NateWantsToBattle - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Lyrics

I'm gonna make you bend and break
(it sent you to me without wings)
Say a prayer but let the good times roll
In case God doesn't show
(let the good times roll, let the good times roll)
And I want these words to make things right
But it's the wrongs that make the words come to life
"Who does he think he is?"
If that's the worst you got
Better put your fingers back to the keys

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
"He tastes like you only sweeter,"
One night, yeah, and one more time
Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories
"See, he tastes like you only sweeter."

Been looking forward to the future
But my eyesight is going bad
And this crystal ball
Is always cloudy except for (except for)
When you look into the past (look into the past)
One night stand (one night stand off)

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
"He tastes like you only sweeter."
One night, yeah, and one more time
Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories
"See, he tastes like you only sweeter."

They say I only think in the form of crunching numbers
In hotel rooms collecting page six lovers
Get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes
I'm a liner away from getting you into the mood, whoa

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
"He tastes like you only sweeter."
One night, (oh!) yeah, (oh!) and one more time
Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories
"See, he tastes like you only sweeter."

One night and one more time (one more night, one more time)
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
"he tastes like you only sweeter."
One night, yeah, and one more time (one more night, one more time)
Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories (thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories)
"see, he tastes like you only sweeter."

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NateWantsToBattle Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Comments
  1. Plasma Productions

    Can I get the instrumental version of this cover?

  2. Melancholic Wallflower

    You're hot as fuck.😍 Hopefully Fall Out Boy sees this and is flattered.

  3. JadedSkies

    I just dyed my hair blue and now I feel like the only music im allowed to listen to is FOB 😂

  4. Caira Senpai


  5. Krabz503

    one night... STANDO
    ZA WARUDO!!!!!

  6. Genji's pet Soba

    Fall out Boy had a stroke writing the title

  7. Zuri Catalan

    Me think I’m done being emo: this is the type of guy I’d have a crush on in middle school

    Me realizing I’m still emo: I’m in love 😍😍😍

  8. dragonaits pairusj_fire

    Let's go

  9. Mr Lolz

    This is so good

  10. Itsjustmel


  11. raven cardinal

    god showed

  12. Julia Traino

    Could you please do Teenagers, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Helena, Famous Last Words, or Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance? Please! Please Please!

  13. Gruffy Floof

    This is copyright

  14. Java Script

    I’m Nate too !!! :)

  15. Original Gameframe

    I rock this jam after discovering it

  16. Pure Bread

    Better than fallout boy lol

  17. Beatriz Lopes

    I swear i can hear emo Pete wenz ghost claping in the back

  18. Ronald Martin

    thnks fr th mmrs isthanks for the memories

  19. CrowChiefAirsoft01

    Can you do ghost town by shiny toy guns

  20. nexus gaming\ toy reviews

    you should do more falloutboy covers!


    this is like !!!!!!!!!!

  22. parADOX0013

    Solo is wonderfull but where is fatboy???

  23. parADOX0013

    Wtf is going here???

  24. WolfBløød


  25. Vasean Williams

    no one liked my fav song thx people

  26. The Crazy Weeb

    Awesome! You earned a sub 😊

  27. Jarrett Lubbe

    Anyone else here after Fnaf Musical? Just me?

  28. KB3 Music

    This song is amazing it’s my new favorite

  29. gachaqueen102

    you are the best and you can rock fall out boy song and I love the five nights at Freddy's song you rock

  30. Just a gaymer

    “One night stand”
    Me: why only one?

  31. Lying_ Detective

    Why do i have this weird feeling that Nate's cover is better that original

  32. lucas vantas

    i love nate so mute he have all my heart >///////<

  33. Pınar Şahin

    Like an angel.....

  34. Thea Lockheart

    Nate please please do Monster from starset

  35. Carlysins

    Is there anything about Nate that isn’t perfect like really

  36. Carlysins

    When I hear this song all I can think about is Nate’s airplane arms like when he swings his arms around

  37. Brooke Olmsted

    2:14 THAT LOOK THOUGH!!! Someone asks if he is really a performer, show them this! That look says it all!!!

  38. Demonic_ Gamer_06

    It sounds just like the original song almost

  39. Maddier Gaming

    Nate looks so young in this OMFG

  40. Madelyn Genzlinger

    God nate.. your so good at singing!

  41. Mikey Vance

    Am I the only one that's been able to understand certain parts of lyrics when Nate sings it??

  42. IamJaxtheweaboo

    So I looked up the English dub of the day and his version came up. I heard the name and it sounded familiar. I was subscribed to him a long time ago on my other account when he had like maybe 1k and look at him now. YOU GO NATE!

  43. kasur rusak

    It doesn't sound like it's a cover. For me, it's like an alternative version of the song. THNKS FR TH MMRS Part II perhaps?

  44. Даниела Стойчева


  45. Nevaeh Burgess

    Has anyone else noticed Nate wears a black tee-shirt in basically all of his cover videos?

