, Solo Dance by Martin Jensen is all about dance, both in audio and video.

    Predhwi Sanal

    It need not be necessarily about dance or dancing. It could be a simile or so?

  89. Tomas - komentator You Tuby

    Bardzo fajne 👍

  90. Connor durgin

    Really a sends from Titanic

  91. Sabin Thami

    Im in love with this song...I don't know why but i feel like I'm related to this. Again you stole my heart. Love from Nepal.♥♥♥

  92. Fenne Verrecas

    This songs songs so catchy why so underrated

  93. Kevin Mendoza

    Ya lo-vi


    Kevin Mendoza sabes que pasó con este canal?

  94. THE ME

    fuckng lesibian mofo