NateWantsToBattle - Dawn Of The Third Day Lyrics

Now will you take me along
When you fly away and play your song
Because 7 years is far too long

I know she knows she gives me everything
Gives me courage, give me wisdom, gives me strength
For her I only hope I'll do the same

Now I won't ever be the same
Ever since I learned this princess's name
Now it seems there's just no other way
I'll win her heart by the dawn of the third day

When I'm high and dry, she's my song of storms
When I'm cold at night, her Din's fire keeps me warm
I could feel her since the day that I was born

When I'm bloodied, battered, beaten from the longest fights
She hookshots straight to me heart and holds me tight
We'll stay up late and share our stories all night

Now I won't ever be the same
Ever since I learned this princess's name
Now it seems there's just no other way
I'll win her heart by the dawn of the third day

Now I won't ever be the same
Ever since I learned this princess's name
Now it seems there's just no other way
I'll win her heart by the dawn of the third day

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NateWantsToBattle Dawn Of The Third Day Comments
  1. RedGeoBlaze

    I think it would have been even more powerful if it ended with "I'll win her heart by the dawn of the fourth day"

  2. Game Man

    Literally hearing a majority of any of Nate's songs:
    *fangirls's ovaries exploding*

    I'm sorry, someone would make that "joke" eventually if they already haven't.

  3. Fiddle Storm

    I love how this particular song can cheer me up no matter what mood I'm in 💯

  4. Keegan Firecloak

    Ok so I just woke up to this song playing on Spotify and I was like “this is a nice song” but it ended right before I could see what it was. I knew it was either Mandopony or Natewantstobattle. I’m glad I found this song so fast

  5. Game Man

    To the person whom i gave the idea to: Not to be like that but please make a Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu character tribute using this song.
    I know it's a bit of a stretch but eh.
    I just realized i misspelled stretch in the comment where i came up with that idea, sorry about that. 🤦🏻‍♂️:(

  6. Isabella S.

    How is it possible for anyone to dislike this? I still have butterflies and it’s the fifteenth time I’ve listened to this.

  7. angelicxoutcast

    Who’s still listening in 2019? 😁

  8. Damia Gilfoyle

    My favourite song of Nate's. It has a nice slow pace that makes me always come back to it. It is simple and elegant. Sends a shock to few after seeing what Nate normally does to this. I never not want this video to leave YouTube no matter if Nate does. I never not want to see his face to this video.

  9. Snake Eyes

    Over five years later...still beautiful!

  10. Smol Proxy

    I absolutely an in love with this! I cant listen to it on my school computer tho because it's in the gaming catagory ;-;
    I still have my phone tho so I can listen at home! I am a Zelda nerd if ya couldn't tell

  11. Lokito

    Ya sure won MY heart, Nate!
    I'm such a fanboy my GOSH

  12. The Dumb DM


  13. Ashlee Chong

    *gasps*for LoZ my fav game!!!!!!!!

  14. Ashlee Chong

    this song is comforting thank you nathan

  15. Fiddle Storm

    How can you dislike this!?

    Fiddle Storm

    @cagethelonewolf Ok but WHY did you dislike the song?


    @Fiddle Storm why do you assume I did I never said that did I

    Fiddle Storm

    @cagethelonewolf Therefore you're proving my original point.


    @Fiddle Storm You asked how anyone can not me


    @Fiddle Storm my point proven

  16. youtubetrash

    It’s been five years and it’s still the sweetest song ☹️💓💓

  17. tanman25

    This song just has that feel-good vibe, anyone else agree?

  18. Drew Pocernich

    Is the title of this song a reference to Majora’s Mask.

  19. karma the soul taker


  20. No Game No Friends

    What chord you use to play this song


    You think he's checking comments on a 4 year old video

  21. R.C.

    Oh my god I love this song I wish it was on Apple Music but when I clicked the link it says not available in the U.S. 😢

    Josef Rudy

    It's in the Mangled album as well


    Josef Rudy yeah but I looked it up and there’s no mangled album on Apple Music only Spotify

  22. Random1567

    A nice Zelink song, or Zelda fan couple song :)


    He's singing about the princess not your girl

  23. Mr. Blaziken

    why arent these on spotify I need em!

