Nathaniel Bassey - Hallelujah Eh Lyrics

Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Hallelujah Eh! It's the sound of Victory
Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Let the sound of rejoicing fill this House

Oh Oh oh...

Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Hallelujah Eh! It's the sound of Victory
Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Let the sound of rejoicing fill this House

Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Hallelujah Eh! It's the sound of Victory
Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Let the sound of rejoicing fill this House

He has made a way
Where there was no way
Hallelujah Eh! It's the sound of Breakthrough
Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Let the sound of rejoicing fill this House

Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Hallelujah Eh! It's the sound of Victory
Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Let the sound of rejoicing fill this House

He has done for me
What no man has done
Hallelujah Eh! It's the sound of Freedom
Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Let the sound of rejoicing fill this House

Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Hallelujah Eh! It's the sound of Victory
Hallelujah Eh! Hallelujah O Oh!
Let the sound of rejoicing fill this place

Shout to the lord, All the earth

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Nathaniel Bassey Hallelujah Eh Comments
  1. agness Omosh

    I thank God he has done it for me in 2019 I know this year he will do much more

  2. Yomi Olaoye

    Listening to this in 2020!!!!

  3. Amadi Adanna

    Hallelujah Eh! We made it into 2020

  4. Chimdi Ndubisi

    Hallelujah God led us victoriously into 2020.
    Ist Jan 2020.

  5. Joseph Kinyua

    I'm here 01/01/2020, as I sing sound of victory

    Oluwafunmilayo Taiwo


    Joseph Kinyua

    @Oluwafunmilayo Taiwo Glory too, and a happy new yr

  6. Bright Antwi-Adjei

    Why dont you give access to download?

  7. Nelson Zipoh

    I swear in the name of god, this man gospel songs touching my faith in Christ any time i follow his music.

  8. EMAN

    I am watching this video on 10th December 2019

  9. Fabienne Marcelin


  10. Hardeyshina Thompson

    Amazing song

  11. Te Josan


  12. Qosaa123o Qosaa123

    Are u with me this day

  13. Heitey Yankson

    I don't get it when some people dislike such glorifying songs. God bless my snr. for your wonderful works for the cross.

  14. joy akpan

    I have a victory

  15. Maureen Mpiani


  16. Jean Daniel Pierre

  17. Cynthia Numafo

    Who’s watching it in October 2019🔥🔥

  18. rachel osei

    I love this song thanks be to God

  19. Laeti Christy

    Thank You Lord

  20. Neba Gerald fuh

    I can feel victory all over my spirit. Jesus has done it again for me and my family. Glory be to God

  21. Obaapa Nora

    Who is watching in 2019?

  22. Samuel Eromosele

    Great song by anointed servant of the most high God. Bro Nath keep the light burning. More grace

  23. Abike Mulero

    God bless your father and your family

  24. Danny Praize

    God bless you from Danny Praize

  25. Jerry Famous

    Brother, may God keep lightening u up.

  26. Aster W

    This is an awesome song... When my day go haywire I listen to this it gives me that victorious feeling to walk in the authority God has given me..

  27. Anna Glorious

    Hallelujah eh
    Hallelujah oh
    Its a sound of victory.

    May God bless you Nathaniel Bassey, May God increase your tent in Jesus name.
    Much love from Namibia

  28. efe idowu

    Halleluyah,Hosanna in the highest 2019


    Halleluyah is the sound of Victory. powerful song

  30. Reuben Bliss

    He has done for me, what has done, hallelujah eh, is the song of victory...

  31. Josephine Adza-Awude

    My Dad just loves this song oo🙄😊💃💃💃💃💃

  32. Asio Peruth

    Halelluyah is the sound of victory

  33. Muhluri Mitileni


  34. Christy Godwin

    It was sang in my church today, I fell in love with it. Been on repeat

  35. Cele Ama

    Glory be to the most high God

  36. Patience Ezirim

    Am always happy each time I played this song,it really a song of victory



  38. Pin Tv

    At times I wonder how people can still hit the dislike button on a spirit filled song like this.GOD bless u Nathaniel bassey for lifting of the people with this.❤

  39. Bimpebod

    God placed this song in my hear this morning, and I have had it on repeat since.. Glory be to God for the Victory all side. Thank you Jesus

  40. Phel Khoza

    Hallelujah Eh! its the sound of victory in my life

  41. Jacqueline Quaison

    It is done

  42. Jacqueline Quaison


  43. Jacqueline Quaison

    Victory in my Exams

  44. doz daughter of zion

    This my anthem for 2019.


    We bless the Lord for using u, I'm so blessed by this Hallelujah song

  45. Guebre Paul

    Hallelujah eh!


