NateWantsToBattle - Nightmare Lyrics

Just sleep, just dream
Just sleep, just dream

Just sleep, just dream

In the back of my mind
I've been trying to chase a monster this whole time
But I couldn't see the monster was me
And no one heard our cries
Now I've run out of tears
The time has come for me to disappear
Get me out of this mess and away from this stress
Set me free so I can rest

We're only kids who lost our way
But if we wait long enough we will be saved
Just sleep, just dream
This isn't fair, no we're not just what we seem
We want to fly but our souls are trapped inside
It's not a game, not to blame, we're forced to hide
Just sleep, just dream
It's only a nightmare and soon we'll be set free

(And soon we'll be set free)

And I've been crying out for help
I know I bite but I mean well
Can you see my disguise, I'm different inside
Can you break this spell
And all the ghosts from before
They're knocking and they're breaking down your door
So please set us free, now you have the key
Cause I can't take the pain no more

We're only kids who lost our way
But if we wait long enough we will be saved
Just sleep, just dream
This isn't fair, no we're not just what we seem
We want to fly but our souls are trapped inside
It's not a game, not to blame, we're forced to hide
Just sleep, just dream
It's only a nightmare and soon we'll be set free

We're only kids who lost our way
But if we wait long enough we will be saved
Just sleep, just dream
This isn't fair, no we're not just what we seem
We want to fly but our souls are trapped inside
It's not a game, not to blame, we're forced to hide
Just sleep, just dream
It's only a nightmare and soon we'll be set free

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NateWantsToBattle Nightmare Comments
  1. Funtime pony

    This is perfect for my pension of my movie the end

  2. Sam I Am

    2020 anyone?

  3. CastingShadows

    Guitar question for Nate: what tuning do you use for this song?

  4. Emmy Gee

    Five Nights at Freddy's
    Season 4 Intro: Nightmare

  5. Undyne The Undying

    The whole storyline of fnaf always gets me thinking like really deep REALLY DEEP it’s like those innocent’s just really sad to me..

  6. General Knight

    Nate, dude, this song still hits me when I hear it. And it applies even more the longer FNAF continues and the more the lore expands.

  7. Drago Defender

    This song is about me

  8. Matei Sterescu

    I forgot this Song for a long time and now i found it


  9. The K Familee a_deptgaming

    To be honest the fnaf is actually real if you don't believe then don't Read this :/ theres 5 kids died and they thought the costume will protect them inside but when they got inside they are locked up and died bleeding and it got on fire because of springtrap and the kids got away from it but they got on fire while escaping so its gone.

  10. ItsOniian

    Found it

  11. Nene Cid

    2019 😭??

  12. Luz P.

    Over 4 years after, and it still hurts to listen to this imaging all those poor children

  13. Samuel Haskett


  14. cant spell BEST without BTS!!! DUH!!!

    My question is what nightmares is this child havin??? ._.

  15. Another SuperMarket has Russel

    Its been 4 years since I've been here, I didn't forget.

    Last nostalgia shot for this decade, if I see anymore today imma cry.

  16. Moises Barroso

    gOOD bERRY gOOD ok!

  17. Cool kids dont sleep

    I neeeed a tab

  18. _* Lea *_

    Others: 😭😭
    Me: *rocking out*

  19. Foxtrot Studios

    I fist heard this 3 years ago, last I heard it was 2 1/2 years ago. I come back 2 1/2 years later after remembering and I dead ass cried so hard that my wife asked me what was wrong.

  20. chan8605

    Yeah I think you should get this put in the movie

  21. Lyladestructs

    What if "Just Sleep Just Dream" is what the purple guy said before he killed the kids

  22. OriginalUsername

    God dammit, I feel old.

  23. Ghosthunter gamer

    i miss this song its so long that i heard this song

  24. Êxøtìč Büttērs

    I love this song way too much. The nostalgia is real.

  25. Genesis

    Its 2019 but This still gives Chills!!!☺☺☺

  26. Not your friend

    12 year old me is crying 😔

  27. rikki valez

    I make this song deeper than it needs to be 😂

  28. uh oh Stinky

    This shit hits different now a days :(

  29. Wubbox YT

    Fnaf is awesome

  30. elasticcircusgirl ____

    Anyone else hear scrolling threw comments to see if anyone else was hear a few hours ago

  31. Game Adventure's

    2019 is still here. and later 2020 will still be here As well

  32. Aiden Animates

    Me: *Clicks Song Unknowingly*
    Tears: Ight I'ma head out.

