NateWantsToBattle - That Day Lyrics

I relied on maneuvering devices
Many lives taken away
With nothing to show
And our walls keep crumbling down
As they take the ones we love
How many must they kill
As they cast their shadows from above

But when I close my eyes
Yeah, it almost feels like
We're outside these walls
And when I close my eyes
Yeah, it almost feels like
We're not locked up anymore
How am I ever gonna be able to stop them?

When you're caught
You're as good as lost
Their hands grip like vices
You're body is torn
In a bloody storm
There's only death around us

How are we supposed to win?
Our race is wearing thin

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NateWantsToBattle That Day Comments
  1. Kadie Jennings

    Cool I always wondered what the English version to this intro was!

  2. Ultra instinct Cam

    Where the hero’s online people from Roblox

  3. GD Zeraora

    Tbh i came from Heroes online in Roblox.

  4. An artist

    Feels bad for whoever reads the manga.

  5. Papasteve 5

    "I'm gonna take a stand"

    iS tHaT a jOJ0's rEfERenCe?

  6. little libbie

    This is plus ULTRA !

  7. Livin4thelamb

    I just set this to my ringtone <3

  8. AwesomeSeal

    When you watch Mha so much you try and sing the Japanese gobbledygook you always do when listening to this song even tho it’s English

  9. LJ Elvin

    Please can you come back to this song and do a full version

  10. John Fuentes

    1.4k people are in the League of Villains

  11. Bailey__Does__Things

    Hearing it in English, it sounds like Izuku is telling someone (Like his mom) about his day to day life. “Colliding fists, they’re what’s gonna make you, you grit your teeth or they’re gonna break you.” Definitely sounds like something Izuku would say.

  12. Chae

    Fav part is "Colliding fists are what's gonna make you, grit your teeth or their gonna break you"

  13. Y0ur Hack1ng

    I 100% the like bitton

  14. Tarcila Serra

    Plus ultra

  15. Sophia Castillo

    I'm not to blame I'm gonna take a stand you say my name I'm telling you to reach out and finally take my hand
    Me:oh my favorite part I memorized it all

    Sophia Castillo


  16. Sophia Castillo


  17. Manga Reader

    Full Version please

  18. gamingbros3 33


  19. Sušenka s nutelou


  20. Blue dust

    So much energy in 1 song

  21. Captain_creeperCEO 2596

    I practiced the Japanese Version over and over again

  22. Boywhoisaman

    I spent a while day trying to memorize this. Its pretty hard to when I've heard the normal version like a million stricken times.

  23. 999Toxic Titan666

    First day of school be like

  24. Iftikhar Uddin Qureshi

    My h
    My he
    My her
    My hero
    My hero a
    My hero ac
    My hero aca
    My hero acad
    My hero acade
    My hero academ
    My hero academi
    My hero academia

  25. Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez

    Horikoshi: I'm gonna make a super awesome anime with people with superpowers
    Normies: it already exists it's called superheroes, you are just copying it

    Stan Lee: *_I will allow it_*

  26. Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez

    I think it's fair the first opening is also the ending song for the anime

  27. Mastermike8200


  28. Scot_playz

    1:02 from there is even better

  29. Scot_playz

    Coliding fists are what's gonna make you.

    Epic nomu Vs all might flash backs

  30. Reapnsavages

    This is literally in a rigid game I'm playing

  31. CasperTheLawlBro2001

    Who's here from AGK vs Aladdin.exe? 'Cuz I don't care. I'm an idiot. :P

  32. Dat Lemon Boi

    Oh my god

  33. jo0ojo0o95


  34. Cash Wilson

    0:37 when I start an anime

  35. Bianca Robertson

    Is this a good anime? My friends told me to watch it but I'm not into anime that much

    Cash Wilson

    Even if you're not into anime this is an amazing anime and it might get you into anime because it made me seriously into anime

    Mr_ dęæłh

    👌🏻might more like all might hehe 👌🏻

  36. Carlos Ortiz

    I absolutely love this. Kudos to you natewantstobattle you have so much talent.

  37. Annie Sofia

    This sounds so accurate it confused me for a second wtf??

  38. XDRalphAnimator

    lol what a weird cover is this?

    i also like this one...

    5 a.m. and I hold my breath like the quiet is sinking into the air
    Biting my nails on the emergency stairs Which will tomorrow be?
    The day has come

    The night that will never end The rain that will never stop
    They exist in this good-for-nothing world
    Isn't it a little strange? I doze off and can't stay standing
    It's not like I'm blaming you

    Playing alone in a daydream,
    Will you even be embarrassed of what you imagine there?

    Getting entangled in a maze, a maze Will you say you will go even then?
    The sound of the starting bell played by the small traveler

    Don't know, don't know where you're going
    Aren't you actually scared?
    Each step you take is changing
    The day has come

  39. Aya Misubi

    ngl it could be cool if they had choosen this as the english intro to the dubbed version

  40. Caira Senpai


  41. Snöw Wölf

    Nate is amazing like wow he sings this amazingly

  42. Shouta Aizawa

    Boku no Roblox anyone?

  43. lieberher denbrough

    im to use to the sub

  44. gigi_aestheticvibes

    The opening that started it all <33

  45. Bea Fetiza

    I dont know how to compare your voice and the guy who sang that

  46. Katie Tiernan McQuillan

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!

  47. AMAdou or call me Luke N'Diaye

    Why do you see the sunrise what about night time

  48. Jesse Fernandez

    the first is always better than the others!!

