Nathaniel Bassey - Book Of Life Lyrics

This is the story of a brother
Who slept and woke up in Foreverland
He looked around, nothing's familiar
He wondered how he got to be there
He took a walk around the city
And saw this brick house with a small door
He walked into the room and saw a man in white
Must be an angel so he said:
"Mr. Angel I'm a stranger, don't know what's going on
The last thing I remember was I slept last night"

This is a border town that takes you where you get a crown
Must have heard of Heaven where you came from
Only those whose name I find
Written in this book of life
Will forever be in paradise

Is your name in this book of life?
Is your name in this book of life here?
Is your name in this book of life?
Is your name in this book of life here?

Flipping the pages of this great book
This brother gave a cursory gaze
He saw the names of prophets, saints and martyrs
Who kept the faith and won the race
But he said "Mr. Angel, where is my name?"
"Can you tell me what is going wrong?
"I'm a pillar in my local church
Give the offerings and the tithes
Feed the poor and have myself a good name"

Is my name in this book of life?
Is my name in this book of life here?
Tell me is my name in this book of life?
Is my name in this book of life here?

Unforgiveness lurks within your heart
Some folks that you will never let go
Little foxes and secret faults
Will spring surprises on that final day

Oh oh oh...

So much for this wonder brother
What about you? What about me?
Let him who thinks that he stands
Let him take heed lest he falls
Only the pure in heart will see Jesus
Those whose garment glow with purity

Is your name in that book of life?
Is your name in that book of life there?
Is your name in that book of life?
Tell me is your name in that book of life there?
Think about it

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Nathaniel Bassey Book Of Life Comments
  1. Nimerica

    We acted this in a play in church,up till Now still felt the power of this still here 2020

  2. Lanko Giroud

    only the pure in heart will see Jesus...

  3. preset cyber cafe

    who is still listening in 2020?

  4. charles OK

    Is your name in this Book of Life?
    If you're sure by this year 2020, report here!

  5. Blessing Lucky

    Reminder 2020

  6. TOWN and CHILD

    Beautiful song. Still gives me chills in 2020.

  7. hanny nero

    The best song that Nathaniel Bassey ever write is Book of Life

  8. Rita Medza

    Powerful message!

  9. Pamela Tobaiwa

    This song always gets me scrutinizing myself. Is my name in that book of life?

  10. John Okere

    Song worth meditating upon.. My name is already in the book of life..

  11. Chelsy YOUBI

    2019 This song is always deep

  12. Ohm

    I usually would cry finding something like this... however,, this beautiful song and words lifted my spirits,, and filled my heart with curiosity and joy. I found this because of something that happened to me. I was told not to seek what I was shown too much so i'll leave it at that! Thank you for this inspiring video! <3

  13. Pricillia Rewiza

    Book of life 2019

  14. John Nartey

    Thanks to God

  15. Constance Idemudia

    My favorite ❤️

  16. Eyagyei Eyag

    Wow what a powerful song

  17. Ayodele Dada

    Deep... Seasoned and anointed song. Thanks, Sir and GOD BLESS. 🙌 🙏 #BookOfLife #NathanielBassey

  18. Jubalê Officiel

    Puisse l’Éternel bénir son chantre. Tellement touché par ces paroles que j'ai voulu interpréter ce morceau en français afin de toucher également le monde francophone. Chantre Jubalê

  19. Isaac Nyamekye

    I love ❤️ this song 🔥🔥

  20. ghislin kouassi

    This song is the summary of life on earth 🌍,!
    May Jésus helps us living in purity so that we can find our names be written in this book 📙 of life. Amen!

  21. Romeo Sabaoth

    108 dislikes? Well I'm still enjoying in September 2019

  22. Joe Anselm

    If you are still here in 2019.. can you say ..Amen! what a deep song...

