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I waited for you
I waited for you
I had so many chances
I could never go through

I pause and look back
and then I lose track
I spent so much time
I can never get back

Could wait forever
but then I won't learn
that memories fade
no matter how much it hurts

And on the inside
I feel my heart cry
I'm tearing at the walls
in the corners of my mind

Wanna tell you just to hold on
to nights we spent so long
Hold on I still regret
every word that day I never said

I waited for you
I waited for you
I had so many chances
I could never go through

I pause and look back
and then I lose track
I spent so much time
that I'm never getting back

Whoa now I
will never get the chance
to tell

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NateWantsToBattle Re:Re: Comments
  1. Animo Dragon

    “I-pause and look back but then I lose track”
    Me: that me days after every single test I took in school.

  2. Blumeee

    its been so long. quite literally.

  3. Cloud here

    "I'm never getting back" was the part I wanted to hear

  4. Divinity

    It's crazy how this song matches up perfectly with the anime... Most openings for anime have no meaning to the story themselves but this one accurately represents what this anime is about.

  5. Animo Dragon ZERO

  6. Caira Senpai



    I love this song and love this anime this is my first anime...I was started my journey in this anime because it's great really love this anime so much thank you ❤

  8. เกียรติศักดิ์ มาพิบูลย์

    English ver

  9. om more

    still waiting for the whole thing

  10. Dalmine Hoff

    I saw the anime. What happened at the end of the manga?

  11. haruna BA

    A masterpiece

  12. VanillaHopp21

    Still listening 🎶

  13. FrostByte

    Please make a full version. Its been so long.

  14. All knowledge by Prateek

    Still can't believe it's been around 3 years

  15. たくわん


  16. Permafrost Tempest

    Here's hoping this gets a full version cover

  17. Hasin Rayhan

    I just wanna know why the heck is this anime named Erased in English?!

  18. Silly Orokana

    Im watching erased (again) on Netflix and I never skip the intro it's to fucking good bro.


    My favourite anime

  20. Wh1plash __

    Full version?

  21. Cyber Viruz999 ANIMEEE!

    So in other words. My hoe ain’t loyle but my killer is? Poof ok? Sure buddy

    Watches erased...ok about one time

  22. kaksuuni dazai

    This song really like 10 000 way better than the Japanese ver. ❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  23. Elix Marano

    This anime is my favorite anime .😭

  24. Brendan Curry

    3 years already? Damn it felt like it was a year at most

  25. Harsh V.R.

    The song perfectly suits the opening of the erased

  26. Minor Ears

    I actually think it's from the point of view of the sensei lol

  27. kaksuuni dazai

    This way better than the Japanese version 💖💖💖👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  28. Nourii

    please do full song version :(

    Harsh V.R.

    You can find it on Spotify just Google for this song.

  29. I'll just let it be

    I honestly thought this was a Naruto OP when I first heard it


    Love it

  31. Lilin D

    My native lenguague is Spanish, but this cover is better than spanish covers

  32. Clevebro

    I blast this song in traffic

    Sereving C

    I have no words


    @Sereving C epic

  33. Bard Kaitiff

    Fuck, I'm crying!

    Sereving C

    Same such a good anime

  34. Confused

    This song makes me oof like the anime

  35. Jordan Andrews

    Please do a full version of the song

  36. Lilin D

    No fue capaz de esperarlo 15 años :(

  37. M. L. L.

    The best cover of Re:Re:. 
    Nathan, I wish you would cover the full version!

  38. jay kang

    3 years later and I'm still waiting for the full cover👏

  39. Joey Lee

    Can you doo a full pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

  40. TheDragonKing

    It's cool and all,but nowhere near the original.The original is on completely another level.

  41. Leah Moonsong

    Can't stop replaying ♥️

  42. D,Drws !

    0:35 best part

  43. Th3 Lazy Man

    You gotta admit it. This is the one of the best anime english cover.

  44. ᖽᐸᗅᓿᒙᑗ

    lol this song is clearly about sensei and not about kayo, cause neither did she wait but she took the chances if it was with a side character who i don't remember the name of.

  45. Yue Pan

    I love this cover as much as I love the original one!

  46. Cesar Sabino valerio

    3 years and wait the full song u.u

    Uno Reverse Card

    I'm still waiting for a season 2 I know it won't happen but I still have hope

  47. Rayn

    lmao,I remember Japanese lyrics

  48. Aaken

    i usually don't like English covers of openings but this was amazing.

  49. Rolwin Brito

    Me gusta :)

  50. Electric0eye

    I'd rather Nate do whatever makes him happy but I've got to admit... if he did a full version of any of the shorts he's done, I wish it'd be this one!

  51. Hannah Metzger

    2019, anyone?

