NateWantsToBattle - Irresistible Lyrics

Coming in unannounced, drag my nails on the tile
I just followed your scent, you can just follow my smile
All of your flaws are aligned with this mood of mine
Cutting me to the bone, nothing left to leave behind
You ought to keep me concealed just like I was a weapon
I didn't come for a fight but I will fight till the end
And this one might be a battle, might not turn out okay
You know you look so Seattle, but you feel so LA

And I love the way you hurt me
It's irresistible, yeah
I love the way, I love the way
I love the way you hurt me, baby
I love the way, I love the way
I love the way you hurt me, baby

I'm gonna get you to burst just like you were a bubble
Frame me up on your wall just to keep me out of trouble
Like a moth getting trapped in the light by fixation
Truly free, love it baby, I'm talking no inflation
Too many war wounds and not enough wars
Too few rounds in the ring and not enough settled scores
Too many sharks, not enough blood in the waves
You know I give my love a f-f-four letter na-na-name

And I love the way you hurt me
It's irresistible, yeah
I love the way, I love the way
I love the way you hurt me, baby
I love the way, I love the way
I love the way you hurt me, baby

You're second hand smoke, second hand smoke
I breathe you in, but, honey, I don't know what you're doing to me
Mon chéri, but the truth catches up with us eventually
Try to say live, live and let live
But I'm no good, good at lip service
Except when they're yours, mi amor
I'm coming for you and I'm making war

And I still love the way I hurt you
It's irresistible, yeah
I love the way, I love the way
I love the way you hurt me, baby
I love the way, I love the way
I love the way you hurt me, baby

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NateWantsToBattle Irresistible Comments
  1. unicornbabeee

    I love that you can actually hear the harmony/Demi's part in this version. Props to Demi for her take, but this is so much cleaner.

  2. Caira Senpai


  3. P1sces Dreamer

    Definitely reaching out to the emo community :))))

  4. Squishy Rock

    After 3 years I still firmly think this sounds 10x better than the original

  5. GreenWilder

    I love both of your channels, and you two are awesome together.

  6. Chris Brennan

    Sounds better than the original

  7. MLP Shade Stone

    you both did you awesome on this song and the pokemon on amalee's channel keep it up and please do us all a favor and collab again

  8. gacha Martinez

    Lel I thought it was demi all this time :p

  9. justina gillam

    Natewantstobattle your so irresistible!!!!

  10. Cybertechwerewolf

    Nate AND Amanda Lee, fuck it TAKE MY MONEY!

  11. Alyssa Forbes

    love this song

  12. Jessica Jorean

    your voice is so good^^P

  13. Nevaeh Burgess

    I like all of Nate's covers better than the original song, HE'S SO UNDER-RATED!!!!!!!!!

  14. Nevaeh Burgess

    I would subscribe just for this if I weren't subbed already

  15. Chaotic Master98

    Lol this version is way better than the FOB version way to go Nate I always love hearing your stuff

  16. NerderonOfficial

    Nate, if I could wish for only one this right now, it would be to sing this or some other song with you. Meeting you at the LA Lodge Room was the greatest honor and privilege of my young life and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. You're my hero, dude. Keep on being you and doing what you do :)

  17. Life Changes

    Make a cover of Determination

  18. Silver Sparks


  19. Patrick Habana

    you need to cover BMTH's songs from AMO :)

  20. Life Changes

    Hey Nate,can you do a cover of determination

  21. Hero AMV

    irresistible :-_- I love this song .👍👍😄😄

  22. Jardix Umbra

    Whoa. Way, way better than the original. By the chorus I was hooked. Awesome job!

  23. Humans Are Retarded Creatures

    Make kids already

  24. Shadow Fox Entertainment

    Danm Amanda, your voice is amazing, and your hot.......

    Sorry I'm a hopeless lesbian.

  25. matthew juarez

    Yeah natewantstobattle you and leeandlie aka amalee you guys are good I love this song and I love you guys

  26. Dr. Zoldyck

    Amazing job

  27. TrueMessedMind

    This is why I thought it sounded different when I heard the original earlier :P

  28. Zalagcticz games

    Something about this cover is so.. so.. so


  29. diamond crusher3


  30. Kimie Arts

    Two of my favorites singers in one video,
    100% worth my needed time to do my project due on Tuesday UwU

  31. Innofeed AMV

    I love this song 🔥 Better than the original

  32. Sad Napkin ._.

    *That beautiful cover fills with DETERMINATION.

