Nathaniel Bassey - Alagbada Ina Lyrics

Alagbada Ina
The one who's clothed with fire
Your voice resounds like thunder
We glorify your name
Alagbada Ina
The one with eyes of fire
Your name is full of wonders
Come and manifest yourself

You are the Holy one
Dwelling in light so bright
You made the sun and the moon
But you shine brighter than all
As we rejoice and call upon your name
Please come and take your place
And manifest yourself

All things are possible
Nothing is hard for you
If we believe in your name
And we can stand on your word
These are the days
Of signs and wonders
Days of miracles and power
You will manifest your self

Mountains will flow down
And darkness will flee
Adversaries surrender
At the sound of your voice
Fire is burning
Revival is here
The nations will worship
Worship Jesus alone

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Nathaniel Bassey Alagbada Ina Comments
  1. PEE A

    Oh how I ❤️ this song ❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Favour Ebong Etim

    come Lord and manifest yourself in China. We need you.

  3. GbagaunMuncher

    Who’s here in 2020 🙌🏽💜

  4. Sonia obiang obono

    Jesús is my life everyday manifest yourself Amen 🙏🏻 😘

  5. Bukky Obazenu

    God you are awesome. Nathaniel bassey may you always experience Jesus. Victoria Orenza your praise towards the end always gives me goosebumps. May you both sing hallelujah all the days of your life

  6. Dika Kafechina

    God Bless Nathaniel Bassey. 😍😍😍

  7. Anseanie Gueyes

    Alagbada Ina!!!!! Thank you !!! JESUS !!!! Worship JESUS alone!!!!

  8. Isesele Victory

    All things are possible nothing is hard for you if we believe in Ur name then we can stand by his word....I just love this song I keep repeating it over and over again..God bless u... it is hard to see songs like this now adays that will just take u away

  9. Isesele Victory

    I love his songs 😘😘

  10. Kuro Eniekezimene

    Lord please come and manifest your self in Nigeria

  11. abigail mansah

    Nath sings like he has seen God in person. I want double portion of your anointing

  12. Lois Sarpong

    God you are Great! Alagbada Ina you reign forever and ever.

  13. faith david

    Alagbada ina ....i really love this song it's awesome

  14. Dennis Oroko

    Alagbada ina.....I love

  15. monicah obuya

    more Grace man of God

  16. Goody Ogwama Tamunosiki Jemima

    I love this...God bless u

  17. Abigail Yeboah

    I love this. God bless you 🙏

  18. Ellen Tsikudo

    Much love.. ...from Ghana

  19. mbeli Terence

    I pray after all this we don't miss heaven. Lord help us

  20. Ajibade Oluwaseni

    Here 2019

  21. Jacqueline Kaniki

    Alagabada Ina indeed

  22. Okezie Ugwa

    Come and manifest yourself

  23. Teresia Njeri

    Oh God come through for me.......come and manifest yourself to me,I've no strength oh Jesus.

  24. Chimereze Emeruwa

    Special talent.

  25. Rose Odanga

    reviving fire.. consuming fire.. come and manifest yourself! More oil on you servant of God Nathaniel!

  26. Seyi Don

    Wow! Beautiful song. This is a masterpiece. A timeless classic. Glory be to God forever!

  27. Maude Massena

    I can't get over this song my brother

  28. pamela Gmail

    Tous les pouces en bas la. Ce n'est pas la sorcellerie? Pardon passer votre route que le Seigneur aie pitiété de vous. Yémaléh!!!!

  29. Maude Massena

    God loves you and bless you Nathaniel Bassey

  30. uduligbo dynasty

    Glory be to God

  31. Teri ben

    2019.......come and manifest yourself Lord

  32. Jennifer MyDear Emefa

    Mountains will flow down, darkness will flee,adversaries surrender at the sound of your voice .

    Great and mighty deliverer, Strronggg Tower,
    Come and manifest yourself . 🙏🙏

  33. oppong frederick

    This deep worship song draws me more close to jehovah am really blessed

  34. Chiemeziem Candid

    he is really the alagbada ina .......glory be to God

  35. __Viola __Vickie

    God please come and manifest yourself in my family, in my life, hear our cry ooo god

  36. Ministrel Lauryn Mizpah

    The one who is clothed with 💥💥💥 come and manifest yourself in my 2019. I give you the permission, take over oh LORD!

  37. Gracia Benita Kafunda

    This words have blessed me beyond description

  38. Chrisostome AMO

    All your songs are such full of the power of the Holy Spirit of God remain blessed brother

  39. Mike Anthony

    More blessings sir, for this wonderful song

  40. Stella Amponsah

    Powerful Song God bless you Nathaniel Bassey we will continue in heaven

  41. Highlyfavored Emy

    Very powerful song

  42. Getting IT In With Cinnamon!

    The one that's clothed in fire

  43. grace occheni

    Powerful words, great song

  44. Precious Willie

    The nations will worship; worship Jesus alone... this part gives me chills

  45. Anita Singh

    I can't stop listening to your worship songs Papa Nathaniel. God bless you.

  46. Anita Singh

    God bless you Papa Nathaniel. You are a highly anointed singer.Hod bless you.

  47. OBI SOL

    I jst can't stop loving Nathaniel Bassey, i am thankful to God in every remembrance u God continue bless u sir.

