NateWantsToBattle - Mangled Lyrics

We're back revamped
The madness never ends
We're not alone
This time we've brought some friends
No doors, no hope
But you keep coming back
But if this is what you want
Then you can be just like us

It's what we're made to do
You act like we're to blame
Wear a mask to hide yourself
When really it makes us the same
A couple hours but it's feelin' like days
Now you're runnin' out of power
Leave you mangled and winding away

Step one: check lights
And empty out the halls
Did you hear that?
There's banging in the walls
Enjoy your new job
Cause it might be your last
If you find it's 6 AM
We'll see you tomorrow

It's what we're made to do
You act like we're to blame
Wear a mask to hide yourself
When really it makes us the same
A couple hours but it's feelin' like days
Now you're runnin' out of power
Leave you mangled and winding away

It's what we're made to do
You act like we're to blame
Wear a mask to hide yourself
When really it makes us the same
A couple hours but it's feelin' like days
Now you're runnin' out of power
Leave you mangled and winding away

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NateWantsToBattle Mangled Comments
  1. Aria Glover

    *Opens video* maybe again...
    Video starts*

  2. Eevee _umbreon123

    (You’ll only get this if you’ve watched the R.E Fnaf musical)

    Nate: (to MatPat) feels weird when the roles are reversed, doesn’t it, FredBear?

  3. cyber girl 83

    Wow this reminded me of FNAF musical.. we just need Markiplier to this mix 😁

  4. Emma Plays_9142

    “It’s what we’re made to do You act like we’re to blame Wear a mask to hide ur self when rlly it makes us the same”
    This describes a specific villain PERFECTLY

  5. Gaming With Hayden

    MatPat soon got his revenge a year later in Fnaf the musical

  6. Poipus

    Nate: *casually kidnaps for a music video*

  7. Poipus

    Nate, please, NoT tHe MaKeUp

  8. Darlene Widger

    After i watched this every time my parents came back for the store after they said their back i said ''Revamped the madness never ends '' lol

  9. Alibear *

    Nate can take my soul anyway 😍

  10. The Void Is My Home

    MatPat meets Nate for the first time:
    Matpat: Hello friend!
    Nate: Oh yeah, btw, I'm tying you up and singing aggressively at you. We cool?

  11. м ɪ s s ; 『Jʌᴇɢᴇʀ』

    Temazoooo 🔥

  12. Aileen Zieltjens

    I love how I know all the lyrics by heart. I was in a fnaf song mood and now I cant stop singing

  13. CrashvanderSpek 21

    This is so reminiscent of a Set it Off song, such flashbacks

    Also, who’s coming with me to rescue MatPat????

  14. cadergator10

    I knew that was matpat XD

  15. MasumiSeike

    The fact that it was the day where Nathan and Matthew first met in person is one thing.
    The fact that Nathan did bound Matthew to a chair is another.
    The best fact is that they didn't even talk about what is going to be filmed and Matthew walked into a room with a chair and rope and Nathan just said "Oh yeah right, I didn't tell you what we're doing. I'm like tie you up and gag you..."

    Here's the prove it's the #CancelCancer Stream

  16. • ᏚαᎴ Ᏸo̠y̶ •

    I shipped-

  17. Times New Rowan

    Came back to listen to this again after they talked about it during this year's St. Jude stream.

  18. Ita Corcoran

    I love the story behind this video lol, Nate asks Matt if he wants to be apart of his video. Matt agrees right away and arrives at Nate's apartment, and Nate forgot to mention he wanted him to be bound and gagged for the bit. And Matt's just like.... okay 😂 I did think it was weird Matt was basically just a supposed to sit there and look scared for the whole vid lol

  19. Hanna Soffan

    who else is here to reminisce about this cursed-ness after the #cancelcancer livestream

  20. Storm Dragon

    Oh jeez this is 4 years old I remember watching it when it came out?!?! I feel so old😂😂😂

  21. Jessica the Elk

    Have you guys seen MatPat’s recent charity livestream?
    They revealed that Nate forgot to tell MatPat what he was signing up for until after MatPat was in the kidnapping room XD

    Elijah Ducote

    In the Fazbear Entertainment fasion.