    Flesh and blood cannot reveal this

  47. tboy Temidayo

    he has done for me what no one has done, Hallelujah Eh its a sign of victory, thanks sir more grace to you

  48. Micah Quist

    So touching....lovely😘😅

  49. Wisdom Mawuli Darkpo

    It's really really a moment of victory, God continue to do more with you. Great inspiring song

  50. Nomandla Bartman

    I love ths sng s mch🧟‍♂️🤡👾🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️😟😟😟🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️☺👍👌👌😘

  51. Honorine agbolinsou

    It is really the sound victory, rejoicing, freedom. This song is has been a blessing to me and my family

    Honorine agbolinsou

    Thank you Jesus for your love

  52. Lydia Ekwam

    I first heard this song when I got admission to university
    It makes so much meaning to me

  53. Beauty Kowalec

    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah ❤ The Lord God Is Great ❤

  54. Divine debby

    My week of great testimonies has finally come ..
    Hallelujah eh !
    Hallelujah o oh ...!
    Glory be to God ..I must testify in Jesus name amen !!
    Thank you Jesus ..
    Am getting it!!

  55. Humphrey Malatsi

    This song overflows my heart with joy.

  56. Rozina Ocansey

    Indeed this is a sound of victory

  57. Elsie Jones

    i love listening to this song,i cant get tired listening to it. Hallelujah e

  58. Thoko Manda

    Hallelujah eeh hallelujah ooh it's the sound of Prosperity 💃💰💴💵💶💷💸💳💲💱

  59. Desmond Okonkwo Nwabuwanne

    Nathaniel Bassey is one of prophet worship songs write in our generation God has blessed him so much to the extent that he was and still the only Gospel artist in the whole wide world that have done midnight worship... People from different part of the world connect to it and it was a blessing, you've come to touched the world with your WONDERFUL songs that touches life, sir may you never run dry rather more Anointing, Grace and Wisdom of God be with you and your family at large. I love you so much, keep the work of going.

  60. otas Eboigbe

    More Grace sir

    Aino Indongo

    god you are my saviour remove the anger bitterness fear and doubt

  61. Bless Stepnanin

    Why is your video can't be donlod

  62. Sandra O.

    Is a sound of babies

  63. Martha Kinya

    Amen, thank you lORD JESUS

  64. dorothy anum

    I am so blessed by this song. I can't stop singing it. Hallelujah! God bless you.

  65. Evalee Pospisil


  66. Evalee Pospisil


  67. Evalee Pospisil


  68. YOVO Vincent Kwamivi

    More Grace. You are a blessing to the universe... God Bless you sir


    Hallelujah is the sound of my marital victory

  70. Ikye Onyeka

    Yes I hear a sound of victory

  71. Adom Nhyira

    Bless u man


    Hallelujah Eh! power sound full of victory and rejoicing
    hellelujay o oh, he made a way for me


    Hallejah Eh? the son of glory , the son of victry file my heart

  74. Agustina Steven

    Hallelujah eeh, hallelujah oooh 🙆🙆 God is so good, 🎼🎷

  75. Thomas Amoah

    soo much in love with the song GOD Bless you Daddy

  76. Noble Sunday

    My 13months son sings this song, hallelujah eh

  77. Gabriel Adegboyega

    I cannot stop singing this song. It's highly anointed. God bless and continue to increase you Nathaniel

  78. brown suga

    Praise the Lord

  79. Bosede Oluwadiya

    Yes we love god

  80. Maria Goodridge

    I love this song


    we want to see your live at ikorodu by my suitable partner program at mind renewing christian centre international we love your bassey

  82. george morgan

    Heavenly song

  83. Ebube Arisa

    sir more increase

  84. Asantewa Aduamah

    When I am even sad sing the song

  85. Asantewa Aduamah

    Love this song

  86. Gifty Acheampongmaa Brobbey

    Luv Dis song

  87. Quinter Adhiambo

    The way God uses his servant Nathaniel is so amazing and is beyond mere words. God bless you Nathaniel.

  88. Triumph Olasoko

    I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes my days are turning around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Dammy Ibrahim

    I like this song, hallelujah is the sound of victory

  90. ipah rasta

    Hallelujah Oh.... Hallelujah eh. This is a sound of victory.

  91. Marydad Iferi

    I feel very relieved whenever i listen and sing this song
    It blesses my soul. God bless Nathaniel Bassey.

  92. Amazing Grace Edem

    Beautiful song

  93. emma ambili


  94. John Udoeyop

    Hallelujah to the Almighty God who has given us victory on all sides. Praise the name of Jesus

  95. Anthony Emmanuel

    I admires and love this song so much

  96. Unity John

    I love this song

    Magdalene Shirley

    I'm so in love with this song. I heard it for the first time in Open Heaven's Calgary 2017.... what an awesome amazing song

    Peter Mattew

    I love this past all the songs.

  97. Ruth Stephens Global

    Amen. Awesome song

    Tandoh Emmanuel

    I love the song soo much

  98. Prince Nabonky

    God bless you soo much Nathaniel Bassey