    Josef Rudy

    Check the mangled album for this song on spotify

  24. The Dumb DM

    An underrated bop, this shit slaps so fucking hard

  25. The Real Mvp Kai

    Now do we know where he got his ocarina from cause I'd love to pick one up and learn to play it

  26. Karma X Kai

    1. Your crush is a Zelda fan
    2. You can play guitar
    3. You can sing
    If you tick all 3 of these, you know what to do...


    4 remember your singing about zelda and not your girl
    5 break up and try to marry a video game

  27. Jesse Garbe

    suh dude

  28. Ana Elizabeth Ramos

    I missed this so much. Good job Nate, you’ve grown so much. 2018

  29. Dead outside

    How did I just find this? seriously, I've been subbed since 2012 and didn't see this when it came out, and youtube just now decided to put this in my recommended! At first I thought it was a new song but then I'm like *wait that's 2012 nate*.
    yt wtf

  30. Sanchez Lagos

    Hard to believe this is already four years old ;~; you were even amazing back then Nate

  31. TehPyono

    You know how good the song is when the like vs dislike is 14k to 193

  32. Majestic Melon

    I only just discovered this song in 2017 and I thought it was great. Looking at nate's channel now and i start thinking what happened to NateWantsToBattle. Now it's hard rock nate

  33. Marshall- Monkey

    Why is this the greatest thing ever

  34. Kevin

    Can't believe it's been 4 yeas since this came out

  35. Nifty Nova

    Someone can sing this song to me and they would win my heart for real


    Until you realized he was singing about the princesses and not you

  36. Goldenfire47

    I'm gonna have to learn this on my guitar 😅 lovely song

  37. Lan Dro Lan

    Man 4 years ago today and still an amazing song

  38. isuhoa

    Does anyone know the chords for this?

  39. Tis Me

    If Disney/Pixar ever, for any reason, decided to make an adventure/love story out of Zelda....this sounds EXACTLY like the type of song that'd be used.

  40. Emma Lea birstler

    I am his #1 12 yr old fan

  41. Emma Lea birstler

    Whoever the 191 people who disliked this song are heartless

  42. Addisyn Mayes Covers

    *no words*

  43. NerderonOfficial

    I cried when I heard this for the first time. :)

  44. woteveruk1

    is it wrong of me to feel a bit of hate towards nate for him being as talented as he is?

  45. Let’s be Honest I’m a sarcastic Bitch

    I still love this song

  46. Olivia Shreve

    I. Can't. Stop. Listening. To. This. Freaking. Song.

  47. Danielle is a Wooloo

    Nice Nate

  48. Craig Donaldson

    anyone else think Nathan Sharp could be a good country singer?

  49. Angela Balliet

    Why do dislikes exist for this?!

  50. Ava Twohig

    Lmao rip and kill this was about his ex Morgan

  51. mia

    I am obsessed with this!

  52. winners club

    Baby I love love this is this song for me and you can listen to the song to getther

  53. CatTheCrafter

    How is this guy not a celebrity? Like he has a better singing voice than most of the celebrities rn.

  54. Niko Pap

    Little did he know that in three years he'd have to wait 100 years

  55. gamer1611

    what song is this a parody of

  56. King K Woom

    Can this be released on iTunes again please?

  57. winners club

    You are so sexy and hot Nathan Sharp

  58. aj west

    I had at one point learned this on the piano and rewrote the lyrics to be from Zelda's point of view, and now I want to jump off of a cliff because *_I FORGOT SOMEHOW_*.

  59. Lily Barker

    This is so sweet! Morgan and Nate are the sweetest couple! According to Morgan Want- Nate's gf, Nate made this song for her! I can't help think of what a great couple they are!

    Josef Rudy

    They went their separate ways a few weeks ago.

    Josef Rudy

    Hanne Boiii sadly they did. you can check either of their Twitter's.

    Lily Barker

    I SHALL!

