NateWantsToBattle - Misty Lyrics

I first saw you at Cerulean Gym
Just out a rocky tunnel
It was the way you'd laugh
And the way that you swim
I knew that you'd be trouble

We made such a big splash, big crash
You'll be my tidal wave
Breaks me down like an avalanche
Then we go dance in the rain

Misty you're gonna miss me
When I'm gone
I'm gone forever
Don't tease me
My heart is freezing
Cause you whipped up
This icy weather
I'm talking in my sleep
This story won't star me
And you feel sheer cold to me
But Misty you're gonna miss me
When I'm gone, gone forever
And I'll never recover

Now I knew that my chances were slim
That much is plain to see
But I found you standing with him
And thought it should have been me

I had my chance and I blew it
My frozen heart saw right through it
I'm coming down like a crashing wake

Misty you're gonna miss me
When I'm gone
I'm gone forever
Don't tease me
My heart is freezing
Cause you whipped up
This icy weather
I'm talking in my sleep
This story won't star me
And you feel sheer cold to me
But Misty you're gonna miss me
When I'm gone, gone forever
And I'll never recover

From the burn from when you scald my heart
Chewed me up fangs of ice and then you ripped me apart
Thunder wave I can't move I'm paralyzed around you
I got hax'd and confused from the start
Again, great

Misty you're gonna miss me
When I'm gone
I'm gone forever
Don't tease me
My heart is freezing
Cause you whipped up
This icy weather
I'm talking in my sleep
This story won't star me
And you feel sheer cold to me
Misty you're gonna miss me
When I'm gone, gone forever
And I'll never recover
Gone, gone forever
And I'll never recover
Now I'm gone, gone forever
And I'll never recover
Gone, gone forever
And I'll never recover

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NateWantsToBattle Misty Comments
  1. Euan Mort

    Great song for the best Pokemon girl ever.

  2. Sven Vikk

    You know Misty isn’t an Ice type trainer, right?

  3. Ethan Dodson

    This is still a fuckin' banger

    Cortez Lucious

    I know right? I still just find myself singin' it randomly!

  4. Alakazamlover4

    Me: y'know they'-*sees Sabrina*
    Bye misty~
    (No im not into whips, i just like Psychic types

  5. Mahdi Subagya

    So he's jealous coz misty was following ash in ash's journey

  6. Detective Eevee

    Is Ash Ketchum listening? After he won the League, he has stuff to clear up with her!!

  7. The RedRaven

    What genre is this considered to be?

  8. Dhoni Fan Club Captain cool

    Give a like for misty for ash

  9. Titanic Blade

    My fav pokegirl!!!

  10. ElLoco The Human

    Imagine if that sheer cold hit

  11. thibault vandenbogaerde

    Reminds me of SR-71 and some more of that dirtier pop punk

  12. Vi v

    Aka Nate’s song for his waifu

  13. EFoxKitsune

    Me: plays this song for the hundredth time
    My brother: 2:26

  14. EFoxKitsune

    This song never stops being awsome

  15. RedGeoBlaze

    I really hope no one tries to spin this against Nate.
    I can already see it now: "He wrote a love song about a fictional 12 year old"

  16. PanHead 537

    I love this song (and I don't even like Pokemon)!

  17. Blademaster 53

    Ehhh... Iris is better..

  18. Sandrix Hozart

    If Ash had to choose from all the girls I think he might be with Misty...doubt it though

  19. Emerald_Stars Gaming

    Ah yes.The memories....

  20. Bxsic Bean

    I haven’t heard this song in years- wow memories from when I was happy- aww my heart

  21. Blue

    Has an all time low vibe and sound and I love it

  22. A Zephyr Sunrise

    Holy lol this is awesome! So original so perfect. You have got to make another Pokemon album for Alola region and some of the movies too XD would be so great!!!

    Class on Bread

    Unfortunately he quit Pokemon

  23. Kai The Azure Thylacine

    To all who miss Misty she is back she and Brock showed for a few episodes in the sun and moon anime.

  24. Sarah Barker

    Who else came here because of MysticUmbreon?

  25. TheShapeH31

    Soo....I'm no Misty fan *(she's like my 2nd least favorite, even from an objective standpoint I find her to be bland compared to her successors)*. Though really, if you forget about your shipping preference *(PokéShippers who are taking this to be a gift from Arceus)* or AmourShippers *(Mwah)*, or another shipper, this song ain't from the perspective of Ash. Really the initial lyrics should be enough to shoot that idea down.

