NateWantsToBattle - Infinite Lyrics

Yeah, yo

I am the tallest of mountains
I am the roughest of waves
I'm the toughest of terrors
I am the darkest of days
I'm the last one that's standing
Don't try to stand in my way
'Cause I've been up against better
Just take a look at my face

'Cause if you're messing with me
I am a dangerous weapon
I am the sharpest of blades
I'll cut you down in a second
'Cause I was born in this pain
It only hurts if you let it
So if you think you can save me
Then you should go and forget it

And after all this time you're back for more
I won't stop until they know my name
So I'll take what's mine and start this war
I'm coming at you like a tidal wave
When everything you know has come and gone
(You are at your lowest, I am rising higher)
Only stars remain all through it all
(We'll fight in the ashes, you're losing the fire)
When there's no one left to carry on
(This is an illusion, open up your eyes and...)
This pain persists, I can't resist
But that's what it takes to be infinite

So look around you and tell me what you really see
I'm never ending, that's the difference in you and me
'Cause when your time is up and everything is falling down
It's only me and you, who is gonna save you now?
So look around you and tell me what you really see
You live a lie and that's the difference in you and me
I have the power, let me show you what it's all about
It's only me and you, who is gonna save you now?

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NateWantsToBattle Infinite Comments
  1. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are garbage


  2. Anonymous S

    How narcissistic

  3. Laury2Seas

    Recognized Arin's voice before looking at the title. He sounds so good with Nate!

  4. Дарья Акифьева

    How about full version?

  5. Messa Legofreedom

    Let me diss infinite and nobody notice

    I am the sadder shadow I am a wannabe mephiles and I need a fan to make me look like I am not piss.

  6. Christopher Blair

    Featuring the guy who shits on the Sonic franchise more than anyone on the Internet.
    He did a good job though.

  7. RPG Is Life

    "Oh, hey, this cover really is bang---"-Sonic
    I'm the tallest of mountains, I am the roughest of waves!-Arin
    "Is that....THE SONIC HATER?!?!"-Sonic

  8. Lindsey Northup

    Arin 'Buttrock Master' Hanson!!
    Seriously though, his singing has improved so much, I'm so proud of our boiiii

  9. Abbie Jenkin

    Imagine hearing the full version of this... Damn It would be awesome 🤩

  10. Jiggy Turbo

    this has no business being this good

  11. Konnor Thompson

    I Have never seen Arin Sing outside Starbomb

  12. Mrimchaelson

    You know, it’d be awesome if Arin actually voiced Sonic officially.

  13. BananaFactory92

    “I am the tallest of mountains
    I am the toughest of waves
    I am exploding with evil that you cannot comprehend”

  14. Abdel chun

    I haven't heard to original version yet
    So I can't really judge can I so I'll leave
    My mark saying that I only enjoyed😢 what I heard so thumbs up everybody

  15. Demon942

    For someone who doesn't make music,Arin did an amazing job on this cover,you guys should work together again sometime.


    Well he has done some singing before for things like starbomb.

  16. Naruto Uzumaki

    wait is that ego raptor

  17. Disgustedorito

    This song may be dark and edgy, but there is a way of interpreting the lyrics that opens a window into a very different view of what's really going on with Infinite and the phantom ruby

  18. J. emerson

    the new hollywood undead slaps fr

  19. Shadow TelXin

    If it was full song - it'll be the best cover...


    The full version is probably on his upcoming Sonic album.

    Shadow TelXin

    @Demon942 Thanks.

  20. Dark Zero

    Oh shit cut me with the edge from from over here

  21. Eddy M

    This song is awesome 💯😎🎮

  22. Fae

    look around you and tell me what you really see

  23. Project Reborn

    2:18 bruh

  24. Heroman237

    Say what you want about Sonic Forces. Still had my favorite Sonic villain and best music (Rooftop Run and City Escape are good too don't get me wrong)

  25. Pechugas de pollo


  26. Average Docter

    2:18 when you bite into a chocolate chip cookie only for it to have raisins in it

  27. Ryan Enigmus

    and the brightest of light

  28. Mark Rodriguez

    I dont care what people say. Edge has always been cool and is still cool of done right

  29. Rin Salamander

    I like to think Arin is just projecting his pain of playing Sonic into this song. Hey, it only hurts if you let it.

  30. Brady G

    “I will teach you pain, then suffering, then, well, at least the pain, and suffering will be over”

  31. Fall WaterFall

    I don't even really like sonic or know much about it-(Dont kill me)

    But i honestly can feel the mood of this song-

  32. Ender Night

    This makes me want to never come in a thousand miles radius of infinite.

  33. Wildy Duce

    He sounds like Boom Sonic

  34. Estela Willy

    This is the ultimate Power of infinite! Bow to your god!

  35. Baby Killer

    This song is...

    *What Infinite isn't :^)*

  36. Baby Killer


    Mephiles is better than you :^)

  37. Bailey McMahon

    Wait so was this actually in the game? Or was this just a fun project

  38. Alacide the worrysom dummy

    am i the only one who thin ks the first few secounds sound like j-p im not gay . XDDDD IM DYING

  39. Alexandra Reynoso

    I am the tallest of mountains-zavok
    I am the roughest of waves-chaos
    I am the toughest of terrors-metal sonic
    I am the darkest of days-shadow

  40. Lesbianage!

    Woah there buddy, don't cut yourself on that Microsoft edge XD

  41. Hutch2Much

    i am Infinite
    i am the tallest of mountains
    it’s snowing on Mt. Fuji

  42. Pixel Whisper

    Only elsword Raven mains listen to this song

  43. Ghostboy726

    _it’s only me and you, who is gonna save you now?_

  44. Seth Aquauis

    I always forget its Arin doing it. Its hella good honestly

  45. Blair Taylor

    Anyone else not read the full title then put it on and think 'huh..sounds alot like arin'

  46. the Geno man

    Me when I go tryhard in fortnite

  47. Underfall Sans

    Wow my ears

  48. BanzaiBro 64

    This is Arin's ultimate vent against the Sonic franchise

  49. Kvv #NinteNerd64

    Arin and Naaaaateeee YES!