  46. Florian R

    How did I just see this now?

    Also first video seeing Nate face he seems like the coolest guy ever

  47. Nevaeh Burgess

    He's taking this very seriously, but you can tell he's having fun

  48. Pretty lady

    Y mi pipi haerd

  49. Nevaeh Burgess

    OMG I just realized how sensual the way Nate looked at the camera at 2:13

  50. Nevaeh Burgess

    Every time I look at Nate's face the FIRST thing I see are his dimples 😆

  51. Nevaeh Burgess

    I can never take him seriously because of his dimples 😆 but good job dude

  52. Sindy Live

    Patrick Stump has a new enemie.

  53. Stronghold7878

    Ssoooo good song

  54. Night of fun times

    Unrelated so

    What would happen if we change the sun into a black hole

    A) We will freeze to death
    B) We will get suck in
    (Boredom is why this exists)

    Hint: It’s A


    I would really love to learn to harmonize so i could sing with nate better

    I love singing but i suck at it

    Im butchering all of his songs

  56. Roman Castro

    This kid should do trap headstrong

  57. Lawrence Gist

    "He's not as stupid as he seems."
    "My dear, no one can be as stupid as he seems."
    "Hello there!"
    "There must no regrets,"
    "No tears,"
    "It's alive."

  58. Emarelys Neal

    omg this is so good

  59. cparle87

    Hadn't watched this one before cause I like to be familiar with the source material before listening to a cover. This was most excellent. Well done.

  60. Greyson alexander

    that moment you realize how sexual this song sounds

  61. Keegan Guffey

    Great cover I love this song

  62. CrowChiefAirsoft01

    I’m gonna listen to his song over and over again

  63. Blispy Gaming

    A rock music cover song of Fall Out Boy - Thnks fr th Mmrs by Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle) from the cover album, Thnks Fr Th Cvrs
    iTunes ► @t

  64. Backstabbing karma


  65. rainydreaming

    omg i- can I just.. *SCREAMS* NATE IS A GOOD SINGER

  66. Kim Heath

    i coughed in the middle of him singing and now i feel bad for interrupting pls help.

  67. Greyson alexander

    for the longest time i had
    "thanks for the memories even if they wern't so"
    stuck in my memory

    and i could not figure out where it was frrom till i saw this in my music playlist

  68. Kiara Samson

    Nate needs to do a cover of the song king for a day. By pierce the veil ft kellin Quinn

  69. Natalie Gill

    I don’t like the buzz sound in your voice-

  70. CrowChiefAirsoft01

    You make the best songs

  71. Carolyne Willis

    outstanding. i cant even process this man, what even is he?

  72. Galothus

    Very well made cover. Bravo!

  73. Tyna B

    Who is 2019?😂

  74. Hollow Animations

    I remember i saw nates channel when he did anime covers, he's come so far..

  75. Cats in the back

    gayest and best song i've heard ever

  76. Sharon Well

    tbh i like this more than the original

  77. Dart Devious

    Screw radio edits!

  78. Aj Short

    Oh boy idk about anyone else but I wanna give this man a seriously big hug. Nate, your vocal ability and your DND skills know no bounds. Keep it up and don't lose sight of your dreams.

  79. Kiara Samson

    I love this! This is better than the original tbh.

  80. Yours Truly

    Nate has the ultimate power of Fluffy bois on his side and it cannot be bested

  81. Jeff Woods

    its been confirmed he is Patrick stump XD

  82. xmelissa sxpticeye


  83. annika_ the_fangirl

    Nice 48.000th like!

  84. Marco Luna Calle

    very good music

  85. Just Another Guy Browsing Around

    This is even better than the original, hands down! I dont care who tries to fight me

  86. ? Mark

    Still listening in 2018 Lov this song😀

  87. ŋσ, ყσน.

    Please. Don't. Threaten. Me. With. A. Good. Time. PLEASE

  88. Michael Stoddart

    How am I only just hearing of this guy!?

  89. Sans Omegalovania

    your's accualy sound better that fallout boy's version

    Game Man

    Which is the original version.

  90. Hajron

    Kto z Polski? :)

  91. Scarlett Phoenix

    As someone who just saw FOB perfrom this song in Orlando last month...I approve. You BETTER perform this song this Friday when we are there

  92. Anime Princess

    Nathan +Fall out boy =🤯

    Edit:see i can do math

  93. Cleverfox SFM

    Tai Me A Noose:
    It appears that this cover is too amazing, let's give Nate a (so called) controlled shock
    *_You can shock him three times with your company-issued tazer before permanent damage is dealt and the salvage value begins to decrease._*

  94. dallon weekes


  95. Explorin Gail

    Listening to this with the volume loud while nursing a headache..................... Logic!!!!!

  96. Sakura -chan

    These types of songs suit Nate more ^^

  97. Solar Flare


  98. Rantaro is dad


  99. Bruna sofia

    Can you sing fallen angel?

  100. PeniBlue

    Remember when nate made fnaf songs?