    *"I first saw you at Cerulean Gym"*

    Ash met Misty after GTAing her bike inbetween Pallet and Viridan.
    Red met Misty at the designated area, however Game!Red is a blank slate with no emotion, Origins!Red is sack of potatoes who was only onscreen with Misty for about 10 seconds, and Manga!Red is either as blockheaded as Ash in terms of romance *OR* he chooses to ignore and unrespond to the romantic affections of Misty *(and Yellow)* and seems to have more of an attraction to Yellow and Green than Misty.

    On top of that, the song is littered with *GAME REFRERNCES* rather than anime or manga references.

    Class on Bread

    It's not about ash or the anime

    Class on Bread

    It's based on his personal crush on her when he first played the Kanto games.


    @Class on Bread I know, a good chunk of the comments are taking this as if it was sung from Ash's (or Red's) perspective when it's clearly not Ash's perspective and arguably not Red's either, so that only leaves one person and it's the song's creator.

  26. Stitch Whataburger


  27. Husarius pl

    Guys stop! This is song about Misty from games, not anime!

  28. Richa Trivedi

    I am crying . This is the most beautiful and best pokeshipping song ever!! #BringPokeshippingBack!

    Husarius pl

    This is not a pokeshipping song. Look on lyrics. It's about manga Misty. Not Ash, Red.

    Richa Trivedi

    @Husarius pl Many Vids have been made using this song to show pokeshipping 💁

    Husarius pl

    @Richa Trivedi weird... But ok

  29. GingerSnap Cam


  30. Dolphin Memes

    Is this not on spotify

  31. MaMiMuMa

    'Pokemon Pun' the song'

    Bxsic Bean

    Pokepun*? 😂

  32. { • K I W I • }

    I love this song...

  33. Coral

    I'm still listening to this song, despite how old it is.

    Hollow Tim

    Coral People still listen to music from the 80’s and 70’s.. This is not old, and it also doesn’t matter how old something is, if it’s good it’s good.

  34. Chris Brown

    Just realized, if you play somewhere in neverland next to this they are VERY similar and i love it

  35. Preston Ward Condra

    1,000,000 times better than Ariana Grande.

  36. Audyn's BIG life

    This is my kind of music!!!!!! And i am a red head😄😄😄😄!!!

  37. Misty

    Hey do u mind if I share this on my page? My name is misty and this is so cute! I’m not getting paid for it or anything just so u know! 😊

  38. #T.L.C WWE DIVA 4 EVER

    Love this song to death

  39. Brayden Kinder

    Who is the trainer that nate is singing cause i always thought it was gary?

  40. Nate .S

    This has a mayday parade vibe

  41. Jashan Bhullar

    I ❤ ash and misty

  42. Skeleton Toaster

    "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone and I'll never recover!"

  43. Asma Bee

    pokeshipping forever

  44. Johnanator16

    damn son not only is nate a good singer look at him naming pokemon and moves and weather affectes

  45. rajesh singh

    Awesome 😍😍

  46. Saffana Siddiqui

    i really miss misty though...misty, ash and brock, are the best team!

  47. Oddly Allaway

    This song used feels. It’s super effective.

  48. Havoc Banana

    Glad to be here back.. I'm just hoping in the upcoming anime, they bring back Brock, Serena or Misty (maybe all of them)

  49. Potato_Lover

    This is awsome

  50. Tina Veile

    or you have to give me $100

  51. Tina Veile

    how about this. you have to use every move he says in this video and get every status effect in this video

  52. Dina Cherreguine

    pokemon is so cool even fire red

  53. WildWolfFury

    Heartbreaking...BRING BACK MISTY!!!!

  54. Toto The Squid

    It’s been so long.

  55. Emerald_Stars Gaming


    Emerald_Stars Gaming

    Hollow Tim ysh but only on sun and moon plus its chinese too


    EMERALD_Youtube plays 1)Pokemon is originally Japanese, not Chinese :/ 2) the English has her too.

    Emerald_Stars Gaming

    ZoeZoe i know i know i was mistaken cause i stop watching pokemon anime on sinnoh so idk it was japanese so yeah im sorry plus cause i watch pokemon anime on youtube and im on sinnoh and im not finding ep 523

    Emerald_Stars Gaming

    Who liked my comment o.o

  56. Chandler Strumeyer

    Never thought I’d relate to this song

  57. Jashan Bhullar

    Ash × misty love

  58. PhoeniksoftheStorm

    So i was listening to this and tried to make a list of every pokemon reference in this song, so here we go
    1 Misty (yeah i know, but i had to put it in since it is a pokemon reference)
    2 Cerulean Gym (also the badge but i´m mostly focusing on the text)
    3 Rocky Tunnel
    4 Trouble (This is a long shot and i´m only putting it here because of Team Rocket)
    5 Splash
    6 Avalanche
    7 Rain Dance (Once again a long stretch)
    8 Sleep Talk
    9 Starmie
    10 Sheer Cold
    11 Recover
    12 Crasher Wake
    13 Burn
    14 Scald
    15 Ice Fang
    16 Thunderwave
    17 Paralyzed
    18 Hax (Pokemon TCG)
    19 Confused

  59. Lancelot Knight

    Sounds like an All Time Low song lol

  60. WildWolfFury

    It would be even better if Ash would sing it on the final episode of master quest season...😭 Like if you agree

    Husarius pl

    It could be a problem because lyrics doesn't flits with anime.

