Nathan Sykes - Give It Up Lyrics

[Verse 1: Nathan Sykes]
Something happened babe
Only you can make it right
And clear my heavy mind with your tricks
Got that magic baby
Coz everything I feared
Just slowly disappears as we kiss

[Pre-Chorus: Nathan Sykes]
Baby I want you close, I want you close, give me your love
Baby I want some more, I want some more, can't get enough
Baby wanna feel your touch, wanna feel your touch, just give it up
We can go on and on, on and on

[Chorus: Nathan Sykes]
Don't leave me girl
Please stay with me tonight
Don't leave me girl
I know you're down to give it up

[Verse 2: Nathan Sykes]
Are you happy babe?
I can make it Valentine's
Every single night, dim the lights, yeah
I'm ecstatic babe
You got me on a high
Join me in the sky paradise, yeah, yeah

[Pre-Chorus: Nathan Sykes]
Baby I want you close, I want you close, give me your love
Baby I want some more, I want some more, can't get enough
Baby wanna feel your touch, wanna feel your touch, just give it up
We can go on and on, on and on

[Chorus: Nathan Sykes (G-Eazy)]
Don't leave me girl
Please stay with me tonight
Don't leave me girl
Woo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (Yeah)
I know you're down to give it up

[Verse 3: G-Eazy]
Had a show in Sydney in front of Aussies right?
Then a show London on the longest flight
I know it's been too long and you're always right
I'm just tryna see you after a hard day's night
Listen it's between us, our secret, don't tell
It's Beatles Mania when I leave the hotel
We don't want tabloids, cats have no chill
Just tryna be with you alone we could go 'til
The clock hits morning, it's a sure thing
Let's tuck off without paparazzi swarming
I'm tryna show you you're the most important
In town one night, ain't tryna be too forward
But we got one chance and I can't wait 'til
The next time I see you, so you should stay 'til
I leave to the next city and disappear
So don't leave I need you here
I'm saying...

[Chorus: Nathan Sykes (G-Eazy)]
Don't leave me girl (Eazy)
Please stay with me tonight
Don't leave me girl
I know you're down to give it up

[Outro: Nathan Sykes]
Don't leave, hey
Please stay with me tonight
Don't leave me baby
Oh, you know you got to give it up

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Nathan Sykes Give It Up Comments
  1. Tanay Yadwadkar

    Absolutely amazing songs. One of my favourite vocal tracks

  2. Laura

    0:00-1:44 me: this is a bop👌
    1:45 me: 😳🦋🦋🦋🦋

  3. Dandanie Exo-l

    F#ck it....😡
    Nice voice dude~~~~😁

  4. Simone Howley

    i love this song colede give it up by Nathan Sykes BySimone Howley xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Angelica Vera

    I love this song 🥰

  6. Ki Martin

    I'm probably alone on this but he looks like if Frankie Muniz and Jesse McCartney had a love child lol


    His voice is gorgeous. I would have him play at my wedding

  8. Erwan Boizer

    I can't believe this handsome guy was Ariana Grande 's ex

  9. zara lee

    2020 and im still here🔥😍 bae and his Incredible voice 🙌🏼

  10. Lil G Nuyz

    damn no credit to the origional singer of this song from the 90's lol nothing to see here

  11. Miluffy one

    le refrain me fait penser a "don't leave me" des blackstreet

  12. Marcos Venka

    Melhor música 😍 Gosto muito

  13. Angela Francis

    I wanted some to to ask me
    .are you happy sons friend asked me..made me feel so good

  14. Cėsar Rosa Bispo Dos Santos

    Double You style

  15. xMulti Celebx

    This song still hits❤🔥 "baby I want some more, can't get enough!"

  16. Maw is Back

    Bro his voice so good. He really needs to start making music again

  17. Demons Brotha

    Anyone 2019 comments probably dead

  18. Zedd Tasnim

    I recommended this song to my friend, and she had the best reaction I could've asked for XD

    "শুরুতে বিছানা দিয়ে শুরু করায় তো ভাবলাম কি না কি! তারপর প্রায় পুরো ভিডিওটা গেলো মেয়েটার হাত কান গাল ঘষাঘষি করে -.- শেষে খুব এগ্রেসিভ হয়ে চুম্মাচাটি করে ভিডিও শেষ. এতো নড়াচড়া করে, আমার মাথা ঘুরাচ্ছে দেখার পর থেকে! অনবরত যে তুর্কি নাচটা নাচলো বসে শুয়ে দাঁড়ায়ে উফ! -.- কি ভিডিও..." XD

  19. Hi I'm Dad

    What an amazing singer. He deserves better.

  20. Holly Taylor

    I’ve loved this man for over 9 years (coming up 10) and I never run out of it for him. Ughhh I wish I could meet him. I literally live in a town that’s like 25 minutes away but I’ll never be lucky enough :(

  21. rita b

    I thought it kinda sounds like how long by charlie puth

  22. Pwyrzx 0-0

    I love G Eazy and Nathan so this is Perfect!!!

  23. Chloe Couszins

    I love you

  24. capone70

    YEaaaaah...nice voice, but no matter how many girls they throw on him, he still just doesn't come off as anything but a dweeb.

  25. My YouTube channel got banned Help

    I'm g fan and now I knew this song .I should be punished

  26. Sandy Guzman

    I'm excited too and joining you in the sky...I really can't get any closer... I'll stay tonight.💕

  27. meg tucker


  28. Krystal 92

    This is just wonderful.. 💖💖😉

  29. Sammy Fidoe

    this is john legends love child for sure, them pipes man!

  30. Sparkles Brant

    Baby Nathan was cute but this is HOTTTTT baby nath glo'd uppppppp😍😍😍😍😍😍

  31. Aisha Abdella

    G Eazy comes in with his nerdy voice and completely ruins the vibe.