  23. Onyebuchi young

    😢😟 I always ask myself this same question all my life if my is in the book of life Nathaniel is really God send all of his songs always has something to in everyone's life

  24. Rosemond Phil-Othihiwa

    2019 anyone?

  25. Jessica Combey

    God bells you so much 🙋🏽

  26. Silvia Blink

    Still listening in 2019 can't get tire of this song,lord give me grace to forgive easy,I hardly forgive,🙏🙏🙏🙏 pls lord.

  27. Algrace T.

    More grace man of God.

  28. Anastasios Adamopoulos

    What a profound song! Found this song at the end of my daily devotion with Rev. Oyiks Alfred. Father God in heaven, thank you for the reminder. Will my name be in the book of life? Keep me O Lord that my name will be in that book of life. I pray, every person turns their life to you with a pure heart, that they to may be found in the book of life, in Jesus Mighty Name it is asked!

  29. Jasper Omotobora

    What a lovely song great vocals

  30. Ellen Tsikudo

    Is my name in the book of life. ...God pls forgive us our sins

  31. Rozaria Kabeleka


  32. guidance mtisi

    May God continue to bless you abundantly
    What a preaching

  33. Anita Yerima

    The best most touching song anyone can ever hear,only the pure in heart will see Jesus,what an inspirational song,only the glory of God,you are a great man Mr Nathaniel

  34. Sheddrack James

    Lord help me to make heaven on the last day.

  35. Aime Aya

    who is still listing This song This year

  36. Maurice Konan

    Remains bless everyday. i liked song

  37. ebunoluwa oluwagboye


  38. bernice peace

    Hmmm is my name in this book of life

  39. pamela Gmail

    Just evil'Childen can dislikes this. Repent!!!!!! Your are filled nathanael and God Will protect you till HE comes

  40. Blessing Olaide


  41. Eyo Essien

    God let my name be written in the book of life

  42. Nwaigwe Ogbonna

    Who is going to keep listening to the lovely song till end of time ? 😀😎☺️☺️☺️🤗

  43. Star Peace

    Really love this song so inspiring

  44. Manka Expedine

    Looking in the mirror, so much to work on🙌🙏🏿, A song from heaven

  45. Yvonne Fomengia

    Listening to this song every day makes one examine his or her Christian life

  46. michael mckenzie

    thanks for the upload ..........

  47. Magdalene Akuamoah

    this a big question...what will we gain if we dont make heaven...lord help us.

  48. gaby kitenge

    Beautif song the lyrics talks deeply.glory to God

  49. Daniel Koroma

    The first time I heard this song was at midnight. Fear grips me completely and I felt so so guilty.
    I wish and pray that the Almighty God leads me through.

  50. Dennes Dennis

    Thanks brother God will bless u n continue to make u sing good songs.

  51. Jesus daily

    The people who disliked this video. Not that they're humans, but they're internet demons. They're everywhere. Haven't you seen a prophetic praise and worship songs and they will still disliked it? They can't stop us. Emanuel

  52. helen nintai

    Blesz jesus the king of kings almighty one

  53. R_man

    "book life "
    Just the title is saying all about...
    Thanks for that gift sir

  54. The Blessings

    Is my name in the book of life? Father help me, help me. Remove Everything that may hinders my name from been writen in the book of life. Help my heart Abba, Holy Spirit, fix my heart towards the Son of the Living God, grace on my heart LORD in Jesus name I pray. Amen. I want to love You more and more Jesus.

  55. Glory Dan

    Hmmm lord help me oo am having chill bump all over my body. It's a message with power, I pray its won't stand against us in judgement.

  56. Guy-Fernand Zahui

    Marvelous!!! oooh my God!!!

  57. Jennifer Owusu

    Is my name in this book of life...i cry when he only in pure will see so touching

  58. Goodnews Umoren

    Awesome message, nice song

  59. kolawole amaka

    Oh God is my name in the book of life, Help me dear Lord to win this race.