  33. Narshinarshinarsh challenges

    I'm so glad this was my childhood and not Fortnite😂😅

  34. Lunar Lina Tegstrom

    Anyone saw the cute painting in the wall? Just me? Okay..

  35. Jessica Ratcliff

    “Just Sleep, Just Dream”
    Me: Already asleep, being stared at a halloween dlc character
    Nightmarionne: This kid can sleep fast. w o w.

  36. Brian boden


  37. Momma Wolf

    I feel this song so much..I am a monster and I need help I can't fight alone for who ive become
    Soon I hope to be set free
    And it's my favorite FNAF song

  38. OVERYX X

    This will be the last video I’ll watch before January 1 2020 comes

  39. swiftraven2346

    This could honestly be a mainstream rock song if a few lyrics were just slightly modified

    Melon Squadwood

    Nah, it's good enough on it's own


    @Melon Squadwood obviously yeah but I'm talking about catching people's interest, most people don't know about fnaf outside of the gaming bubble it has influenced, but if you changed the lyrics about being animatronic to something like undead it could be marketed as an edgy rock song, Disturbed style

  40. Lexta Vactchi

    The lore is sad and disturbing and I still don’t know how I can express my appreciation to Scott and many of the fellow fans who made content like this. I found this song again after so many years and I’m crying. I’ve played almost all of the FNAF games (by Scott himself) long ago, and I wish I could experience those feeling again someday. FNAF hit me hard and when I was a young teen it helped me grow. Scott is a god and Nate is one of his angels. 💗

  41. •ĎręamĎrafţ_YT•

    You sing better than any famous singer in the world xD

  42. Istmeyes and iduhlol

    Yeh Boi

  43. Socky The Cat


  44. FAoS KoolKid D

    4 years old and its still 1 of the best fnaf songs i]in first (wake up wake up), home,nightmare

  45. Potato Animates

    I remember having my FNAF phase and this song meant a lot more to me then dead children in animatronic suits. I cried to this song because it reminded me of how sleeping and dreaming kept me from reality, and even if I hate myself and see me as a monster, that one day I won't be so sad, and under stress. That if I waited, I'd be okay in the future and would be saved in the future. Now I know how edgy that sounds, but I really like this song and it really helped me.

  46. Unknownchosen 0ne

    Was I the only one who feels this speaks to them as a child

  47. logan noelleee


  48. Kai Smith

    Love this song...

  49. Halo_ lanz

    I can feel it
    Kids just want to go

  50. TheCakerMC 54


  51. your baby

    *when the songs still makes you cry*

  52. Metal Heart

    its so sad i always cry

    love you NateWantsToBattle and your songs/covers !!!!

  53. Mr. Dash

    2:03 jeez that scene was awesome

  54. Mr. Dash

    Screw off nostalgia



  56. Arbour Animations

    I don’t like fnaf anymore but I still like the songs there just really catchy and enjoyable. I dislike the game it’s very predictable I haven’t read Scott’s book yet so I have no opinion but I don’t mind the songs

  57. firestalker11

    Upon further reflection I think this is one of my favorite songs Nate has ever put out.

  58. Univers de Satomi

    It's my ultimate favorite song, thanks for all NateWantsToBattles


    i was isolated in a room as a kid for 3 years around 2014-2015-2016.
    i remeber hearing this and almost crying due to relating that much

  60. 『T』 『a』 『m』 『y』


  61. NateWantsToBattle - Give Heart Records

    Made some SWEET playlists for y’all!

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    Amazing song I'm listening to this everyday and mangled,the finale,no more... too your songs are so amazing!

    valeria Valladares

    Nate thx for every song you make, you are the best singer I have ever heard❤️

    Lorenzo Magana

    OK man this still my favorite song

    Matei Sterescu

    Best ... Music .... Ever....

  62. Leftytheber

    Quit slapping us with nostalgia

  63. Sarah

    The nostalgia.. This song is still as great as I remembered it to be. So glad I found it again

  64. Linda Lee

    I remember this
    It very beautiful and heartbreaking
    I love your voice too

  65. Teagan Dawson

    When i first heard this i litterly cried... this song is so sad but good at the same time

  66. OutravagedIvy XX

    The nostalgia hits hard....

  67. GStazione005

    Fnaf has gone out of style, they should erase everything related fnaf, it's over!

  68. kimchisoo

    2019 anyone???

  69. cc therobot

    yep I cried again

  70. Marissa aziz

    Whoever dislikes this video is heartless its a beautiful song it makes me cry thinking how they died and they are trapped in the anomatronic also purple guy burst their balloons and now they can't go heaven

  71. ScreaminBoi Mations

    Man imagine getting trapped in a animatronic geez

  72. landon Campbell

    Scott should put this at the end of the fnaf 3 movie

  73. tangle Word

    Omg 😍 love

  74. Linawati Sjirad

    why no animatronics?....

