NateWantsToBattle - Madness Lyrics

Every night I wake up
And I know just what's in store
To salvage every missing piece
And I hope I still find more

I pray to find a difference
They're turning all the same
Now is there nothing left
Nothing to my name

I know I swore that
This was the last time
The madness never ends
Up in my mind

I made a list
It makes me sick
And I can't leave 'til it's done
I patiently await the day
To pack my bags and run

On and on
I could never escape my fate
Now I'm never getting out

I know that this won't be my last time
I'm losing sight
I'm losing sight

And now you've played into their hands
It's time to make them proud
They're gathered here
Now it's by demand
They won't hear you
Screaming out loud

They'll never find a difference
They'll think that I'm the same
Now is there nothing left
Nothing to my name

I know I swore that
This was the last time
The madness never ends
Up in my mind

I made a list
It makes me sick
And I can't leave 'til it's done
I patiently await the day
To pack my bags and run

On and on
I could never escape my fate
Now I'm never getting out

I know that this won't be my last time
I'm losing sight

Why can't I get out
Why am I still here
Why can't I move on
What do I still fear

Why can't I get out
Why am I still here
Why am I still here

Why can't I get out
Why am I still here
Why can't I move on
What do I still fear

Why can't I get out
Why am I still here
Why am I still here

I know I swore that
This was the last time
The madness never ends
Up in my mind

I made a list
It makes me sick
And I can't leave 'til it's done
I patiently await the day
To pack my bags and run

On and on
I could never escape my fate
Now I'm never getting out

I know that this won't be my last time
I'm losing sight

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NateWantsToBattle Madness Comments
  1. Mikejuboi23 Productions

    I love this song

  2. Trixie Fireheart

    Do you ever wish you were Scott?
    Just me?
    Okay ;-;

  3. Douglas Smith

    I imagine this being matpat's relationship with the fnaf timeline

  4. Josue Solar

    Doing doing, b*tch i'm at home

  5. Firehawk 793

    Madness? THIS IS SPARTA

  6. Paul Gibson

    Anyone else think that it would be more suiting if Madness and Salvaged switched titles?

  7. Yinet Bermudez

    Is Lefty's song?

  8. Yinet Bermudez


  9. Gerado Solusyon

    The lyrics of the song is just Nate whining to Scott about how FNaF just never ends.

  10. SkyTailsGMD

    Should have made scott cawthon sing this

  11. Globoxthegamer

    2020 anyone

  12. RPG Is Life

    This sounds like a song that MatPat sings to himself whenever Scott releases a new FNAF game lol

  13. Arcturus 97

    It's so awesome, I need to make a Geometry Dash layout with this song !

  14. TheLBat

    I used to listen to this all the time in school as it really spoke to me

  15. lacey sole

    I'm suprized how deep nate can get his voice

  16. Rogers Life

    Nate: *finishes this song* now I'll post it
    Scott: makes fnaf 7
    Nate: why can't I get out why can't I move on why am I still here who am I still here!!!

  17. Evangelina Pereyra

    Comentarios:2019 :O

  18. Unknown Steve ???????

    Why wasn’t nothing remains added to the playlist


    Because the playist is only for Nate's songs. It doesnt include Andy's. Nothing remains is by Andy

    Unknown Steve ???????

    ok thanks diamondgale


    @Unknown Steve ??????? No problem. Also, Diamondgale?

  19. Face with the mortal Gray

    I all really miss 2017 that was the best year of all this other years

  20. D3ads1rius Dolmat

    Wow madness is cool bro and i like that so MUCH

  21. NateWantsToBattle - Give Heart Records

    Made some SWEET playlists for y’all!

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    COYS - I'm just a Spurs fan

    I love your music Nate. <3

    yandere waifu

    my dude really just commented on a two year old song just to plug huh



    Is "Sign" ever coming back to iTunes?

  22. Gacha fire

    I 🖤this song

  23. MSW Mega Storm Wrestling

    I made a list
    it makes me sick
    and I can’t leave til it’s done,
    I patiently await the day to pack my bags and run!

    Legit how Santa feels on Christmas Eve.