  52. Lexii D.

    Like if you’re listening in 2019

  53. chrisvy akiba

    damn the translations are so hurt :(

  54. Christopher Soto

    I haven't watched this anime yet but the theme is perfection. What is the anime about?

    Kyoko Eva

    Brass Man You really should watch it , it’s amazing

    David The Colossal

    A guy that is trying to save people he never managed to help, has a great plot with murder and horror. Also, it has a fantastic soundtrack as you probably already know.

  55. Izumi Konata

    Im actually fine with ending, most of you guys just expect a fairy tale ending

    The Cash Crab

    It honestly almost is a fairy tale ending. Literally everyone survives and people still be complaining smh

  56. Ash Flexem'

    So Bleach [ALONES] please ;(

  57. Duken Juken

    I like the both of
    Them but which is better
    Nate’s or celeb heys

  58. ThatYoutubeGirl

    2019 anyone?

  59. サアトッレユウジン ロイス

    I waited for you
    Yet you get married

  60. firebreathing fish

    Erased is an amazing anime...idc what anyone says plus...great job with the lyrics dude!!

  61. normie hater

    i like how it relates to me in some way, like waiting for a girl you had a crush on for a very long time, regretting to never asked her out or even make memories with her, and that once you parted ways, youll regret because youve never fulfilled the results of your promised actions

  62. Red Yoshi Productions

    Just finished Erased

  63. ZeuriC

    Epic singer as ever 🔥🔥

  64. Licht kuran

    I'm 3 years late but this song generally makes me happy

  65. DynoKingGaming - Gaming and More

    Who's listening to this in 2019?

  66. Silly Orokana

    Love the intro so much listen to it for fun


  67. wildhoney x

    Safe to say im starting this anime.

  68. Warchief 43

    Sync translate

  69. nunu anime

    Erased my sadness😁

  70. nunu anime


  71. Alexzander Kay

    All these years later and I still love this

  72. verris koh

    i still regret the words that day i never said

  73. Jared Ponce

    One of the best anime covers I’ve ever heard.
    Amazing job mate :)

  74. El Limon

    He protec
    He attac
    But most importantly
    He pause and look bac
    But then he lose trac

    androendiel _the_72nd

    I love this

    JC Denton

    He spend so much time that he'll never get bacc

  75. Matthew Miller

    I’m watching erased a second time because I loved it that much.....
    Might watch it a 3rd time
    This anime made me cry soooo many times and that’s why I love it
    Also why can’t more people be like Airi

  76. Woosh me Then read my description

    This actually makes so much sense to the show

  77. charlie conner

    Watched this in one night to addictive

  78. theRobloxMan 123

    Stop this. Pls

    Johanna Sexton

    one to talk *the roblox man* (the man part is ironic though)

  79. ThePianoOg

    Honestly, I loved erased,it was such a good anime. But the ending pissed me off a bit only cause after everything he did, he didn't end up with the girl he liked. I mean, it makes sense that she'd move on and what not. But its hella frustrating after everything that happened, and all he worked for that he doesn't end up with her. I mean,sure he meets that one chick at the end, but fuuuck that, you can't just introduce the actual girl he gets in the last 3 seconds of the damn show, even if we saw her in the first episode. Its just sooo frustrating

  80. i am idk

    Why does this sound so much like naruto's OP?

  81. Sandra Marilu Pacheco

    I love this its good as hell

  82. Dava Aulia

    Can i have link for the background image? HD version pls

  83. GreatLordMarth

    you should do the full version of the song

  84. Lucian


  85. Giver LG

    Full versión!!!!

  86. Tommy

    God no please stop

  87. FlyingCro

    The Opening is amazing! Honestly I always cry when I hear this song.

  88. Rylee Barnes

    my new favorite song

  89. minty

    A wonderful girl I had feelings for was taken from us when I was in high school. This brings back those powerful feelings, how I was always too much of a coward to reach out and be honest...

  90. moon.

    THIS WAS GREAT ???????

  91. Anonymity t

    this anime was one of the best in the last so many years

  92. kiRa

    tfw the killer waits 15 years for him but not the girl

  93. 밤하늘의별무리

    Better than original

  94. Geo Winchester

    this is deadass the best english anime op cover of all time

  95. minen creepers

    Listening to the lyrics let’s me notice how much better this anime was than I thought

    minen creepers

    I also have a question, why didn’t they do like an aftermath season like clannad, damn now I wanna watch clannad again

  96. minen creepers

    This makes me wanna watch erased for the fifth time in a row

  97. ItsJasonR

    “I had so Many Chances I could never go through” very good line

  98. Spah Spah

    My mum and I watched this anime together and by the end of it we were both sobbing a bit to much. We both have learnt these words off by heart lmao.