NateWantsToBattle - Hold On To You Lyrics

I've done my best to look inside
But I found nothing
No shame no pride
I need something to hang on to
I miss when you were here by my side

They dress you up to fit the part
Believe that you don't have the heart
Now I've grown so sick of running
To find I'm only at the start
I'm at the start

They can call us heartless
Hollow vessels of what we used to be
Don't you forget about me
Now commit this to your memories

They say that we're nobodies
Only shadows we're meant to fade
But I can't believe that it's true
You're a memory I can't lose
I'll hold on to you

Please remember
Remember who I used to be
Who am I?
Who am I?
I can't find my way to reality

Got it memorized?

And my heart's a battlefield
And there's a war waging
A storm is raging on
But I won't forgive myself
If I fade away gone and forgotten
If you disappear
Then would you fear that no one would miss you?
Well you're wrong because I'm not
Letting go of the days we shared

They can call us heartless
Hollow vessels of what we used to be
Don't you forget about me
Now commit this to your memories

They say that we're nobodies
Only shadows we're meant to fade
But I can't believe that it's true
You're a memory I can't lose
I'll hold on to you
(Hold on to you)
(Hold on to you)
I'll hold on to you, yeah

Remember remember
Please remember who I used to be
Who am I? Who am I?
I'm a puppet in their game

Remember remember
Please remember who I used to be
Who am I? Who am I?
I'm a puppet in their game

They can call us heartless
Hollow vessels of what we used to be
Don't you forget about me
Now commit this to your memories

They say that we're nobodies
Only shadows we're meant to fade
But I can't believe that it's true
You're a memory I can't lose
I'll hold on to you

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NateWantsToBattle Hold On To You Comments
  1. Sentinel Gamma

    Do more of this. Please.

  2. Meagan Phillips

    it's crazy how much better this song gets when i actually understand the lyric's. got it memorized 😭

  3. MushuChan Luna

    To be honest, I love this song better, when it was a Five Nights at Freddy’s song...
    Way back when... but still, Nate, why would you change it?! It took me a few years (5 or maybe 4 years ago, when I first listened to it on Spotify).. to finally find this song, WAY back when it was a FNAF *ORIGINAL* SONG.. No really...

    i’m sad, I miss you. *How did this happened?*

  4. digiteen99

    Always come back to this amazing song ever since i saw it release

  5. Scarlett Blackesley

    When you love Kingdom Hearts and besides, rock metal music. I don't know why people dislike the screamo part, it's epic because they put the rough, soft and feeling of the characters so well. (◡ ω ◡) 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  6. Mr.Random Gamer

    I love your music so much you deserve success

  7. InterpretTheSilence

    I wish this was available on iTunes in the US. 😢


    f, I just came back to this song cause I found it in my iTunes like 4 years after getting it, and I'm from the US. Did it get taken off?


    KaidenPeridot I never even looked beforehand since I recently got iTunes, and the only thing that exists on there is the Instrumental version of this song.

  8. In The Making of

    If I hadnt downloaded this song, there would be another million veiws

  9. AeroTheSpaceHorse

    13 y/o me: Damn...that's deep

    Depressed 18 y/o me: Damn...that's deep

  10. Shawn Kobayashi雪氷

    damn, it’s almost 2020
    and i’m still listening to this

  11. Inu Clark

    Just wow.

  12. Loretta Castro

    I love kingdom hearts

  13. Gillian Castle

    Am I the only one who can see this as the main theme of an anime starring Roxas, Axel, and Xion?

  14. Caira Senpai


  15. Pendragonz

    Does anyone feel like he mixed up heartless and nobodies, or am I just being an idiot?

  16. X Phantom

    *Got it memorized?*

  17. YungChopz


  18. Felicity Richards

    I’ve never played a single one of these games but now I want to. I originally heard it on the mangled cd I bought years back

  19. Angela Bravender

    Hey nate is there a way I can get the bass tabs for this from you? I absolutely love this song man

  20. Skyle_Nightfall

    You know, I sang this at my school talent show last year... I think I nearly made top 3.

  21. UltraUltimatium

    Why is this song not on Apple Music 😔😔😔

  22. King snoopy

    Late 2019 anyone still?

  23. Eclipse 2405

    Just realised. The first section of the song and the chorus are Roxas, the second and third sections are Axel and the ending section is Xion. Like if you didn't realise this before

  24. The Slowest Pizza

    Dammit, I can't stop listening to this song. I've practically got it memorized at this point.