  24. Tomie Kawakami

    Me and my brother Akechi goro we both love this song and this song is are top favorite song and you did Awesome job on this song

  25. Starkitti

    I thought of Corpse Party when watching this 😂

  26. GoogleGanerGirl 2002

    Scott Trolls theorists while he annoys song writers

    Congrats Mr. Cawthon *claps*

  27. Tomie Kawakami

    Me and my brother Johnny ghost love this song and you did Awesome job on this song you are so cool and nice singing voice

  28. Joachim Lee

    This is madness


  29. Gina Wagner

    Scott: Nope flip you *realises fnaf 6

    Gina Wagner

    Oof I typo slipped through

    Gina Wagner

    a* wow another typo

  30. ii Neon

    Ok if you know what your doing there then get out you know that it’s not good

  31. Violet Wynters

    0:44-1:05 perfectly sums up MatPat 😂

  32. Turtle Lord

    *Matpat in a nutshell*

  33. Artsy Muffin


  34. Starkitti

    Matpat's theme song

  35. Tomie Kawakami

    Me and my brother we love this song and you did a Awesome job on this song and you are very good singer

  36. Lokito

    hiii naaate

  37. WolfHowl99

    "Why am I still here?" I ask myself this everyday.


    SAME. I especially asked this when I was in school

  38. Sky Games with Wolfy


  39. rubygail

    When fnaf 6 came out:

    Markiplier: aww shit, have to complete another fnaf game.

    Matpat: aww shit, have to make another fnaf theory

    Nate: aww shit, have to write and sing another fnaf song.... this is madness.

  40. Zavrolli playz

    YESSSSS this is so good i finally decided that I want to make a comment

  41. Kyler Wright

    This song reminds me of Random Encounters when they did the FNAF Musical with you and Mark, great song

  42. minerpig

    🤔 I think you're lying. This song is clearly about matpat making more theories

  43. Сприн 38


  44. Chaotic Waffle

    Haven't found this till 2019, and I regret I haven't found it sooner

  45. IntoTheUnknown

    I jam out to this unironically

  46. Chinchilla_Fandoms

    I know I SWORE that this was the last time!!

    Nate, I think your brain has been messed up by all this. There is no song called "The Last Time." This song is called Madness. Are you OK, buddy?

  47. Game Time 572

    I kinda want to hear the vocals only of this or the acoustic version of this

  48. Sulis Meta

    3:07 my favorite part song

  49. Ethodica

    Nate: this will be the last music video I make
    Scott: *makes another fnaf game*
    Nate: *aw frik here we go again*

  50. Meg Gomez

    Nate: Why am I still here? Why can't I move on?
    Because Scott just doesn't wanna stop, that's why

  51. Ranman242

    This is what I love about Fnaf songs! (Most of them) If you listen to them having never seen or heard of Fnaf, you could still appreciate them. The lyrics don't mentioning anything Fnaf related! Love it!

  52. Magma Productions

    Honestly can't tell if the one whose perspective this is supposed to be from is Henry or Charlie/Puppet's.

  53. blue spectic

    can we go back to no more 2014

  54. golden Freddy

    I’m gonna create my own OC later he’s gonna look like Bonnie but brown he will have on Freddy’s hat and bow tie

  55. Agent Robyn

    This can be the games or Nate wanting to leave FNAF for good BUT SCOTT MOTHERUUCKING CAWTHON CAME BACK!

  56. shin 悲

    how much does it cost on playstore?

  57. DJtron 31


  58. Souma Amairia


  59. Julian L

    What is better Enjoy the Show or Madness

    Turtle Lord


  60. Johnny 1324

    This is what Nate was thinking when a new fnaf game came out and he had to make another song

  61. melodramatic dragon

    This song gives me serious Sleeping With Sirens/Pierce the Veil vibes. I LOVE IT

  62. LostWolf

    Pretty nice song. Addicting to listen to at times

  63. Hannah McElrath

    Ahem MattPatt

  64. FNAF GAMER 101 plays

    Nate and mandopony: Finally! The series is over!!!

    Scott: *posts new fnaf help wanted*

    Nate and mandopony: f*ck.....wElP! Time to make another song!

  65. Alyx Dunn

    His newer FNAF song lyrics are a bit of a double edge sword I feel.
    While the music and lyrics and everything about them are great, as usual, I feel like they can be seen as Nate being tired of the franchise, and also as the FNAF protagonist being tired of living the same nightmare

  66. Zack Chang

    2:06me in school

  67. Stephen Butler

    Nate and Mattpat when a new fnaf game comes out: DAMNIT

    speaking of which, how did Matt escape from nate?