  49. jelly cat

    i really needed this

  50. Dayfenix Roberson

    “Colliding fists” is my favorite part

  51. Omgunicorn Rainbow

    Some lyrics are wrong
    *i think*
    *Yea I’m pretty sure you messed up a lot of lyrics*

  52. Sivastini Karunakaran

    y love opening

  53. jasbir kaur

    Who do you want to battle with

  54. Greg Mckinlay


  55. Denki Kaminari

    I like this song in the form English and I perfear this song♥♥★★♥♥★★♥♥

  56. RaisinPantz

    You sound just like the Japanese singer!

  57. sua mae

    Hearing it in english definitly seems to be like the song is told from All Might's perspective. Like he's explaining Miidoriya's role to him and his day to day struggles

  58. Bashkill

    Someone please put this on spotify

  59. Awkward Cosplays

    "So many names and faces" -Kira has entered the chat (Ay DeathNote fans where u at?)

  60. MGAlter

    Best cover, but I need it full already!!!

  61. GamingDrift

    For some reason I feel like I’ve heard this song in a Sonic flash game, more specifically Sonic Final Fantasy

  62. Ghost League

    Anyone here play boku no roblox on roblox it’s a good game

  63. YNM backup :P

    What I heard
    You see the sun rise
    New days upon you
    You rock chanel
    And reset the travel

  64. Erikus Kleins

    Defiantly gonna use this in Britain got talent boi

  65. ThePokemonKage


  66. Team Minato

    that was really good!

  67. Speedy9000 Speedy2000

    Omg so nice

  68. Ar Pl

    I wanna know the Id for this song

  69. TheChosen Ones

    THIS ISN'T OFFICIAL?!?!?!????!?!?!?

  70. Awkward Cosplays

    Who else is here from Heroes Online in Roblox? Go Beyond Plus Chaos my bros!


    finally i found a comment im looking for HAHAHAHA

    Awkward Cosplays

    @ShyThunder I said "plus chaos" to my friend who likes bnha then I realized it's a heroes online thing and she doesn't play roblox...

  71. Dario Alessandro Triglia

    I like your voice. Maybe the instrumental should be like the original.

  72. Brian Esparza

    I'd expect for the voice to sound bad in a different language but actually sounds pretty much the same even better cuz I can understand it

  73. Zack 16 very childish

    Idk why but I’m crying...

  74. Lightspeed

    Yeah I figured the subtitles on MHA weren't the actual English lyrics


    The Dislikes are from League of Villains

    Shoto Todoroki

    This needs more likes.


    @Shoto Todoroki yep

  76. Skazerk

    People named Joe in 2019 0:51

  77. 42nd Blaze

    You see the sun rise
    A new day is upon you
    You bite your nails and
    Your knees start to tremble
    The time is upon you
    To show them what you can do
    And soon they will know that
    The day has come!

    Late into the night
    I hear it storming
    An end to the rain
    Is what I pray
    And I'm hoping
    Now I feel the pressure of the city
    Oh, how it eats me whole

    So many names and faces
    Sleepless nights
    Spent in unknown places
    And every day I walk
    Straight into the great unknown
    I'm not to blame
    I'm gonna take a stand
    You say my name
    I'm telling you to reach out and
    Finally take my hand

    Colliding fists
    They're what's gonna make you
    You grit your teeth or
    They're gonna break you
    The time is upon you
    To show them what you can do
    You're breaking the mold
    To show you're not them
    Will we break through?
    I don't know, don't know
    The bells are ringing
    Come out and play now
    The time is upon you
    To show them what you can do
    And soon they will know that
    The day has come!

  78. YobaconjamYT

    Hearing this song at 2.5x makes me wanna commit die.

  79. Emir Arda

    %1.000.000 Detroit smash to like button

  80. Cristopher Carbonel

    Full song please!!! It's awesome!!

  81. Astronomy 456

    The English cover makes it sound a little better then the original

  82. Oof Oof

    Honestly if they made a live action mha I would want markiplier to play lida and Nate to play deku

  83. TheChargedFoxie 456yt

    Why isdeku so sunburnt in the thumbnail

  84. Larliskx

    oh cool.

  85. Miel Kim

    Nunca e escuchado algo tan perfecto ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  86. My hero Academia Stan

    Sound id?

  87. gottaloveanime

    Can you do full versions of all your my hero academia covers? I would totally buy them!

  88. The metallic Hedgehog

    0:00 - 0:17
    Right before your date

  89. Denise Mosher


  90. Angel Dust

    I can finally sing

  91. Foxy and Kids

    Izuku is my favorite/Deku

  92. TheAbsoluteCat

    i like singing this over and over

  93. Josiahs Villanueva

    I barley found out that this was on the English dub of the show

  94. speedstar360 gamer


  95. just doll

    You should do Naruto Shippuden intro covers, the songs are nice.
    If you want to,,,,

  96. JavierPlay

    PLUS ULTRA!!!!!!!

  97. dominika baranowska

    I've replayed this so many times that my parents are mad

  98. MarvelAvengers

    THE SUBTITLES LIED, I mean it is hard to translate from Japanese, I'm talking bout my hero academia. Not the song

  99. NateWantsToBattle - Give Heart Records

    Made some SWEET playlists for y’all!

    Five Nights at Freddy’s Songs ▶️
    Anime OPs and Endings ▶️
    Steven Universe ▶️
    Original Music ▶️
    Best of NateWantsToBattle ▶️

    Reynante Castillo

    Thank you Nate! By the way I love your songs so much and keep it up

    Badtodabone 2345

    Your songs are just like the original versions!
    Other people when they do anime cover stretch them forever, but you keep it short and sweet!
    Keep it up!

    Edgar Andraus

    Make a full version pls

    Carlos Ortiz

    I absolutely love this. Kudos to you Nate you have so much talent.