NateWantsToBattle - Heroes Never Die Lyrics

Pull all the stops I got a way that we can get in
Just say the word, I'll kick it up to eleven
We're knockin' on your door
With what we got in store
Don't break it up, break it down (Yeah come on)

We'll kill the night and we'll never see the sun
(Every day and night going crazy)
And I'll call the shots, don't you tell me when I'm done
(Live it up, this life is amazing)
Hey! Diddle diddle won't you meet me in the middle
Let the music make you fly
Don't need to show no mercy
'Cause heroes never die

Now listen up I'm gonna give you a rundown
(Gotcha in my sights you know I got this on lockdown)
We're running out and free
This life was meant for me
Step to the plate, you gotta show me what you got
Show me what you got

We'll kill the night and we'll never see the sun
(Every day and night going crazy)
And I'll call the shots, don't you tell me when I'm done
(Live it up, this life is amazing)
Hey! Diddle diddle won't you meet me in the middle
Let the music make you fly
Don't need to show no mercy
'Cause heroes never die

We'll kill the night and we'll never see the sun
(Every day and night going crazy)
And I'll call the shots, don't you tell me when I'm done
(Live it up, this life is amazing)
Hey! Diddle diddle won't you meet me in the middle
Let the music make you fly
Don't need to show no mercy
'Cause heroes never die
I said the heroes never die

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NateWantsToBattle Heroes Never Die Comments
  1. Caira Senpai


  2. Anonymous S

    That hey diddle diddle part is my high

  3. nexus gaming\ toy reviews

    Nice overwatch reference

  4. Leslie Wade

    *Mercy blasting this song in her room headbanging* lol

  5. Black Mage

    Omfg I made a joke to a friend that's this could be about overwatch, then I looked at the description

  6. 리켈

    So this is when Nate became Mercy.. 🤔

  7. KayleeRgamer

    I like this song better as not a overwatch song. but good job great song love it!

  8. Tiger Rose

    *first 3 seconds* I LOVE IT

  9. Diss misery

    Ah yes, my favorite band.
    Jay from the Kubz Scouts
    Caleb Hyles
    Kevin from Call me Kevin
    and Dave from Boyinaband

    Love the song by the way!

  10. Dago Pranks

    Ive wasted so much time not listening to this

  11. Yandere

    Ooo laser tag

  12. Falling Rose

    I went to a laser tag arena with my dad yesterday, and as we were putting on the vests I remarked to him:
    "Every time I enter a laser tag arena now I'm going to think of Heroes Never Die because of the music video."
    My dad also pointed out that this video was not laser tag, but laser death when I first showed it to him.

  13. nobledonkey17

    Every time I hear this I think of damn mercy and her ult

  14. remi gill

    *sniff sniff*
    smells like a fall out boy reference

  15. Weird Human Bean

    are you guys the heroes or the villinas

  16. Aurora Addison

    "Heros never die" tell that to Romeo and Juliet

  17. Llamas

    If hero’s never die,

    Why did iron man die in Endgame?

  18. Sandrix Hozart

    Hey diddle diddle meet me in the middle oh so crazy great!!!XD


  19. The Kamen Gamer

    Umm Nate we’ll all die

  20. Dinoladd_ 888

    That moment when u take lazer tag way to far

  21. Rebekah Higgins

    Heroes never die, huh. I guess someone should tell that to Chris Perkins. I don't think he got that memo

  22. Nevaeh Burgess

    My friend heard this song for the first time, she was really disturbed by the METALness of the first 30 seconds, this was the first NateWantsToBattle song she ever heard. I think she got a pretty good first impression

  23. Pamela Villalva

    Nate:*sees Spider-Man into the spider vurse*

    ....... Oof Spider-Man died

  24. beybladeburst turbo fan

    Best video ever

  25. Sequoiah Williamson

    2019 anyone

    Only me ok


    Sequoiah Williamson yo

    Got So Emo I Fell Apart

    My music taste from 7th grade is coming back and I love it

  26. Silver Scorpio

    "Epic Laser Tag Montage"

  27. Slurpifoox

    s m e x y

  28. CrimsonDAGA9 Drakenhart

    People: You should've picked Mercy
    Us as Intellectuals: Heroes Never Die

  29. Ice-Mage -Gray fullbuster

    I thought this was gonna be some overwatch song lol

  30. Jessica Brown

    Is this Overwatch themed?

  31. Katalyst

    I saw the lyrics and now my life is a lie. I thought it was "now you did a little, won't you meet me in the middle" not fricking hey diddle diddle

  32. Vladimir Putin

    What I saw: 4 people hopping
    What I heard: Awesomeness
    What I smell: My rice burni-OH SHIT! I FORGOT!!!!

  33. Juan Grubby

    Mercy:heros never die
    Master chief:spartans never die
    This song will never die

  34. Bianca Figueroa

    o M *G*

  35. Kristen Freeman

    Shawn's hair is majestic

  36. AG Wilheight


  37. SMGBrothers

    Nerf baston

  38. Jessica Trahan

    <3 I love your music!

  39. kurt Knispel

    (Rolls up in gepard SPAAG) you want some firepower?

  40. PanHead 537

    Did anybody notice they had "position" names on their vest apparatus things?

    Nate's said "Omgea," Andrew's said "Ultra," Justin's said "Hunter," and Shawn's said "Cyborg."

  41. Crisgames OMG

    I wanna be Tracer

  42. Melody Creekmore

    Dimples for miles

  43. ZovieB

    If you ever wanna play some dope laser tag, just come to Portland. We’ll show you the best place

  44. MidRunner 3202

    Roses are red, violets are blue, screw the flowers, a subscriber for you!