  75. a pigeon

    Me: OK, no more FNAF videos it's time to sleep( it's 3 am and I'm scared btw cus I am watching fnaf play throughs)
    **sees this video**
    Me: Welp... **watches fnaf for another 3 hours**
    Also me when there is a jumpscare in another vid: AJSHRKSUEBDHJDJEIDBDNRDD

  76. tiara flutterbat

    I feel bad for this 😔

  77. Zielone_Japko_BICZ! Aka_wcale_nie_kiedyśWIELKA_ANNA

    Who's still in 2019? U ͜ U 💞✋ I love this song sm ;w; ❤

  78. NewYorkGaming

    I’ve had 3 nightmares of Five Nights At Freddy’s. The first one was me playing a mini game, I was in the 8-Bit office Foxy on the left door, Bonnie on the right. Then, Withered Foxy jumpscared me. The second one I had was me fighting off my “father” who transformed into Nightmare Fredbear, who I managed to fight off with my strength. But he looked kind of sad when he suddenly picked me up, then vanished. Then, I had to destroy a clock, and I did it on my counter. And then my grandmother comes in the kitchen and complains about me damaging her precious counter. Then, I have the urge to look in the basement to find Harry Potter as Phantom Freddy. And finally, the third one I had was of me in FNAF 6. I was doing the maintenance checklist for the animatronics I was salvaging. And then, scene of silence followed by me at a desk with Scrap Baby. She spoke, though I forget what she said, but her movement was so real. Imagine a model of scrap baby designed perfectly like Scott’s model. And imagine it moving, and speaking to you. Well, I can officially say it’s bone chilling. Way more than VR.

  79. CreeperTheKing Creeper

    I remember hearing this song some time ago,bat im.......idk......................
    bat anyway it is a really nice song....

    Ya I heard it from you.

  80. Ibrahim Diriye

    You can do that for one ☝🏾 was there too late I left a bag 💼 I wanna is a good boy 👦 I wanna day one ☝🏾 We has been one ☝🏾 now that you have the best feeling you have in

  81. Melon Squadwood

    i swear, i always feel like enderman would feel this vibe too.

  82. DevilGhoul Ryan

    Approaching 2020 and this song still kicks ass

  83. _Natsumi_

    After 4 years, still here.
    For me, the best FnaF song ever made.

  84. ROBLOX Noobie

    If you want to see like robots sing watch minecraftgamer’s version

  85. ROBLOX Noobie

    This song makes me remember that purple guy put the souls of kids on the suit

  86. Nightmare Springtrap Gamer

    Fantastic Work!

  87. Charlotte Roberts

    I missed this song omg

  88. Gacha Luna

    how!? i dont understand how to do lyrics! (lyrics on yt ;-;)

  89. satavvibes

    Okay so-

    Back in five nights at freddys-
    the kids were partying, one of them went missing-
    got murdered and stuffed their body into a suit and so
    happened to the others eventually
    so nowadays they roam around the halls looking for revenge
    and payback -

    the sad thing is, they just want it to end. They look for revenge because
    they know they don't deserve this harm or torture and so to whoever
    did this to them, (murdered and stuffed in a suit) wants them to
    pay it back and feel how much pain they carry around every day of every second...
    till one day it came to an end- where the guy burnt down the place and their
    souls were released finally....

  90. Crystal Hoke

    Nate you have to tell me...Did you sing this song, cuz it's amazing I can't stop replaying it :)

  91. Pinkie Cloud


  92. dgbeck

    I dont even like fnaf (anymore at least, havent touched anything related to the game in years, I stopped caring after the 4th game) but this song still slaps

  93. Juliancito-kun

    Definitely one of my favourite FNaF songs! :D

  94. Crystal Hoke

    This is now my favorite song :D

  95. Vsdahf

    when you see fnaf ship art:I CAN'T TAKE THE PAIN NO MORE

  96. TR Ink Sanss

    wait this was made 4 years ago feels like yesterday

  97. Germanlolazo100 ALLAHU AKBAR

    Good times...

  98. Battery 888

    I feel a different vibe from this song since I last heard it 3 years ago. It’s almost like he set a vibe to let us know that we can be saved from our depression and anxiety instead of trying to do it on our own. I think he wants to let us know we are not alone In our struggles and feelings of doubt and that if we just ask for help we will get help from others