  25. Nalabby _official


  26. Aizen Sousuke

    Who still listening to this in 2019? I swear song need to be at the ending of the final kingdom hearts game.

  27. EJ Simas

    This is the song that got me into Nate's music. It's where it all started for me

  28. Connor Walker

    2:38 I just realized that this section is a variation on Xion’s Theme.👍

  29. Blizzarga Gaming

    Hey can someone message me if this song is on spotify?

  30. Sherri

    I'm seeing a lot of people talk about someone named xion in the comments. Look, I've played all the games, and I have no idea who this person is. Y'all are wierd.

    God damn it Battler/Tom/Zucc

    Obviously not 3


  31. ShiroALM

    Nate I know you are listening but please. Create a Kingdom Hearts 3 Song or a Cover. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  32. Goku son

    Somebody please make a GMV of this showcasing all the badass Assassins creed protagonist like Ezio, Edward, Connor, Arno, Bayek, Jacob

  33. S T

    They can call us heartless
    Just a shadow we're meant to fade
    They say that we are nobodies
    Hollow vessels of what we used to be

    Works equally right

  34. Spectre :V

    i broken the like button

  35. hailsy bailsy

    Whyyyy is this song not on Spotify? Dying.

    hailsy bailsy

    @DGH_ 22 wack... Just found it, why is it with the mangled album?

  36. Sentinel Gamma

    This is simply incredible. Please do more like these.

  37. samuraiboy497

    This so why I will never get mad at people who don’t know anything about kindom hearts because even we don’t get what the heck is happening anymore

  38. samuraiboy497

    Dude the creator of kh has no idea what he doing anymore he is just throwing shit at a wall and hoping it sticks and I’m sad cause I love this series and it deserves better then this

  39. Paul Bartlett

    Is this not available in the US on iTunes I can’t find it

    Shiel Fox

    Check the Mangled album

  40. Gwyn Gamez

    I freaked love this song but if the word heartless was switched with Nobody I would love it even more

  41. Gwyn Gamez


  42. I'm Tatsu Not Grace

    gonna offend everyone...sorry:
    I thought the title meant a twenty one pilots song not this .-.

  43. Ninja Sonic

    The Gangs back together 😌

  44. FinleyGG

    1:17 jesus

  45. Sofia Vilchez

    I recognized the Lizz lyrics :'0000 It would be great if you guys did a cover together :") (btw i loved this :"3)

  46. Ghost Hunter

    Before playing kingdom hearts:l don’t get it
    After playing kingdom hearts:I LOVE IT

  47. Akuma Dra-C

    2:50 thats what Unravel is all about

  48. Bardock 16 the youtubr

    2:37 Best part because of the softness

  49. 28 stabwounds

    Fuck xions theme in there killed me

  50. Sly Cooper33

    They can call us Heartless. Hollow vessels of what we use to be. Dont you forget about me. Now commit this to your memory.

  51. 0Heartless0

    “WhO eLsE wIlL i EaT iCe CrEaM wItH?”

    Real talk, that line made grown arse men cry, lets be honest.

  52. shmitty _

    yo when i was 15 and going through me emo phase this was my shit

  53. life is careful

    When listen to this song every single year

  54. Stephanie R.

    Not how I thought this was going to sound but I'm not complaining

  55. Joachim Lee

    2019 anyone

  56. Joachim Lee

    Roxas vs Xion

    Aterwards Xion disapears

  57. Roxas XIII

    Two things I thought you could never combine, Kingdom Hearts and metal.

  58. RookieBug 97

    you are amazing!!!!

  59. Garden of Roses

    Please put this back on iTunes 😩

  60. TryHard _Gamer

    This Made Me Play Kingdom Hearts 2 Again

  61. Faizal Amir Bashiira

    Tbh this really fit to be the next KH series, for Re:Mind maybe?

  62. Adolfo Andriguetti Fala Sério

    2019 and still listening to this song <3

  63. Jolty

    4 years later and just noticed how deep and true to the game it is

    Ian Comtois

    You probably needed the four years for a college degree, majoring in Understanding Kingdom Hearts Lore.

  64. UltraUltimatium

    Its not on Apple Music anymore 😡

  65. End Message

    is it just me or does the intro sound like "I am" from hands like houses ? song is kick ass tho nate! ^~^

  66. Sentinel Gamma

    Definitely your greatest song I've heard so far.