  32. Mirabella Mcgarry

    Omg childhood memories omg miss this so much listened to this in chester granary health store this is fabulous song haven't heard this in a long time omg has a good voice omg 2019??? Xxx

  33. Bass Galaxy

    Such a captivating song! 😎👌

  34. Ronalisa Saludario


  35. Anissa :/

    Imagine this mashed up with Feels by Calvin Harris

  36. Chloe Dassler

    He said he was drunk when he made this video

  37. Francesco Salvadori

    Autotune ON

  38. clutch burner

    Eazy killed it

  39. DahakaSkyRising

    I only came here for G-Eazys beard, lol.
    but now I love this song xD

  40. Khalil Wallace

    i’m not gonna lie to you but this is like a black persons anthem holy shit love this song so much lol if i had to go back a year or 2 i would definitely go back to 2016 for sure 😂😍

  41. Via Mendes

    1:17 😍😍😍

  42. Austin Blaser

    Really great use of the ABC ABC D C song pattern. I love the chord progressions in this song, especially in the B sections. Sweet song! I want to write something like this.

  43. Sarah13Diva

    Come back Nath....

  44. Twinkle Roy

    I'm here for G-eazy 😁

  45. Britt any

    NATHAN! UPDATE 2019!!!please


    Ok but his vocals..... Lord

  47. pisceanrat

    He can play Archie

  48. Bertmental * The New King of Horror

    Baby Boy Nathan Sykes, All Grown up Now, Singing Like A Man With Soul in his Voice... Yes Voice of a Black Man, With Red Hair WoW! Loving That Lady 😂😁😀

  49. Leonardo Proaño

    I know the only way to be famous... Being into a polemic troubles or something that make doubt about your sexuality

  50. Alejandra Lopez

    Se parece a la morra con la que anda ahorita

  51. Tristen41405

    This only has 5.7 million views. I'm pissed

    Anonymous Girl

    He deserves more recognition

  52. Amber Rose

    Nathan has red hair???

    Anonymous Girl

    I think it's the light.

  53. Gherson S. Altamirano


  54. Dipanshu Kothari

    He is the only singer who do so many intimate scenes with there co actor in every song video such a pervert but still his voice is good

  55. My Billie

    It sounds like Don't Leave Me by Blackstreet

  56. -유기농 범이-Organic dude

    The sound is similar like Blackstreet - Don't leave me

    -유기농 범이-Organic dude

    Not similar, actually that hook is almost same

    Hi I'm Dad

    @-유기농 범이-Organic dude yeah blackstreet let him sample it.

  57. nonsEns


  58. Aeddan Gabe-Jones

    Good song but why's G-Eazy rapping like Dr Seuss

  59. Adam Watson

    Big ol freak jawbone when he turns his pretty face to the side and opens his gob

  60. clara Hazelman

    This girl looks like Lauren jauregui

  61. FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    i want to have sex with his voice

  62. Pearl smoking a cigarette

    *U N D E R R A T E D*

  63. Fernanda Solano

    Are you not from spain jaja

  64. Marissa Skie

    Damn I miss the wanted

  65. beth.


  66. Fozia Mohamed

    I only came here for the song! The video is too Sexual 😣


    too sexual?? 😂😂😂😂 there are way wayyyy worse sexual videos than this..

    Anonymous Girl

    Did u watch can't remember to forget you??

  67. L. Wayne Ashley

    Still watching, still loving this video and song in 2018. Nathan Sykes took a big risk with this video, obviously. And though it may not have landed as expected, it's still the mark of a truly GREAT artists to take some risks once in a while. Can't wait to hear what he's cooking up for #NS2

  68. k hima roopa


  69. Faith L

    i love Gerry and Nath

  70. Elisa Abarca

    2018? :3


    Don't know anything about him or his former group but this song dammnnnnn

  72. layla dj

    the different girls gave me hella warzone vibes!!

  73. Imane Chiguer

    This song is amazing ,the music video is sooooo good ,the collaboration is on point, vocals are just fire 🔥🔥🔥 so can someone please tell me why this isn't popular? I guess people don't have great taste anymore all they listen to nowdays is a stupid untalented douch bag or some really trashy songs i personally adore Nathan's voice i always listen to him famous is a really beautiful song too

  74. Ravenclaw Writer

    Damn. And I thought that kiss in I Found You was everything 😍

  75. Yaya Yayalala

    This song so good. Unfortunatelly, its underrated song :(

  76. lorcldia

    2:23 i've always found that move to the beat so fucking satisfying

  77. Sarah '93

    that voice tho 😍😍😍

  78. Ellen Tavassoli

    Can you make a version with only Geralds part pls

  79. David Meyredi

    IBIZA 2016

  80. Maria Fernanda Vaquilema

    Come back. Please

  81. Maria Fernanda Vaquilema

    I love you!!!

  82. Lily Roark

    He's my other boyfriend from 2011 the reason I like british guys is that are a so hot and smoking hot

  83. Rashelle Tobe

    I love the Blackstreet reference..."dont leave me girl, please stay with me tonight..."

  84. Raven Joyner

    He kind of looks like Edward Cullen in this video 😂

  85. Gabriela Rodriguez

    Me duele pero me encantas baboso 😒❤

  86. bella chloe

    Baby Nath is gone 🙁

  87. Stehfanía C

    I love the moment 0:56

  88. Tú Ngọc

    Still listening in 2018...

  89. Loo Poli

    1:14 aqui podemos ver que o Nat gosta de tomar a frente sempre que puder
    Ksksskksksksk mds ele avança

  90. Juuj

    I'M SO PROUD OF YOU 🇧🇷❤️

  91. zara lee

    Wow such a summer tune + hot video 👍😍🔥🔥🔥