  48. Harry Osayande

    Powerful 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. StephenAsk Ackrong

    Greatly awesome and uplifting. God bless you Minster Nat and minstrel Vic

  50. Ruth Erhabor

    Alagbada on a the one who is cloth with God bless you Nathaniel bassey and Victoria you will not only sing in Nigeria but God will take you to others country to sing and also heaven will hear your voice

  51. Wisdom Bansah

    Alos Parakletos

  52. Eunice Appiah


  53. Teri ben

    Powerful song

  54. Peace Robinson

    You're a blessing to our livvs

  55. God's Leading Lady


  56. opeyemi balogun


  57. Mildred Aboagye

    God come and manifest yourself in our lives. Come and take your pace in our lives. God bless you Nathaniel. Powerful ministration

  58. Harry Osayande

    Come and manifest yourself, the one who’s name is full of wonders amen 🙏

  59. Alicia love

    Waw what an angelic ministration bless u sir

  60. aigbede saraphina

    Wow wow he his cloth with fire no one is bigger than at all thank you jesus.

  61. Gideon Philip

    Praise God

  62. Akosua Twumwaah

    Amen and Amen

  63. Faith and Fashion with Feyi

    I've been listening to this song for over a year and it still touches me like the first time I listened to it! Lord you are so good in my life. You are matchless in all your ways! God I thank you!!

  64. AdriEl Amadi

    This is the kind of song that keeps replaying in my heart and mind and I can't stop it. Such a Spirit filled song, I love it

  65. Tunde Ola

    "O gbé nu wúńdíá Ṣola, ó gbé nù adé lèbọ ṣogo". One who stayed and thrived in a Virgin, one who's glorified through such birth.

    The subtitles is a little incorrect.

    Gospel Juice

    Thanks for the observation

  66. Isata Kamanda

    Thank you jesus


    Too powerful !!!

  68. perekins wunde

    this song is made of fire. redsish flames. clothed with fire

  69. Beck Becca

    from Nigeria to Zambia, your voice is heard. Bless you Nathaniel..I dont understand the language but wow..this is deep🙏

    Gospel Juice

    He is an anointed minister. We do believe the lyrics video helped you understand the language.

  70. ogedengbe yetunde


  71. Adebanjo Adeniji

    God will manifest himself in your life and you will sing and serve Jesus in heaven

  72. Doris Dioniz

    Glory to the most high Lord Jesus Christ who gave his Life for us

  73. Samuel Oluwasanmi

    U will also sing in heaven in jesus name

  74. Irene Adade

    I love this song

  75. Kadeeja Okp

    Alagbadain I glorify your name.....God bless you man of God

  76. Andrews Oware

    Spirit filled music, may God increase your giftings.

  77. Jennifer Amatu

    wonderful and magnificent

  78. Samuel Tope Aluko

    I love it

  79. patience asamoah

    inspirational song, I cant stop listening to it

  80. Keziah Ndaro

    Powerful...powerful.... Yes Lord,come n manifest yourself in every area of this world... we need you Lord we need you....👐👐

  81. Jennifer Nweke

    Nathaniel bassey u are a great Singer God is using you to bless people u are so awesome

  82. Liliane Sob


  83. Opeyemi. anu Adeosun

    Alagbada ina heal my sister and manifest yourself

  84. Mercy Iheanyichukwu

    Alagbada Ina 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥The One Clothed In A Garment Of Fire, We Glorify Your Name, Lord Manifest Yourself 👑👑👑👑👑, There Is No Impossibility In Your Palace💞🔥🙌💞💪, Lovely Rendition Nathaniel Bassey 👍👊💕

  85. Ishimwe Bernard

    God bless you.

  86. Solomon Esther Solomom Esther

    GOD bless u ,Nathanniel bassey.ur song always inspired me.GOD will grant us grace to sing with angels in eternity and HE will surely manifest HIMSELF in ur family IJMN.

  87. Matthias Okoro Onyekachi

    God pls manifest ur self in my life.

  88. Havilah Maryjane

    Can somebody please translate what Victoria sang in yuroba?

    Opeyemi. anu Adeosun

    Those are strong names for God

    Havilah Maryjane

    Opeyemi. anu Adeosun thank you but can I get a detail meaning


    Havilah Maryjane it's translated on the screen. The lyrics accompany the song.

  89. Havilah Maryjane

    The one with eyes of fire,darkness flees ,Jeeeeeeeesus👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  90. Elizabeth A

    What a praise! The more you meditate on this worship the more you’re blessed. I just can’t get enough of these great Anointing.
    God bless you both!!

  91. D 'asabi

    I love..... every bit of these song


    This song is very prophetic you should see how we sing it in our church @ Cry Of The Spirit Ministries Nairobi under Apostle Richard Takim,whenever we sing it portals of Heaven open..Please join me if you are a member of COTSM in singing Alabada ina,the one whose clothed in fire,your voice resounds like thunder come and glorify your name,Alabada ina,the one with eyes of fire,your name is full of wonders come and manifest yourself............Hallelujah....2018 Year of greater things..Jesus is Lord...Alabada ina.....


    This song is really nice

  94. Arhin Frederick

    on point, the song for the season


    Am really blessed by this piece it wonderful thank God for u two. love from Esther

  96. Olu F

    Wow!!! I love this track... God bless you dear brother and continue to renew your mind.

  97. Jojo

    Hallelujah amen 🙏

    kwasi poku

    This is a very powerful song.