  22. PikaGeek026

    And ta da Natemare was born

  23. Art Arcade


  24. AadaanMez

    Who's here from the live stream? #cancelcancer

  25. Tobo Boby

    damn watching this after the callback in the cancel cancer stream and it's crazy to see the improvement as well as how good nate was even back then. much love to nate, you're doing something amazing!!!

  26. Alvin Lee

    lol im here from MATPATS live stream FOR ST JUDE and and for thoe people who dont know the guy tied and gaged is MATPAT FROM GAMETHEORY

  27. bruh

    Me here from the #CancelCancer Livestream

  28. Animee

    Nate is behind the couch

  29. GoldheartJessy

    Had to find this song again, cause matpat and Nate mention on the stream today.
    Yes. 2019. lol He did look scared. XD

    Katania’s World

    GoldheartJessy what time was that i want to see that part

  30. Fiona Fountain

    Who's here during Mat's live stream?

    Az Ketchup

    You were the first to comment gg

  31. Yoswage55

    Did... did you guys kidnap matpat is that Matpat in the chair

  32. Ice cream Waifu

    Nate is a God of Fnaf who predicted the cult thing, so he kidnapped Matt and indoctrinated him into the cult.

  33. נגה דניאל

    This happented just a littel befor fnaf the musical night 5. I think thet in the musical matpat wanted to get rivenge

  34. Annie ibarra

    I'm just here to feed my nostalgia and happiness 👍🏻

  35. houndgrins _

    gonna tell my kids this was gerard way

  36. synthcrazed

    this is what is gonna give all the zoomers kinks


    synthcrazed you joke but like, yeah

  37. Tyler Groves

    Great job Nate

  38. Isabelle Craddock

    This is a good music video i hope Nate makes more fans video

  39. Dirtracer22h

    Why do I feel like this is the song that started my crippling metal addiction

  40. Nein

    This is what made mattpat insane while doing the fnaf theories

  41. killermotion #

    Chow manyv

  42. nightmare egg


  43. Raven Dark

    I think Nate is cute. Just me?

  44. logan noelleee


  45. Kiwi Productions

    what is this video
    where is he
    is he in a park with floodlights
    wtf is going on

  46. I am Matt

    Hello Nate, I'd like to ask if I could use this song in my noncomertial school projec5 please? ^^

  47. NoahIsBored

    i think this is were my emo phase started tbh

  48. Lilskin123 The kid

    Younger me: *Squeak* he's scary!
    Me now: Rocking out and grinning

  49. The pie in your eye

    I wanna see a sequel!!!

  50. Shamar Tune

    is that mat

  51. die your names jeff 1

    80% of comments: Matpat is not acting

    18% of comments: DIET COKE STUFF

    2% of comments: gay stuff

  52. Sheena Matters

    For some reason I was laughing through the entire video...

  53. Sheena Matters

    Mat be like:

  54. Foul Lily

    matpats acting classes comin in handy

  55. Plum_Wolf6250sy

    All the comments I’ve seen r about matpat XD (by the way talking about u r u ok bud? I mean r they giving u anof Diet Coke?)

  56. Hanna Soffan

    I could watch something normal made in 2019, or I could watch a cursed video game music video from 2015

  57. Fox of Darkness

    I don’t remember listening to this song ever but I know all the lyrics

  58. Michelle Mejia

    I feel like he’s grabbing MatPat’s shoulders too much

  59. Brendon_Urie_Phan_ 27

    Is anyone else strangely attracted to this vid?

  60. Amirah Savage

    This is literally the mangle song remastered

  61. Kiwi Productions

    Exactly four years — Comment from Oct 29 2019

  62. Lauryn Smith

    I’m back to this in 2019 and I’m just realizing that’s Matpat lmao

  63. Night Zaveri

    4 years today!

  64. Elizabeth Belford

    Happy fourth birthday, Natemare. We're still your friend ;)

  65. Amanda Fuentes

    Pay back when MatPat was a furry in the FNAF Musical.

