National, The - Don't Swallow The Cap Lyrics

Gold light breaks behind the houses
I don't see what's strange about this.
Tiny bubbles hang above me.
It's a sign that someone loves me.
I can hardly stand up right
I hit my head upon the light
I have faith but don't believe it
It's not there enough to leave it.

Everything I love is on the table.
Everything I love is out to sea.

I have only two emotions,
Careful fear and dead devotion.
I can't get the balance right.
With all my marbles in the fight.
I see all the ones I went for
All the things I had it in for
I won't cry until I hear
Because I was not supposed to be here.

Everything I love is on the table.
Everything I love is out to sea.
I'm not alone,
I'll never be.
And to the bone,
I'm evergreen.

I'm tired, I'm freezing, I'm dumb
When it gets so late I forget everyone.
I need somewhere to stay.
Don't think anybody I know is awake.
Calm down, it's all right,
Keep my arms the rest of the night.
When they ask what do I see,
I say a bright white beautiful heaven hangin' over me.

I'm not alone,
I'll never be.
And to the bone
I'm evergreen.
And if you want (dead seriously)
To see me cry (don't swallow the cap)
Play "Let It Be" (pat yourself on the back)
Or "Nevermind" (dead seriously)

Is it time to leave? Is it time to think about
What I wanna say to the girls at the door.
I need somewhere to be
But I can't get around the river in front of me.
Calm down, it's all right,
Keep my arms the rest of the night.
When they ask what do I see,
I say a bright white beautiful heaven hangin' over me.

I'm not alone, (dead seriously)
I'll never be. (don't swallow the cap)
And to the bone (Pat yourself on the back)
I'm evergreen (Dead seriously)
And if you want (dead seriously)
To see me cry (don't swallow the cap)
Play "Let It Be" (pat yourself on the back)
Or "Nevermind" (dead seriously)

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National, The Don't Swallow The Cap Comments
  1. Nicolette Gonzalez

    I'm not alone
    I'll never be
    And to the bone
    I'm evergreen 
    And if you want 
    To see me cry
    Play 'Let it Be" 
    or 'Nevermind'

  2. Joshua Crawford

    This band is the best at making you depressed and fixing it at the same time.

  3. Ávalon

    new music from Argentina !

  4. André Filipe

    cê ta doido, que sonzeira ! Brasil 21/09/19

  5. BeastySped

    I doubt any one will read this in the ocean of the internet,

    My stepdad used to listen to this station, Sirius XM U. These were the songs of childhood, hated then, loved now. Just like everything. Like him, the past will always be greater then this.

  6. Nada Contra

    Nunca mais lançaram um album tao bom quanto esse

  7. Julio Montano

    The National will always be part of the soundtrack to my life, deeply rooted in my thoughts, along with Radiohead and Gorillaz 🔥

  8. paola aponte

    preciosa intensa maginifica cancion

  9. Miguel Anturi

    I love this music..🎧🎶fly tonight..

  10. supravista

    dont swallow the suicide

  11. Ellie C

    Honestly one of my all time favourite this band ✨🥰✨

  12. Monox Zide

    Im here due to the movie Rememory..jesus i love this band..its like that underground 80s..very much like the Cure and a blend of it

  13. aMb hAz

    Such poignant, beautiful regret in relation to the inevitable. Music that moves me.

  14. Zee Bruuhsss

    Okay, that’s it! NEW FAVORITE BAND!!!!!!!!!!💙

  15. Piero Leal

    My favorite song the national

  16. Veer Chasm

    Dad Rock in Full Effect

  17. Valentina Velásquez

    Thanks god for The National in this existence!

  18. Diana Michelle

    He gave me a lot of great things while we were together, including this band. Wherever he is now, I just hope he is doing fine and as glad as I am for what we had.

  19. ah eh

    im so tired of national. even more than me.

  20. zen sunraw

    im tired im freezing im done

  21. zen sunraw

    tiny bubbles hang above me

  22. Jose Garcia

    this song resonates with my life on a very deep level

  23. Glitched Rogue

    "I'm not crying *sniffles* you're crying"

  24. EntheogenShaman

    Wow, 6 years.

  25. foozlefop

    Leftist dipshits, but I will say they are incredible musicians!

  26. Leroy Mcalpin

    The original 80's punk rock feel. Reminds me of the Breakfast club!

  27. Innocent Nerd

    "When they ask, what do I see? I say a bright white beautiful heaven hanging over me"

  28. Desperado AllanPoe

    God I love this album

  29. Cherry Bledsoe

    This song came out b4 my 18th birthday

  30. Donutsandmusicaltheatre areamazing

    This is the kind of song you spend your life searching for.

  31. ed vargas

    que buena música

  32. Tom Feigel

    I have only two emotions,
    Careful fear and dead devotion.

  33. Jamm Yazz

    took me off the edge.

  34. mayur magadalwar

    are their any indian who love the national

  35. Shanekaboom

    That hum

  36. Jesse Gettings

    Reminds me of bloc party. Especially banquet

  37. Agent Smidt

    Why is this music beautiful?

  38. Anna Shane

    If you like the national, you'll love the static jacks. I highly recommend becoming obsessed with the static jacks, as well. :)

  39. David Bromberg

    Listening to this in 2018, only found it this year. Best song I've ever listened to.

    Lisa Cortese

    Crazy how that happens!

  40. Park The Bus

    Is this about suicidal thoughts?

