NateWantsToBattle - No More Lyrics

You can break down my lights and my doors
But I won't let you back in no more, no more
I'm sick of getting stuck in the same routine again

Five nights it shouldn't seem so long
But it takes forever when you go all about it wrong
These halls are lined with blood I can't have on my hands
These walls they seem to call my name
But I refuse to be another puppet in your game
And your eyes are dead inside but tonight I leave alive

You can break down my lights and my doors
But I won't let you back in no more, no more
I'm sick of getting stuck in the same routine again
Tie me up put me into a suit, but I'll never ever be like you no
I know what happened here and you can't erase your past

Done what I can to try to hide
But even you can tell who I really am inside
And its not my job to watch you I'm leaving here tonight
But maybe one day you'll find humanity
Until then don't you dare say that we are the same

You can break down my lights and my doors
But I won't let you back in no more, no more
I'm sick of getting stuck in the same routine again
Tie me up put me into a suit, but I'll never ever be like you no
I know what happened here and you can't erase your past

I crave the light of day
Cause I've been keeping you away
It's driving me insane
It's driving me insane

You can break down my lights and my doors
But I won't let you back in no more, no more
I'm sick of getting stuck in the same routine again
Tie me up put me into a suit, but I'll never ever be like you no
I know what happened here and you can't erase your past

Maybe one day you'll find humanity

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NateWantsToBattle No More Comments
  1. Matei Sterescu

    This brings back the nostalgia

  2. Jayden Spiller

    I like this song but im a not a fan fnaf

  3. Clark Kent

    This song summed up: The night guards are done with your shit Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica.

    No but seriously, this is the one song from the fnaf fandom I actually enjoy. From the perspective of the night guards. They won't be dragged down by what the Purple Man did. They were hired to be a night guard, and then go home. I love this song to no end

  4. Lolbit :3

    This song is how I found you :D

  5. Aurora Lake

    My favorite part: 1:42 - 1:53

  6. Cleetus The Fetus

    This is like burying a time capsule and digging it up 5 years later.

  7. Cleetus The Fetus

    Who else gets nostalgia from the time of weird fnaf 2 songs

  8. Box Nblox

    Errors: 1:09 *put me a into suit* <-repeated mistake in every repeat of the chorus, and 1:47 *unitl*

  9. KOG_Gmoney

    Tie Me Up Put Me a Into Suit

  10. Fresk The Fresker

    I'm late and I'm about to say what half the people are commenting but, the nostalgia

  11. Blue Gamer

    This is really like me in school

  12. Kaden DeBose

    Who else saw puppet in the party room doorway halfway through the song?
    Edit: i went through again and learned there are 2 hidden puppets throughout the song

  13. Mooffin Galaxy

    This sort of sounds like a anime opening

  14. Padison 6

    1:42 My favorite part!

  15. FredSpongepixelcube6689 Krabbymurder

    This music and the animation is awesome

  16. ETPS

    This is my most favorite line from this song. It's just so awesome!! :D

  17. NateWantsToBattle - Give Heart Records

    Made some SWEET playlists for y’all!

    Five Nights at Freddy’s Songs ▶️
    Anime OPs and Endings ▶️
    Steven Universe ▶️
    Original Music ▶️
    Best of NateWantsToBattle ▶️

  18. Leftytheber


  19. Toataly Original

    1:36 actually it is...What Are You Paid For? Anyways?

  20. Shifty

    Thanks Nate
    I really did need this song again... :)

  21. RiceCrispy

    Most fnaf songs: lmao we the bad guys and we're gonna kill you or whatever

    This one: do it, nerd

  22. SecretBlue02

    lmao i didn't realize this song was written by mah boi nate at first

  23. Pac Attack

    It’s good but why is there a Withered Freddy with FNaF 1 Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy. Also they aren’t even on the stage.

  24. Elysian Borrero

    this sounds like me going to public school.

  25. The Frostbite

    the nostalgia is unreal

  26. Gacha Ghost

    This brings back so many memories of fnaf

  27. XYZ trap

    Buenisimo 😉

  28. MythicSpiderGaming

    Dude, the memories.

  29. Jedi 1234

    Not only is this song awesome, but you can also usable for fangames.

  30. NateVGP

    Bro I’m having flashbacks. Nates fnaf songs literally made my childhood lol. Thanks for bringing back memories!! 😁😁

  31. Timothy Torres

    1:42 🎵May-be, one day, you'll find, hu-ma-ni-ty!🎵

    🎵Until, then, don't you, dare, say that, we, are the, same!🎵

  32. Baby Brat

    You are the sound ive been looking for this is so fcking awesome🎸🎸🎸

  33. mangle x foxy fan love foxy fan

    Good song nate.