  60. millicent ngozi elekwa

    This is a wake up call. Heaven and hell is real. We don't have an excuse but to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Bible says that narrow is the way that leads to life. God forgive me and help me live right for you

    Chidinma Ihezue

    millicent ngozi elekwa AMEN! That is VERY correct. God Bless You.

  61. Getty Anthone

    Hunmm.. is your name in the book of life!?.. God bless you minister🙏

  62. Baffour Kwaku Kyei

    people of today who predominantly claim that they are christians don't even like such songs these days.....what a pity. God bless your precious soul minister bassey

  63. Mary Phrasiah


  64. Wambu Janet

    Sooo touching

  65. Lanko Giroud

    Deep song, moving

  66. Naa Atswei

    what a song. wow... it calls me again to order as a believer of Christ. daddy help me to run this race well to gain the crown set for me. God bless u Pas. Nat.

  67. Corinne Browne

    Looking for a track for this song.

  68. Jennifer Aghedo

    What a question,is my name in dis book of life God please give me d grace to make heaven

  69. Libre En Christ

    Alléluia ,

  70. Tunu Mayemba

    I love the song..... always it make me to remember what ....goood...uuuh my name in book make me thinking always

  71. Dorcas Edti

    Help me my God

  72. Victoria Lihiru

    So God help me


    what a song!!always new anytime I listen to it...Oh God help me through

  74. Erica Erica

    So touching
    Can't stop crying while thinking about my past

  75. Roli Godwin

    My favorite..

  76. 46 PM

    Deep question we need to ask ourselves daily

  77. Phelile Phiri

    Its a question we all have to ask ourselves each day ,is my name in that book of life, thank you Nathaniel what a great reminder #heavenatlast#

  78. ken kayonjo

    Amen brother.....hold our hands oh lord!!

  79. Applehead Lover

    Let my name be in that book of life.. Amen


    Please open this song so that I can download it please soo touching


    Soo challenging to our faith


    Amazing in one word...

  83. E R

    The first time i heard music by Nathaniel Bassey, was Imela with Enitan Adaba. And now this beautiful poem song. Is my name in this book of life? We have to constantly check, moment by moment. Not long before we all will find out.

  84. Light and Space

    This song moves me to tears

  85. Carl Wideman


  86. Angela Udofia

    Hmmmm! is my name in the book of life. I pray the gospel of Christ will not dry in u.God bless you.

  87. Nakanji Prisca

    this song calms my spirit when worried. God Bless

  88. It'z Golden Bae

    I really have to think about it

  89. Carl Wideman


  90. Precious Abigail

    Dis music is a massage have check yourself if your name truly going to be find in d book of life on d last day?check out

  91. Joy Mutiu

    God bless you Nathaniel Bassey


    LORD! May I not Miss Heaven....Halleluyah! My name is in the Book of Life...#Grace

  93. Engwapi Christophe

    I dont realy know if what i can say can have sens since he said almost everything i i m just.. waooh...

  94. PreferredOne

    Can't believe it actually took me 6 watch this video from start to finish...wonderful message! Thank you faithful Father!

  95. Andrea Tchicaya

    il devrait y avoir des millions de vues pour cette vidéo, mais malheureusement les gens préfèrent les chansons qui ne leur apprennent rien si ce n'est des bêtises...

  96. Yetty TN

    Haaaaaaaaaa! I wish I could scream so loud at those 59 people that disliked this song. People don't want to hear the real truth these days. All I can say is that may the Almighty touch their hearts....Amen.
    God bless you for this song my brother. May we not miss Heaven in Jesus name

  97. roselyn addo

    This is undoubtedly a heavenly song,right from the throne of grace....

  98. Josué MUKAWA

    Oh Lord help me to keep on following your instruction and commands in you fear, in order one day i find my name written in the book of life among those whose their name is written in the great book of life. Amen in Jesus-Christ Name.

  99. ATL FM 100.5

    so touching and inspiring. i love the way he told the story