  41. Andrew Nichols

    Don't swallow don't breathe keep calling help is on the way

  42. Bob Hope

    Makes me think of acid, don't swallow the cap - what do I see(as if only I can see it). Am I wrong here?

  43. Castlebeats

    Check out Advents-Television Dream.It has the same vibe

  44. Sara Noelle

    I understand now.

  45. On Someone Else's Dream

    look out for the mirror!

  46. wtf? wtf???


  47. Amir Zaman

    Is nobody going to talk about music at 3:43 absolutely beautiful
    The piano in this song is outstanding

  48. Kelly Zazado

    When they ask, what do I see? I say, “a bright white beautiful heaven hanging over me.”

  49. M Vitellaro

    You have to see these guys live...I'm on my 13th show and each one is special in its own way...Matt is a beautiful soul.

  50. Steve Daw Clough


  51. Steve Daw Clough

    C'mon mate let's go on the piss,you'll feel nicer.

  52. Donna Bleyl

    can't go it still hurts

  53. Keagan Jagers

    The Vampire diaries anyone? Season 5

  54. BBQ RibsTODAY

    Good jam.

  55. Matt Hill

    everything i love is on the table ..... it does not get any better then this ... LIVE

  56. Angrykitty19

    What a song.

  57. Andrew Sabin

    I often feel like I was not supposed to be here after my deployment. So many other mothers received those letters. How did i survive it? War survivability is about luck. I was lucky to have not been put on that mission. There is a reason why I am alive. There is a reason why I have such a lovely wife and such a beautiful child. God creates happiness and sadness at the same time in this world.

  58. Andrew Sabin

    must have been a pain in the ass to cut that glass to put around her perfectly.

  59. onebas music

    @@listen to more music of The National !!!!!!

  60. Jamie Thomas

    I think this song is about the new found responsibility of parenthood. It speaks to me......

  61. Yvette Moore

    I'm gutted tbh. I booked a weekend away for 2nd June and having discovered this amazing band LAST NIGHT I find they're playing a festival the other end of the country!

  62. gbluecheez

    This is probably the best song ever

  63. zen sunraw

    its a sign that somebody loves me

  64. Washington Mothapo

    would have been amazing if they let the background music and drums go on as an outro forever and ever. similar to daughter's fossa or of monsters and men's yellow light. bliss

    Michael P.

    Washington Mothapo Fossa is a masterpiece. I love it like few tracks.

  65. Washington Mothapo

    I'm listening for the fist time and holy crap am I in love!

  66. Jeez Patrice!

    Beautiful performance at the National Homecoming this year. 👏👏👏

  67. binkari


  68. WaerssLive

    Can't stand this guys voice. Sad attempt at a Cure/Depeche Mode ripoff


    gbluecheez alright scratch that its more like a Morrisey/ Chris Martin ripoff

  69. MadeiraIslands

    You can comment on this video, or any other "The National" video right here!

  70. Zoe Lyons

    Song good

  71. Casey456910

    I came here cause of Violet Night, never knew their version was a cover of this until now 😅

  72. zen sunraw

    I wont cri until I hear

  73. Georgia Kirk


  74. Juan Pablo


  75. Cyptoplant Videos

    543 people thumb downed this wtf.

  76. The future magic RC

    Like si eres Méxicano y amas a esta banda

  77. levan kopaliani

    2018, 2035, 2070

  78. Rayane Difehr

    " I have faith but don't believe it..."

  79. Naquana Beretta

    I have only two emotions, careful fear and dead devotion

  80. Leonardo da Rocha Dambrowski

    The National me obriga a beber

  81. B L Rodcen

    The National is the world's greatest band

  82. Jessica Cruz

    you know when your heartbroken but dont wanna feel down so you listen to the national bc their songs are somewhat upbeat, but the lyrica hit you hard so youre dancing like there is no tomorrow but also crying your eyes out? Bc same

  83. Josh dude

    crazy, it took a video game to get me to notice this band.


    Josh dude AMAZING GAME

  84. Sara.

    playing this loudly and shouting along seems to fix almost everything.

    Sercan Akgül

    great picture

    Matthew Learoyd

    @Nick Drake the fact that this comment has 0 dislikes is telling,


    You lucky fellows.

    Andrew Kwabula

    I like the craziness of your mind Sara, you made my day, made me laugh loud.

  85. andrew salas

    just saw them in San Diego great band

  86. Harry Manback

    Anyone else recognize the title as an allusion to the way Tennessee Williams died, by choking on a bottle cap?

  87. bruceaisher

    This song has such amazing drumming. Absolute fucking tune.

  88. Josue Gordillo R

    México !

  89. SteveBogia

    This song brought me to "The National".

  90. blinked025

    Anyone know what the official lyrics to the first line of this song are? I see lyric videos saying "pull out breaks behind the houses" but that sounds bad. I always thought it was "Gold light breaks behind the houses." Makes sense because it describes a sunrise

  91. Merluchi LM

    Nobody will know that I found this piece of art thanks to dream daddy

    Well now you know

    Thanks daddy


    A beautiful piece of music

  93. yukariis

    im here because of dream daddy

  94. Fernando Gomes

    plagio de tenacious D

  95. scndsky

    3:41 piano notes are similar to the bridge in Slow Show. Chords are a bit different, but it sounds alike.

  96. Black Leg Bighorn

    This is actually the first song I heard from them and I fell in love with it.

  97. Lyletrent

    I have faith but don't believe you.