NateWantsToBattle - I'm Just Your Problem Lyrics

Sorry I don't treat you like a goddess
Is that what you want me to do?
Sorry I don't treat you like you're perfect
Like all your little loyal subjects do
Sorry I'm not made of sugar
Am I not sweet enough for you?
Is that why you always avoid me?
That must be such an inconvenience to you

Well, I'm just your problem
I'm just your problem
I feel like I'm not even a person, am I?
I'm just your problem

Well, I shouldn't have to justify what I do
I shouldn't have to prove anything to you
I'm sorry that I exist
Forgot what landed me on your black list
But I shouldn't have to be the one that makes up with you

Well, I'm just your problem
I'm just your problem
I feel like I'm not even a person, am I?
I'm just your problem

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NateWantsToBattle I'm Just Your Problem Comments
  1. MoonlightGlaze

    re-do/full version of this song in 2020?

  2. Alexander Zex

    Marshall Lee, yes.

  3. Lemon Boi Lynn

    this was recorded almost 8 years ago, he's come so far as a musician since then, but I still like to listen to his older stuff time to time

  4. CaffeinateDot

    Can't wait for 2020 mr. give heart records

  5. s0r4

    It's been a while since Ive seen this video. This is how I found out about Nathan and the fact when I listened to his covers and music made me feel happy and safe makes me miss those times 🖤

  6. Maskr bloodwyle

    Is this guy hot or what?

  7. Jacob Robinson

    Aye anyone got an instrumental of this??

  8. cupheadtale sans

    Nate is now number 1 on my list of favorite youtubers

  9. Game Man

    "I'm sorry that i exist" is one of the things i have to say to everyone in my life (both past, present and future.)

  10. Soulless Husk

    Does anyone else hear hints of Andy Grammar's, "Fine By Me," in there? Certain chords and rhythms are really similar to it

  11. M7 Magov

    The nostalgia

  12. Katelyn-Shaina Rose-Aisaka

    I'ma just state rn. 2019 and he still makes me question my sexuality.

  13. Rose Graham

    I nearly fainted (in a good way) when I heard this for the first time

  14. peri dot

    marshal lee and gumball

  15. snark robot

    WaiT i just rEAlizEd he didNt haVe gages YeT

  16. Event Official

    You look like Ryan Reynolds

    SamzTrapz21 { Second Channel }

    Mhhhhhhh maybe

  17. Dan Eddie Loayon

    I cant believe this video is 8 years ago.. I guess nate is getting older lol


    8 years?? Isn't it 5?

    Dan Eddie Loayon

    TyphonIsADarkSoul its actually uploaded in somewhere 2012 and its just reuploaded in 2015

  18. Pheonix Rose


  19. mehmet maşuk ile matematik algemi

    STILL HERE . ❤

  20. I Want Eat.

    Can’t stop listening to this version on spotify

  21. Willow Scamander

    This is my fav song! im so happy you did this cover! luv chu Nate

  22. Chloe Diamond

    Man. It's been 5 years since he posted this video.. and yet

    1) I keep this on repeat.
    2) I laugh when he flings his guitar pick out
    3) I blush when seeing him

    Which one are you?

  23. CRAFTMINE//Turtleblast

    Wow i realte to this song so much

  24. gaming with fares


  25. Sora

    This is my favorite cover of this, by far. More people need to sing it this way.

  26. TheEmeraldWalrus

    290 people can fight me

  27. LPS Animates

    * sees Marceline *


  28. Game Man

    Out of all the people in this world there are atleast 291 people who are a very very big problem and here's a message to those 291 people: i hope you die or atleast get severely injured.

    An edit made after 11 months of having made the comment: Now 311 and yes i know i overreacted a teensy bit but still.

  29. • Kid:Khao •

    dude im in love w/ 0:57 😛💝

  30. Beth N

    I love this cover soo much

  31. • Kid:Khao •

    i finally found it and im freaking out so much ahhh 💕

  32. Laximus Black

    2 tours later and I'm still here listening to this BOP

  33. Joshua Larson

    I had to come back to this cover after the end of Adventure Time, now I just need to hear all the covers of my favorites from the show, and I'm Just Your Problem was top teir, right along side everything stays.


    You forgot about "I Remember you"

  34. Silver Comics

    Who’s watching this after the final?

  35. Jasmine Nys

    I'm trying to sing along but I'm choking on my tears because the show was cancelled forever today...

  36. Justin Y.

    I Miss Adventure Time Now


    Justin Y.
    The show that started the Cartoon Renaissance. Adventure Time will age greatly & be fondly remembered.