  33. M -Hae

    For a second I forgot this wasn't Fallout boy singing!😆

  34. Amanda Perry

    At the beginning i legit thought it was fob 😂😱

  35. GamingAce

    I hear the Undertale version no matter what

  36. Em0

    Yo, why is it that I always like when these two colab?

  37. matthew juarez

    Natewantstobattle tell amanda lee heart attack from demi lovato

  38. KikoWeebz

    4 Words:
    10 out of 10

  39. MMD PH

    LeeandlLie So beautiful singer

  40. ZombieChief1002/ Th3Hum4nR4d10

    jesus, i honestly think this is better than the original

  41. Ashley Perez

    she really didn’t have to snap like that at 2:56

  42. Sonja Ippolito

    Is it bad that I like this better than the original...?

  43. SpartanWolfGaming

    Two years later and this cover still gives me chills every time. Now that's a sign of beautifully done music.

  44. Alexander Lee

    ooh fall out boy

  45. SanserBlaster

    You two are the best

  46. Envy's Art

    Think I like this better than the original xD

  47. deathonz

    Nate is Irresistible ♡

  48. Claire Yen

    I know de wae
    I know de wae
    I know de wae follow me baby

    kill me

  49. Georges Adam

    Better than the original honestly

  50. Mary Mella

    Battle Conor maynard

  51. FrozenFyreSpark

    Who else thinks nate's version is better than the original

    K.I.A 5110

    DragonRyd3r I agree

  52. Seijuro Akashi

    To be honest, this is better than the original

  53. HeBeWat


  54. Meek Moon

    You guy's voices are SO INCREDIBLE!

  55. Yvo Yve

    Me gusta 😸

  56. Lillie Gray

    I love you guys so much and I love this so much <3
    Your voices blend amazingly together!!

  57. Tia _Vlogs

    There voices sound so natural together I want them to make more duets like this

  58. Kim Heath

    "This one might be a BATTLE"😉 get it?... like NateWantsToBattle.. heh

  59. trevor mccallister

    Wow she sound better Demi Lovato your voice is 10 times better

  60. All For One DeKบ


  61. Jack Jones

    Man I wish there was a Nate cover for every song

  62. Michelle Sykes

    Hohoh am not why you hurt baby

  63. Apollo19011

    Why do his covers of songs put me in a good mood

  64. Arius Ballad

    Regardless how long ago you did this, but man this is still one of my favorites.

  65. Elongated Think-Tank

    lol nate sings higher then amalee at some parts

  66. LeahTheEmo

    Fall Out Boy, Natewantstobattle. AND AmaLee in one video!!!!! I almost died

  67. MoFace

    still one of my favorite covers, and I always go straight to Ama's Papermoon cover after listening to this ^ - ^

  68. Mario Melgoza

    Most greatest song

  69. pujeet jha

    Why is this better than the original?

  70. Claire Straube

    Both of your voices are irresistible

  71. Hugh

    This is pretty good.

  72. Me myself And I

    Nate you da best

  73. Alix

    This is still my very favorite song

  74. Julian Wight

    wow... just wow. this is almost as good as the original

  75. Statue

    I Can See Why This Video Has So Much Views.~

  76. Fixate

    Are you playing all instruments?

  77. Trey Keele

    Fuckin....GOLD BRUH.

  78. Kyubey Incubator

    The only reason why i dont like his covers of fob songs because it sounds too clear and not soul enough.
    - by Fall out boy

  79. The Magican

    Would have LOVEd it if they did the Undertale Parody "Determination"

  80. LozzaSpyro

    He has a great voice :)

  81. Blue DogMC

    First of all, I freaking love this cover. I listened to the original after I heard this and I personally love this more. Your voices blend so beautifully together.

    Second, am I the only one who feels weird shipping humans? I'm ship fictional characters because their fictional but with people, I don't know, I find it awkward to sort of force two living, breathing, conscious human being together. Especially since we know next to nothing about their interactions of camera.

  82. CupCake__ Savage1152


  83. Mythical Taylor

    "I love the way you hurt me"

    Nate. Do we need to have a chat?

  84. Bryan Chi Music

    Very nice

  85. Syed Musa Raza

    This better than the original

  86. Nikoru_Pastel


  87. Justin Ibatzchi

    I sung this for karaoke night and got a standing ovation! Thanks for covering this song Nate and AmaLee

  88. rye

    NatHAN I BEG

  89. Yendy Taveras Nuñez

    you two should really date 😋

  90. the wolf of punishment

    cool you just took the howl out of my mouth

  91. Pastel Gamer