  50. absol-chan games

    Thanks to this song, I remembered of how much wasted potential.
    Also, Infinite could potentially leave a moral thing combined with the heroes.
    Something like; yeah, friends are powerful and super helpful, but over-relying on them too much is bad.
    It doesn't make much sense, but I feel that twisted the right way it could lead to that, and it's honestly a current problem.

  51. Anyder Rosek

    My ultimate power....AH OOH OW!

  52. Infinite Jackal Channel - PhantomRubyInfinite

    2:05 and 1:09 and 0:54 and 0:13

  53. Eesedesesesrdt Superjoshuabro

    Love it or hate it
    Sonic forces has some of the best sonic songs ever

  54. Sly the Guy

    Arin worked on this? Lol.

  55. The Asexual Jelly Bean

    As edgy and dumb this song and the character is, I fucking love it

  56. JusticeSoulTuna

    This remix SLAPS. Honestly like it better than the original. And DAMN does Arin go in on this song

  57. khfan4life365

    Arin’s relationship with Sonic: It’s complicated. 😂

  58. 300-I.Q. Prower

    I wanna stab my own lungs for saying this but...yeah no, Arin absolutely nailed this. Obviously nate did but it doesn't pain me to admit that in the least

    Astro Wolvez

    Dude arin is a fantastic singer.

  59. Ruffey The Third

    Natewantstobattle, I can't like you due to you making FNAF songs and Devoweer loves you so...

  60. EpicSexGay

    This is weirdly motivational

  61. Exdeath

    Infinite: I am the EDGE

  62. Caleb Carter

    This is way better than the original.

  63. Max LeRoy

    Rock On Evil Doers😈😈😈😈😈

  64. Smol-mevi

    GameGrumps Arin?

  65. Max Wasson

    I didn't know Arin Hanson could sound like Mike Shinoda

  66. Just Bread Inside

    Holy shit i didnt know arin did music

  67. Cartoon Pea

    Nonend the jackson

  68. Astro Wolvez

    Oh my god these lyrics.

  69. Astro Wolvez

    I am a dangerous weapon!

  70. John Jonas Tan

    This is Amazing Cover

  71. Aiden Cordero

    Ouch I got cut because of the edge

  72. brownwingedangel

    This pain persist I can’t resist but that’s what it takes to be edgieeeeeeeesssssttttt!!!!!

  73. Avery Kinggg

    It’s almost scary hearing Arin’s badass voice in this song when he’s usually a funny guy 😳🤯

  74. QuattroKerbecs

    This almost sounds like a new Hollywood Undead song oml, almost swore I heard J-Dog and Danny xD

  75. Super Gogeta

    For some reason, I had a tendency to put this on repeat on my PS4 Spotify and just play the 2016 DOOM to it. Dunno why. That said, this song is BADASS.

  76. RadicalFurry

    Arin Hanson is the edgiest sonic character

  77. Briton Rosenberry

    Is it good or bad that I unironically enjoy this

  78. Foxy The Pirate

    Oh my god Nate you made this song epic!!!!!!!!!

  79. Nicole Din

    Wish the game was longer and better structured like generations 😢

    Dragon Girl 101

    Same :(

    Nicole Din

    Could have been so good

  80. Belicure

    Theme of Vince Offer

  81. EggrollSSB

    Feat. Arin Hanson and Daniel Avidan. Arin on vocals. Dan doing an acapella

  82. Sho Pao

    I would love a goddamn music video now. arin "edgyboi" hanson

  83. InShane162

    Infinite is just Arins Fursona.

    All this time. We've been calling dan a furry. .. We were fools

  84. Warrior2k7 The 2nd

    1:37 my favorite part of the song.AGH.

  85. Dragon Girl 101

    I think they blast the original one away!, this cover rock's!!!

  86. YowLife

    The backup vocalist is saying the lyrics, but it doesn't feel like he really means them.

  87. Antonio Sanchez

    This song is pretty awesome ngl

  88. Finding Truth together

    Infinite has so much potential as a villain someone that should be greater that eggman. Sega really needs to stop messing up sonic MD his franchise.

  89. Timotheuster

    What infinite sings when he wins battle royale.

  90. Timotheuster

    Infinite: Shadow killed my friends and family.
    I will become super powerful, and I! WILL! GET! .......

    All my inspiration, quotes, morals, themes, and ideas from him!


  91. Zachariah Partridge

    You've made my dream come true

  92. Shadow the Hedgehog37 GEN 2

    Can you do the full version please you did such a good job on this one

  93. PlayPod

    i fucking love this song. its too epic

  94. perish 13

    arins cool yo

  95. Pac 450

    I JUST downloaded the original, and now.... THIS

  96. Yo Shi Me Ga 360640000000 exe

    Infinite:"I am a dangerous weapon".
    Me:*Picks up the dangerous weapon *Uses it*

  97. Yo Shi Me Ga 360640000000 exe

    Not faster then sonic/Just an a illusion to make it look like infinite is faster then sonic.
    Not stronger then knuckles/Just phantom ruby power mixed with illusion which makes infinite look stronger then knuckles.
    Not smarter then tails/Just a illusion.
    Not edgy as shadow/Just an a illusion.