  37. RedX 1257

    And this is is how I discovered adventure time.

    Pyrahh Idk

    RedX 1257 just now?

  38. Deric Tulalian

    O my god nate your like an angel

  39. OtakuSamurai 1223

    N O S T A L G I A


    OtakuSamurai 1223 SAME

  40. Keylan Walker

    Make an extended version

  41. Lindsey Mackenzie

    Why do people say cartoon network isn't good anymore

  42. I Love bleach

    I Love you

  43. Lost Ones soul

    Me in a nutshell.

  44. TT CC

    *imagining Marshall singing it in my mind*

  45. Hakara Juliaska Hina

    I fell in love with the voice

  46. Aarow04Plays

    When did adventure time become an anime?

  47. blue Yeti

    This addresses all the problems with my family in a way

  48. Maya Peeterson

    Anybody else look back on Nathan ' s old covers and fan girls? Like I remember jamming out to this, perfect form, Excalibur, and other nerdy ones like that, who can forget pokémon bank lol. He has made so many great original songs and for once I'm proud and able to say I liked him before he was the best. In fact I remember finding him after watching a old dookieshed video if that shows anythjng.

  49. Trashy fangirl 048

    You’re my problem cause I can’t stop listening to your music!

  50. Brandon -

    I’m still watching this in 2018 like this is fucking gold I love it 👑

  51. spin otaku

    You aren't a problem!

  52. Cody Werklund

    Paultin's Theme Song.

  53. TroyCheers

    3 years still here

  54. TroyCheers

    I love this so so much my guy

  55. South_parker _0506


  56. LordTesseract 42

    Plz can you do a colab with Jonathan young???

  57. The panic! Theorists

    Love the shirt

  58. Crab. Crocs

    His voice... I want this to play at my funeral...

  59. Ryan Zeh

    This song sounds a lot like the song: "Here comes a thought" from Steven Universe! How did I not realize this before!

  60. Angel Garcia

    God I'm so late to this but I am in love with it

  61. Kaminari Farron

    The style is too upbeat for the song.

  62. Arithmetek

    Where'd you get the drums for this!? Astonished.

  63. ItsAOlive NonGarden

    I love your covers so much 👍

  64. Filip Nyman

    i love this song il do anifing to met you!

  65. 665 Studios

    Da voice of angel 10/10

    665 Studios

    Well shit I spelt angle wrong

  66. RastaEsLv 5100

    Why is he so good??... ;-; IT'S TOO AMAZING I'M GONNA CRY

  67. Sam Vidas

    _S H O O K E T H_ -

  68. jennifer rojas


  69. jennifer rojas


  70. low level otaku

    Nate,please make a cover of the other song in this adventure time episode.

  71. Daniel Games 360

    How to play this music?

  72. Commander Smith

    Nate, you ain't a person; you're a bean

  73. Commander Smith

    Why did I only just find this now

  74. Sadly mistaken

    I’ve think I broke the replay button

  75. Dark Lord Of The Universe

    Man you rock my world 😎so rock on man ✌

  76. Izzy Drawings

    0:07 i low key thought i was listening to the fresh prince of bel air XD

  77. Valentino Sobrevilla

    Nate this music is cool a just I poring old day like this 👆👆

  78. Anai Govea

    Person sounds country

  79. Omuraiszu

    "I'm sorry that I exist
    Forgot what landed me on your blacklist"

    I swear I get turned on when Nate sings that part. XD

  80. Birdie Plays

    damn. how many instruments can he play? piano, guitar, ocarina, drums..what else?!

  81. Sadly mistaken

    This guy.....legendary voice

  82. Ace Gaming

    What key is this in

  83. Kittz


  84. Margaux Clark

    ples make more adventure time songs please ples

  85. wolfie puppy

    229 -2017 dislikes tsk tsk tsk tsk but your a good singer nate keep it going!!:)-wolfie puppy 2017

  86. ayame 吹雪

    THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!

  87. Jameson Olah


  88. Formless Blob

    I can't understand this. The video is fine, but when he sings, it's glitchy

    Cartoonshi シ

    Your computer.

  89. Rondelle Annette

    Why have I only now found this person with an amazing voice

  90. Comic Gnat

    whats funny is that i just watched that episode an hour before and DANG ITS AMAZING *chu* :3

    Comic Gnat


  91. Pixuseru

    Sometimes I feel like this tbh

  92. lakeesha mccall

    Who thankshe's hot