  60. GamingwithStarry

    whats the point of the of the dislike button nobody can dislike this

  61. Lara De Pauw

    Omfg I just remembered that Nate and Morgan aren't together anymore and now this song makes me cry (because he wrote it for her 😭)

  62. Megan Hammer

    This sounds like the perfect song to propose to someone!!! Its amazing!!

  63. Suzette Zablon

    this song is sooooooo magical i was almost litteraly put under a spell i couldnt help but stop doing everything and listen

  64. Greg Lemon

    I like willys

  65. Squid Sisters

    Very nice, very catchy, I can imagine child/adult link laying in the back of a cart of hay as it's driving down a dirt road as he thinks back to all the adventures he's had with zelda

  66. MaKayla Riley

    I love Nate "Marry Me, Have My Babies" *Throws panties at him*

  67. CoolcaineTV

    this needs a rock version imo

    anyone wanna start a band to do this?

  68. Spider Fan

    yo, Nate, is it okay if I sing this on my channel but with the lyrics ever so slightly changed so that I'm singing about Link instead of Zelda? 'cause I really wanna, but since the song is yours, I wanna make sure it's okay first.

  69. No Legs Mercury

    I have a whole music playlist set for nothing but nates music. nothing better than writing my own songs while listening to my idol.

  70. Chase Ross

    honestly, you should audition for the voice or some shit. you could probably win it too

  71. Caleb Soliman

    SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Alanhyperslash

    That ocarina or flute or whatever that was was awesome

  73. bun

    What makes me mad is that your ocarina solo IS FUCKING FAKE.

  74. Oliver Scott

    im mad that im just now watching this. it's sooo cute and beautiful wtf

  75. Dragon Dracen

    I'm busy with a Zelda story and I could youse this amazing song

  76. HiL


  77. Avie Faith

    It's 2017 and I can't get over the Ganon's Gone reference and the whole song.

  78. CarlTheKing

    Kind of vaguely reminds me of Good Riddance by Green Day. Great job, Nate!

  79. Alkatabra

    Nice ocarina solo!

  80. lily

    OMG this is probably the best music EVER!!!!!!
    much better than ariana grande i mean WOW

  81. Oddly Allaway

    So does this mean this song counts as the song of healing?

  82. RedGeoBlaze

    One small thing I would change about this song, the days. Wouldn't it be great if it started off as "Night of the first day" then "Dawn of the Third Day" and the n the last line of the song, "Dawn of the Fourth day" this person only has a small amount of time to win over the girl he loves, and is even facing the end of the world. in the end, it's only him trying to win her over moments before their inevitable destruction.

  83. Philip Ray

    Finally met a zelda fan girl irl, there's one problem. Idk how to play guitar 😅

  84. Cj Vlogs

    omg Nate this is great your voice is amazing keep up the hard work on these songs you great thanks for all these songs your fans love you

  85. flora

    To those 117 people who dislike this- you did NOT want to do that

  86. flora

    To those 1

  87. Hope Sinclair

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that they should take away the dislike button? Why do they even need it?

  88. EpicDragon

    (beginning) YOU GOT THE GUITAR? is that whats its called?

  89. Moomuiop Vidz

    Does anyone know the notes for the ocarina solo, im trying to learn it but i cant figure it out. Thanks

  90. DPLoverness

    Knowing this song was written for Morgan makes me want to cry. I want this song played at my wedding.

  91. Dudefued

    I'm Glad you brought back that orcania cos the last time we saw that was in " training hard" your Pokémon parody!!

  92. Ast

    Can anyone tell me what the chords are for this majestic song?

  93. Code4rina

    Now it seems there's just no other way I have to give it a like ^^

  94. xXJimAirXx

    How come I don't here you on the radio?!?

  95. ArtWithStar

    omg today this song was playing in my local office depot I freaking the fuck out!!!! XD

  96. toyota

    i feel old looking at this, it's been 3 years now since this was uploaded, and I remember when it first came out..

  97. Liv Jensen

    the fact that he wrote this song for Morgan makes me smile

  98. A Random tomato


    Hey why is nobody else clapping?

  99. A Random tomato

    Why can't I dislike the dislikers?