  66. Skyler Vlogz

    Mat pat I think you don’t understand fat jiggly puff kidnap me and I escaped

  67. Joej The Random


  68. Leah Rosenthal

    MatPat's REALLY confused.

  69. Batocera Gamer

    so nate is the puple guy

  70. The Anime Dweebs

    Matt: “So Nate what are we gonna do today?”

    Nate: “Oh, I’m gonna tie you to a chair while I play guitar and sing to you.”

    Matt: “Oh oka- wait what?”

  71. Erin Tan

    but can we,,, talk about how nates makeup went into his dimple,,,,, cute,,,,,,,

  72. { Kaliarts }

    Mat's just-

    "Wait... WHERES THE COKE?

  73. Clarieke Wijk

    you know whats fun, listeing to this on your phone in an empty halway in school and just feel like your the one being kidnaped or like chashed by nate.... yeah im wierd

  74. clutter4

    How to kidnap and torture MatPat.
    1.get a cool basement to put him in
    2. Get a van
    3.get the van loaded with diet coke, he get drunk and pass out
    4. (Optional) get some chloroform and a cloth in case he runs out of diet coke and you need to sedate him yourself
    5. Make sure Stephanie and Chris aren't around, no witnesses.
    6.lure MatPat into van with diet coke.
    7. Get to house, go to lit basement and tie up your unconscious MatPat.
    8. Blindfold and Gag him so he won't scream when he wakes up.
    9. Wake him up with phone call, if not awoken either slap him or splash him with water.
    10. *THE FAN*
    11. Blame chris.

    This is the untold story about where MatPat got the idea to kidnap Scott Cawthon.

  75. Mercat100

    Honestly watching Mat gives me anxiety because he’s such a great actor that it looks like Nate actually kidnapped him

  76. Amina Krupalija

    How to kid nap matpat
    Nate : so in the vid ill kidnap you
    Pat : no
    Nate : fine i just have to drink alll thes diet coke alone
    pat : I MANT IM IN

  77. Deerdra Stauch

    Okay so I went to find this because I loved this when I was a smaller child and just I'm a metal head now and this is still a bop

  78. shisui Uchiha

    Wait who did the phone guy voice also go to 1:07 and pause and you should see Nate's smile it's very interesting

  79. le trans phoenix

    Nate you should make a deir coke music video for Matpat XD

  80. Collect- O- Rama

    Poor MatPat! 1 like = 1 diet coke

  81. Someone Usually

    If you saw the Fnaf Musical by Random Encounters you will get this joke:

    Meanwhile in another universe where Nate captured MatPat

  82. Andrew Weighill-Richards

    *Watches mangled* Hmm...*One second after watching* Haven't heard mangled in so long, let's just torture this replay button...

    And this my children, is how you know that
    Nate got infected by yandere simulator

    Pwease take that as a joke!

  83. Alex Sage Gacha

    Oh god I forgot about this and I really love it

  84. Amor Eli 777

    this is so emo

    i love it

  85. Remember Them

    This is the second edgiest thing I've seen in my entire life

  86. Gacha Vixen

    When the blindfold is off his face just screams I don't see any diet coke

  87. WhyAmIHere?

    I know I am extremely late and someone has probably already posted this, but I just can't help but laugh at how actually concerned MatPat is.

    I'm sorry MatPat, I have bad humor....

  88. Plasma Snow 2nd account

    I ship it even though I'm pretty sure Matpad has kids

  89. Plasma Snow 2nd account


  90. Cottonheart33

    Matpat was abducted! But that's just a theory. A game theory.

  91. Fandomgirl17

    Lol I'm late but seeing this, I feel like Fnaf: the musical was mat's revenge for this.

  92. Marsara Captain

    I get a serious Breaking Benjamin feeling from this song, mostly "I Will Not Bow" but seriously, it's awesome regardless.

  93. Skylar Ross

    Did you kidnapped matpat

  94. King of Coolness

    Watch out, Corey Taylor!

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    Autumn Sheriff

    I would have loved to see the making of this with bloopers lol

    Cash 2009

    I'm only here 4 mat pat voice line plz

    crystal kirlia

    The guitars are a little dry but other than that I like it. 🙂