  67. Sora Kingdom hearts

    This video is fantastic. As a fan of Kingdom hearts I say it with all my heart

  68. ThatYoutubeGirl

    Guys...we NEED to start a petition to get this put into Kingdom Hearts!

  69. Poison Bandit

    *now get this committed to your memories* is Nate's version of *got it memorized* and I legit imagined Axel saying that

  70. Alex Mercer

    My spoon heard this, now it's a Buster Sword.

  71. TheParagon

    I love the line “commit this to memory” Cause it’s Axels original “got it memorized?”

    Ian Comtois

    And we remember it. "Inside people's memories, I can live forever!"

  72. Joachim Lee


  73. Universal Johnny

    How the Fuck have I went 4 years without hearing this???

    Universal Johnny

    But I do still have to say, Lizz Robinett is bae

  74. TheGreekHunter

    I love this song, but it could do without the screaming like your in some kind of heavy metal rock band
    Great job though, this song captures how Roxas, Axel, and Xion felt

  75. Joachim Lee

    Nate this kingdom hearts song is awesome

  76. DisneyMarvelDCfan 94

    How come this song isn’t available on Apple Music in the United States of America

  77. Celly

    I wonder what the more menial everyday tasks are like in Org. 13. Like, when they got Xion, what did they do about the chair? D2D the shit in, or get it crafted by someone and get it delivered? What about food duty?

  78. JazzlynnTheFNaFfan

    I plan singing this for a solo at school.

  79. Certain End

    Who's Xion? More like whose Xion, amirite guise?

  80. Sasha Belle

    Are you gonna make another song for kh? Since the 3rd game came out? It would be wonderful!

  81. Keynines animation

    four years later: **pops up in recomandation now**
    me:i love this but why now

  82. K Plays

    My gosh this kills me emotionally. Axel, Roxas, and Xion had such great friendship to have it end in a really sad tragedy. They were my favorite group of friends in that series.

  83. Dark Fur

    The thumnail reminded me of kirishiM

  84. Lilac Milton

    The virgin KH3
    >Characters die before climax, revived immediately after. Sequence only exists to give Sora some semblance of human emotion, though any of that normal emotion is quickly thrown out the window, his usual cheeriness returning as he goes to bring them back
    The chad KH 358/2
    > Primary character dies at the climax of the game, accompanied by an actually pretty deep meaningful line, doesn't return for the remainder of the game, they're gone. At least, until they come back in 3 with seemingly no explanation. Not that i noticed at least.

  85. Ice Hurricane Gaming

    I will always love how these types of videos are made.

  86. Nate the Great

    my friend love kingdom hearts but does not like this song I have no idea what's wrong with him.

  87. Zagory

    I dont know nothing about kingdom hearts and this song has me crying 😭😭😭😭😭

  88. Namless PKX

    This song use to hit hard in the feels until kh3

  89. Annamae M.

    Hey just wanted to let you know I came across a video earlier (kingdom hearts related) and someone was singing lyrics that I think are from this video, so you may or may not want to check it out. The name of the girls album is Hearts Intertwined and I think name is Lizz Robinett, shes on YouTube

    Onion Ninja

    Annamae M. Actually it’s the other way around

    Annamae M.

    @Onion Ninja oh my bad, my mistake. I only saw her new stuff and not her old stuff and had heard this way before her content. you are right. i stand corrected haha

    Onion Ninja

    That’s alright

  90. Wild The Dragon

    "Only Shadows we're meant to fade"
    Surely I can't be the only one to notice that in We Are Ignited a common phrase is "You're not a shadow, you won't fade"?

  91. Goku x Sephiroth

    Oof. Just after playing the game, this hurts

  92. dagga19k

    Wow, Nate, you've almost reached 4 millions views with this one!! That's amazing! Roxas, Xion and Axel are the best trio! 😀

  93. Sazegawa Jun

    HELLO 2019

  94. Be'Lynn Short

    I absolutely love this song even though I’ve never played Kingdom of hearts but I did get the summary of the whole series and it’s pretty good and I’ve Been listening to this song for years!

  95. Aubrey Ann Pineda

    I’ve got this song memorized 😉

  96. Tai Stokes

    Xion's real theme is "Don't Speak Her Name!"

  97. DisneyMarvelDCfan 94

    How come this version of the song isn’t available through Apple music

  98. Obadiah Ray

    I really like this song :)

  99. SOL F