NateWantsToBattle - Inferno Lyrics

A light unto my darkening
Illuminate the path
Of old familiar days
Now I stay content living a dream
Am I becoming lazy
Living careless and free?

It's a light unto my darkening
What happened to the comfort
Of the streets that we walked?
Now the cold at time is
Worse than it seems
But we can light a fire
And we'll fight it

Now we can find a way
Through the fire and the flames
Now it's burning in my heart
Just like a melody

Now there is no forever
I've been told we'll fade away
So laugh in every day you get
Don't let it go to waste

So if your light is fading
From the shadow of a doubt
We'll light the sky
With our
We'll keep marching right until
Our fire's burning out

Now at what point did we stop it all?
And now that you're not moving
You feel like you can't fall
But a still flame doesn't burn at all
We gotta keep the fire burning
Hotter, hotter

I can taste it it's so close to me
But in the end you take your time
Then it'll soon rot
Though it might feel like
It's burning down
The scars you wear
Remind you that you made it

Then we'll evaporate
As we rise up to the sky
In my hands I will protect
These precious memories

As we're walking down this road
We'll look up and start to fly
You will never be alone
We work in harmony

Now there is no forever
I've been told we'll fade away
So laugh in every day you get
Don't let it go to waste

So if your light is fading
From the shadow of a doubt
We'll light the sky
With our
We'll keep marching right until
Our fire's burning out

I'm not afraid
To keep the fight going
Sometimes you keep on
Feeling your pain
I saw the
Fire in your eyes burn
Stronger inside you now

Burning brighter
Every single day

There might be no forever now
So what we're bound
To burn and fade away?
So treasure every day
Don't let it go to waste

So if your light is fading from
The shadow of a doubt
We'll light the sky
With our
We'll keep marching right until our
Fire's burning out!

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NateWantsToBattle Inferno Comments
  1. Death By Unicorn

    Can not a single person get the translation right? The opening for the show gives you translation

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    Could you do a full cover of odd future?

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    🙏🏼 latom
    Thx for the cover



    Lawrence Reviews

    are in the video :)

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    this is my fav anime op track, this mix tape is leggit FIRE!!!!!!!!!

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    Please sing a dr Stone Opening good morning world

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    I don’t usually buy my music but when I do it always ends up being NateWantsToBattle

  11. Yato Yoboku

    Literally does the best covers

  12. DoubtlessCar0

    I don't know why but the energy just seems wrong...maybe it's the different key or the words or you where trying to go for something else's not as fun

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    Wait wtf his voice is amazing wow

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    Pls do demon slayers op

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    I want to see more anime stuff like this, this is amazing.

  16. green tea

    No offense but.....

    I think the Sam Luff translation is better and sync with the music better, I'm sorry

  17. nick flewallen

    I would never have thought my favorite anime would be about religious magical firefighters.

  18. Ee6 Heuw

    I am sorry but Japanese version is better

  19. Ee6 Heuw

    Anine ops and ost>KPOP

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    This was Lit!

    Kill Me pls

  21. Rein Reyes

    I really hope this cover can be used for dub episodes too❤

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    Perfection.. the voice from it original was Soo Similar🔥🔥🔥

  23. Hi Im Ayden

    Found this randomly and not gonna lie, this is really really good!!

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    Holy crap 0.0
    I love this :D <3

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    How about gurenge plssssss!!! I want more of your voice!

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    I’ve always wanted to hear the intro to fire force in English and it’s soooo good!!

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    Please make this available in the Canadian iTunes Store I would buy it in a heartbeat yo!

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    I waiting for NWTB to do this song for like EVER!

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    i love your soul eater op1 full english cover

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  32. avataraarow

    The translation of the lyrics here seems really well done comparing it to the literal ones I’ve seen. Captures the feel of the original lyrics while making them sound really good in English. Awesome job Nate! Love your work, long time fan all the way since the “Ganon’s gone” song back in the day

  33. TheGuyWhoPlayGames

    Is it only me or the intro is just drum is just like silhouette

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    Vinland saga op please

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    This song is so fire
    Sister replay that prayer one more time

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    1:20 the beat tho🥵

  37. Avery

    I love that this song is basically telling you to live life to the fullest and not regret your life.

  38. SootiestJarl519

    Amazing, not as good as the original in terms of hype, but i like it, dont take that the wrong way though, its awesome, and its nice having english lyrics. Thanks

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    Sometimes you sound like James Blunt while singing this song and its awesome!

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    Bunny helios.v2

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    Is this a true translation or his version of the song in English

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    good. fucking. job. nuff said

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    I kinda preferred the Japanese, but your cover is really good

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    Does Nate get the lyrics himself or?

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    THIS IS FIRE OMG ( no pun intended)

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    The harmonies keep blowing my mind. Outstanding work, my favorite music guy.

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    This is what got me started on Fire Force. I had never heard of it before and I heard this and all of a sudden I'm searching up Fire Force😂

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    Heard about this anime from my friend didn't think it was too special but since nate made a cover I'll check it out

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