    Turtle Lord

    well he survived exactly what the phone guy told him to do

  68. Zanodia

    I love this song because it reminds me of my struggle with depression.

  69. Some Random Yuri

    honestly this song could be about many things, but to make this comment hopefully funny, it's about me and probably 90% of the fnaf fandom about the fnaf fandom.

  70. Jetfox967

    Now we will go into the madness

  71. Chinese Padoru

    Rip ultimate custom night

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    spider fighter hero 3d

    Love it

    Silver Shadow


    Majestic Reese

    *blushes*screams* faints *

    Michelle Olson

    @Majestic Reese *watches* :I me to

  73. David D.

    I can agree with "Screaming out loud," Molten Freddy always makes me jump.

  74. Slurpifoox

    i think nate is just trying to tell us that he's sick of making fnaf songs XD it sounds a lot like that in the lyrics.

  75. Josue Solar

    A bungee, a catapult and an ice machine on a roof at 12 p.m.

  76. Reversed Blox

    Ur hell isnt over Scott’s releasing fnaf 8

  77. Kade the Musical Gamer

    Woah since when did Nate become a screamo😂😂 good job though👍👍


    Nate was screaming in "This Is The End"

  78. Lapis Lazuli

    #GiveNateaBreak (give Nate a break Scott)

  79. gameR king


  80. sami onbekend

    i mean molten freddy song madness

  81. sami onbekend

    molten freddy song madnes

  82. Josue Solar

    This is my school life

  83. BluTrap

    Awesome song! Umm...can I react to this please for a video? Thanks!

  84. Prox

    Nate is condemned to make songs that would fit perfectly with games that would come later
    Salvaged: Fnaf 6
    The Finale: UCN
    Madness: Into the Madness

  85. Fragile Turn

    hey Nathen sharp sorry for the part where I didn't tell them about the song in myriad I will tho

  86. TJ The BananaCorn

    Nate you sound like Johnny Craig on this track.

  87. NuruddinPlays

    Now I am making a Sky Force Reloaded Fan Made Trailer using this song. I believe that this song will fit the trailer really well.

  88. Leaf Le trashcan

    I wish there was a love button instead of a like button!!

  89. steak sauce

    I keep seeing these comments about how Nate broke his promise of not making any more FNaF songs, and I have to address this.

    “I know I swore that this was the last time” - Clearly referencing that he didn’t plan on making any more songs.
    “The madness never ends up in my mind” - The ‘madness’ referring to the constant demand for FNaF songs by the fans, most likely.
    “I made a list, it makes me sick, and I can’t leave ‘till it’s done” - The ‘list’ is the list of songs that he has to make for the fans. Once he’s done, he can finally leave, and go back to originals.
    “I patiently await the day to back my bags and run” - Meaning he’s waiting for the requests, and the games to stop so he can, again, go back to originals.
    “On and on I can never escape my fate, now I’m never getting out” - His fate refers to his fans’ demand for these songs, and never getting out means that he’s never going to escape the demand for these songs.
    “I know that this won’t be the last time” - Obvious. He means that there will almost 100% be another FNaF game for him to make a song about.
    “I’m losing sight” - Fuck if I know!

    I hope that clears up a lot of confusion for the people who think that he “lied” to us by making another song.

    steak sauce

    TLDR: The FNaF fanbase are assholes.

  90. Shpeck

    This song reminds me of one of my creepypastas :3

  91. IceCreamMiljana YT

    Teacher: Ok class POPOPOPOP QUIZ
    Me: why cant i get out.. Why am I still here..? Why cant I move on to homeschooling....

  92. IDoGaming -Neon

    Song Title: FNAF6 song “Madness”
    Next Fnaf game(maybe):FNAF Into Madness


  93. Bowser jr. and Mario from Mario

    I love you nathan

  94. SavageKittens Gammer :3

    this sounds epic

  95. 眠い用心棒

    Low key, This song is still freaking incredible without the fnaf context. Like, Dayum <3

  96. Tash R

    [LIKE TWO YEARS LATER anyway-]
    What if this is in the perspective of Baby?
    I mean I thought it was Michael Afton, but Henry had a different way out for him, plus he didn't actually know what he was doing according to Henry who apologised for lying..
    Plus there's a lyric that correlates to playing "into their hands", cause Baby said something like that at the end, thinking that Michael had brought them all there for William's sake...
    Why am I still thinking about this a year later..?? All questions that will never be answered....