  45. ZovieB

    If you ever want to play some awesome laser tag come to Portland Oregon And We’ll show you the best arena here.

  46. Patty Campbell

    How have I not seen this video before now?? I was smiling and laughing the whole way through. Looked like you guys had a lot of fun! Also, HI DOOKIE!

  47. Drekex

    This isn’t Overwatch...

  48. Miles Nordskog

    Anyone think he can do "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"?

  49. Theresa Lynn

    Nate: Heroes Never Die
    Thanos: We'll see about that

  50. Flamery Blurs

    Watch my latest video, this might be connected to all his other videos from Sandcastle Kingdom/Paid in Exposure! Let's try and assemble this Nateverse in a cohesive, storytelling way!

  51. ChrissinatorHD

    There's nothing worse than campers in laser tag

    And nothing better than cleaning out a nest of them alone

  52. Zander Mercury

    Was that sax i heard?? <3

  53. Xx_M3me_ L0rd_xX

    When you and the squad had a lit af laser tag game.

  54. Freedom Flyer

    Mercy gon sue a bitch

  55. Beep

    "heroes never die"
    "Got you in my sights"
    "break it down"

  56. Blue _thunderx888

    0:14 is that Mando pony

  57. Loli Hunter

    I want to thank my gf for bringing me here

  58. HeyMaryMicrophone 101

    i can’t stop replaying the song! 😋

  59. Bacon Slayer

    Keep making badass songs for us my man! ✌

  60. Korina Mikell

    He says that heroes never die...... but think about infinity war!!!!!!!

  61. tanvir akthar

    FIFA 22nd June switzerland vs Serbia match brought me here ... This was played after swiss won

  62. Carlos Zerpa

    OR do you mean heroes always get remembered but LEGENDS never die

  63. Yagura Inuzuka

    Mando you finally got insane XD

  64. bennett king

    “A sort of Overwatch song”
    Nate. Why are you so precious. I’m going to scream. Even you don’t know if it’s really an Overwatch song or not.

  65. Etn Tana

    Andy and nathen slaying like always

  66. Ethan Lozier


  67. Bacon Slayer

    This man is a amazing singer.

  68. Owo Uwu


  69. Seth Lost


  70. Krissant

    It got to 0:25 and I immediately liked and added it to my playlist because wOW

  71. Cool#Star# B.


  72. Anthony D.

    I swear I keep coming back to this vid, often just purely for that Clarinet (not sure which instrument exactly) solo, like i didn't think it fit but damn does it SLAY

    AL Rhane - NooneButALix

    feliix88 it's a saxophone

  73. Bailey Wilson

    Wrong. Heroes always get remembered, Nate, but you know legends never die.

  74. NeroRPG

    (Love your music bro.)

  75. Allora 1233

    Hey! Diddle diddle; Won’t you meet me in the middle- Sounds like Aerosmith to me. :3

  76. rev-WD

    This song just for some reason makes me feel like a bad ass

  77. Glunkis

    I think Paultin would disagree

  78. Alex Parker

    2:32 Uh..did Nate just bring a real gun to a laser tag fight?! 0_o

  79. March 22 is not a real date

    *The people who disliked the video are not heros*

  80. layfon-plays

    When is your next concert in england if tou dont mind me asking

  81. Detective Nugget

    I love the fact that this song is about overwatch but they're playing Lazer tag.

  82. Battle King7878

    Man do pony is in there

  83. H2 Oblivious

    God, I love you so much Nate <3

  84. AlexTheBeast 12 extreme

    0:52 shady penguin

  85. ansar hussen

    Kids, take notes, this is how you make a trumpet actually not sound like a fart

    AL Rhane - NooneButALix

    ansar hussen it's a saxaphone.....

  86. Drew Morse

    realized that Nate's team is Ghost fight

  87. Kim L

    I listen to this whenever I play overwatch lmao it’s extremely catchy

  88. ShannaeIV

    "Got you in my sights" sounds familliar.. hmm

  89. Caer Ibormeith

    I have to at least learn the refrain of this for my bard to sing as a healing word.

  90. mi channel

    Coolest vids ever

  91. The Sun's Sky

    Found you on FNAF musical. I decided to check out the channel. And I get the most amazing music out there

  92. Topazz410

    But Mercy got nerfed...

  93. Mon amour Coeur

    "Dont need to show no MERCY
    cause HEROS NEVER DIE" If anyone here plays overwatch YOULL understand wat i said

  94. dino with anger issues

    this is one of my most favorite songs ever

  95. Keira Alexander-Brown

    Where the fuck is Mercy at? (Character from Overwatch)

  96. NerderonOfficial

    If I could have just ONE of my youtube dreams come true, it would be to do a collab with Nate/Give Heart Records. That would be the best day ever.

  97. GrayMage1900

    Nate idk why but i know every word to this song

  98. Jerome Robinson

    Sounds like a song that would appear on a RWBY soundtrack 👊

  99. jyslhkwg cryingcryingsmsnr2sfprtsme

    Nice. Song

  100. NateWantsToBattle - Give Heart Records

    LOVED making this video! Hope you guys enjoy all the work and cameos in it. If you dig it, check out the album "Sandcastle Kingdoms" on iTunes and Spotify!
    iTunes ➡️
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    Cathy Bacca

    Nathan Sharp - Give Heart Records amazing and so perfect and cool

    Jessie Nuyda

    Nathan Sharp - Give Heart Records

    John Jackson

    Give Heart Records - Nathan Sharp amazing job!! You are a good singer dont let anyone tell you that you arent

    The Helpy

    Nate have you a Discourd Server ??


    This song,mangled,call it off and wrecked and the worried are my favourite songs, they just sound so good! The first song I found from you was take me anywhere and I fell in love with it, I hope you keep making music for a long time