  61. Ramona Chantel Taylor

    One of my favorite songs!!!! <3

  62. Beeba 17

    This song gave me a weird realization. In the Pokemon world. Making puns on attack names and Pokémon names. Would be as commonplace as songs in our world making references to celebrities and stuff like that.. just a weird thought

  63. Reese Bukszar

    this song brings me back when misty left and I just got that empty feel in my stomach


    Reese Bukszar me too...I always imagine that it's ash singing on the last episode of master quest season...😭😭😭

  64. Mario Bahamondes

    THe pokepuns... They were awesome!! And this song in general was beyond amazing just like everything you do!! It kinda sounds like Red/Ash dedicates this to Misty

  65. itz_rtg617

    aaaahhh nostalgia

  66. Beruka

    I just got the sleep talk joke

  67. Kim Heath

    Guys help... I'm stuck in a Neverending loop of amazingness... I can't stop replaying this.. HELP💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  68. Sleep Walker ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ

    Now make one for Brock, just for the old times

  69. Will Da Thrilla from Da Villa

    I can hear this song being on the radio

  70. Renz Jairo Caliguia

    Nate do more pokemon song parodes

  71. WhatsNext2442

    Listening to this while I battle Misty in Yellow on the Virtual Console

  72. Marti DaVoid

    Anyone else doing a NateWantsToBattle Pokemon throwback?

  73. AOK AshObliviousKetchum

    XD Amourshipping is dead serena didn't return hahahaha take that pokemon company isn't scared of your shit... they'd even be in back misty and Brock with a mega evolution pokemon wah an irony..

  74. MarikPlays

    Still love this song! Cant believe its been over 2 years already!

  75. sona prathap

    I love itttttt😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😍😍😍

  76. lotrdude13

    Actually some god damn impressive word play I didn't realize the first time

  77. Kei

    Can I like this like 100000 more times?

  78. Jullian Naanep

    like like like nice pokemon move's as lyrics

  79. Brenden Dobbs

    I haven't heard this in about 2 years. Nostalgia confirmed

  80. Toushiro Hitsugaya

    I feel very old now, I used to listen to this a lot 2 years ago. XD

  81. aw3some Ninja man0

    i love how nate made a song based on his childhood crush on misty.
    i'm sitting here like she was a [email protected] i was glad when she left...
    now she's returning... yay?

  82. Trash Trash

    I actually hate Misty of how much of a b!tch she is in the Anime XDD

    I mean, Pikachu almost died and she complained about the bike and all dat shiet also let's not forget Togepi! That was Ash's egg and she took it right under his nose....

  83. Face of Gaming

    Do you have a Cush on Misty or something?

  84. كاسومي تشان

    WOW 😍💖💖💖💖

  85. Affected Megalodon

    Does anyone else feel like this song is emotionally taxing? In a good and bad way.

  86. Misty Ania

    This song is great😂 ❤

  87. Terryn Song

    I'm not a huge fan of NateWantsToBattle, or I just don't really listen to him, but dude this song is SO good I like listen to this on repeat ALL DAY

    Nostalgic Recollections

    Terryn Song, there's an extended version too

  88. Zach Cochran

    I wish he did a Pokémon parody of 7 years old

  89. D_EVIL

    Where all the peeps coming here right after hearing about the return of Misty and Brock

    Touching Guy

    TheeFirstEvil667 MEEE

  90. The Doom Man

    Aww, my little emo!

  91. Christian Deepe

    I just picture that instead of plugging in his electric guitar, there's just a Raichu holding the end of the wire in it's mouth

  92. Anne 17

    This sounds alot like "somewhere in neverland" by All Time Low

  93. Crash's Underwear

    How is it that songs with melancholic messages always manage to be so upbeat?

  94. aVeryLazy Rock

    This song is gonna be stuck in my head all day... GREAT!!

  95. M07HY


  96. MoonFire Arc

    great for boys that want to get back with their ex girlfriend if they change the lyrics a bit

  97. Jacob Rios

    Anyone else think this song sounds like Damned if I do ya (Damned if I don't) by All Time Low? I love both songs but they sound so similar

  98. Yeah It's Seth

    Sooooo..... #amourshipping

  99. Hawk Talon