  34. RefleX

    Man I even bought this song on Google Music

  35. Nixtility

    I grew up with all these songs

  36. 3101SOTIRIS

    I think i've heard the original but i don't remember the name

  37. Susan Cox

    Make more zelda songs

  38. Unicorn Sparkles

    Are you NateWantsToBattle from the Five nights at Freddy’s playlist whith The living Tombstone

  39. xltsalad


  40. Doomripper

    I miss listening to this song when it first came out lmao can't believe I only found this video now

  41. The King's Rose

    Hello, I am a new subscriber to your channel. I liked your voice You are so amazing, can you sing a song from one piece songs? I wish you all the best

  42. Rosado BR

    Quanta Nostalgia... :'^)

  43. Ben Ten

    Nate: No more an original fna...
    Everyone else: Fnaf the anime opening


    This just looks like a movie now

    Fnaf movie confirmed
    I’m sorry

    Genetic Springtrap PlayX

    Im the king of spring locks failure


    IINeon Cross and I am the king of five nights at Freddy’s

  45. Jasmine Dragons

    I freaking love this song!

    Genetic Springtrap PlayX

    Im the king of Spring locks failure

  46. cryptid: shifter

    This sounds like something Set It Off would make

  47. Wolf Craft

    Amazing song , amazing editing , amazing lyrics , everything is awsome.
    I love it

  48. Andrew Weighill-Richards

    This song=An addiction

  49. Genetic Springtrap PlayX

    Im the king of Spring Locks failure

  50. Nobody Iswear

    unitl then don't
    put me a into suit

    Genetic Springtrap PlayX

    No, Put yourself in a spring lock suit and go commit Spring Locks failure

  51. Magyar GabeN

    Gallifrey Stands!

  52. Phong Tran Hai

    the nostalgia

  53. Gma Catherine

    I'm the 1000000000000 people commit post comment

  54. Lechelle C

    2015 returns in 2019

  55. Drake Windham

    Damn, I was lookin for this song for so long

  56. Serenity Thomas

    amazing song and the animation just fits great job

  57. KirbyKid Johnson

    After years and I still know the lyrics.

  58. Nia Bobi :3


  59. YeBoiSquidWard_ YT

    Is it just me or is this way better than the old one

  60. Eren Yeager

    My favorite song 😍

  61. Eren Yeager

    Hye it just a Game theory

  62. SmashBros7

    Memories, we need this game to be released in all platforms

  63. Xannity Production

    I remember when u had an anime as ur profile picture

  64. Vonnah Cool

    This is by far, and has always been, my favorite FNAF song made by Nate

  65. BladexGaming

    I am just jamming out no problem just need to buy new glasses

  66. PikaGeek026

    "Tie me up and put me in to a suit but I'll never ever be like you" this line really speaks to me like it really speaks to me on so many levels on a fnaf level, on a society level, as if your being compared to someone level, I'm reading way to in to this

  67. Ferromations

    Oh reupload

  68. Emma Lea birstler

    The whole dance I made is coming back to me. Ahhh memories

  69. Emma Lea birstler

    OG squad anyone?

  70. Neon

    This is one of his more under rated songs, good to see get a revamped animation.

  71. DBA2K15

    a very sticky song!

  72. Crash124

    *Nostalgia coming towards you at 1000mph*

  73. Delilah Kreitz

    Do all of the five nights of Freddy’s song have the ‘maybe one day you’ll find humanity’ ‘until then don’t you dare say that we are the saaaammmeeeee aaaaa!’ Part in it? Or is it just me???

  74. Siegel Gaming

    You're the voice of funtime foxy right Nate ?

  75. Tristan Ducharme

    ah the nostalgia

  76. sem idéias

    NateWantsToBattle... My favorite channel since 2015 the progress of this channel is amazing.

  77. scerpian

    Even if I'm not a FNAF fan anymore (for the better really) I still absolutely adore Nate's FNAF songs purley from a musical stand point.

  78. Dalton Akers

    Loved that Sandcastle Kingdom reference.

  79. Fiona Playz

    I believe this was the song that made me love this channel (heard mangle first and hated it at first cause it was "too rock" XD)

  80. Evelyn Collum

    I Love it and your voice is beautiful

  81. AssassiNate Black

    The song that got me into NateWantsToBattle

  82. graminboxs

    i dont know why but i just like the song and hearing it the way i do i see it as bulling

  83. Kay Woodhill

    "maybe one day, you'll find humanity. until then, don't you dare say that we are the same" HEY WAIT A MINUTE

  84. crazyboyblue360

    Now it's at 1000

  85. MagicRainbow Kitties

    I love this damn song

  86. Trees Lots of Trees


  87. Bonnie Bunnie

    It's so sad guys

  88. Diamond Amulet Gaming and Stuff

    Nani! Why doesn't the beat seem familiar

  89. Mᴜɢᴇᴛꜱᴜ Aɴɪᴍᴀᴛɪᴏɴꜱ

    😭 i miss 2015

  90. Pc49 YT

    No one can erase the past but...

    they sure forget..

  91. rocky guy the gacha life 64

    What about william afton song ?

  92. Nikki Griffin

    Omg this video is f-ing gorgeous.

  93. Spiky 1987

    Thank you Nate for your amazing music and for getting me into FNaF in the first place