Nate Good - Latch Lyrics

You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down
You, you enchant me even when you're not around
If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down
I'm latching on, babe, now I know what I have found

We had a couple of cups
I got to talkin' too much
She told me boy you should hush
I think you're making me blush
Put her phone in her clutch
Then put her hand on my nuts
I started grabbin' her butt
And then we hopped in the truck
Crack a smile girl, it ain't that hard
A smile like that it could take you far
Your dreams go deep yeah but no one knows
Same old story and I think that goes

Small town shit, lotta who fucked who
It was her what's new, she could fit that shoe
Your ex fucked you and your best friend too
Hard to find that true but the whole world knew
Had some trouble with love
Exhibit 'A' is your ex
Experimented with drugs
And it just made you a mess
Had some trouble with trust and gettin' equal respect
Always drinkin' some more so you can think of him less
Just a guess

Small town shit, lotta who fucked who
Ain't much changed, it was her what's new
Same old names, same old song
Bought her that ring but it won't last long
Hat flipped back in the Tims that's me
Tough love always givin' you enough that's me
Good luck tryna get the one up on me (on me, on me, on me, on me)

(Yeah, okay)
Gimme a break
Fate fed you something bitter taste
Who can't relate
Fake bitches always eat off your plate
Make no mistake
Framed pictures and the glass it could break
For goodness sake
Love will always give as much as it takes
You on the phone goin' I can hardly stand when you're gone
Goin' home knowin' I don't wanna sleep here alone
Playin' blame-games 'til I'm feeling guilty again
And catch a storm like you never started prayin' for rain
Small town shit, lotta who fucked who
Ain't much changed, it was her what's new
Same old names, same old song
Bought her that ring but it won't last long
Hat flipped back in the Tims that's me
Tough love always givin' you enough that's me
Good luck tryna get the one up on me

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Nate Good Latch Comments
  1. Dr Zedd

    Damn the memories of these old swagytracks songs really hitting the soft spot.

  2. Glo Show

    Leaving a comment for my future self checking this video back for nostalgia. “Whats up i know this is hella cringe hope you kept your head up and everything turned out okay”.

  3. Ian Martin

    I watched this 3 years a go it is so good it is a rap/not about weed and drugs I can tell

  4. 방법이없어달리달리

    Is the original song la la la? (1s to 30s)

  5. Glo Show

    this was the shit

  6. Gameplay LM


  7. Max MoMo

    Wow almost 3 years .. just wow

  8. Limfo

    Is this song on Spotify ?

  9. RaworaDesign

    I really like this and Gold Coast
    *Know other songs like this? :)*

  10. No_Futur

    So good :D

    Luiz Augusto Oliveira Amorim

    you are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Kappa

    andrew hale

    FuturThEgAmEr wtf lol

    andrew hale

    FuturThEgAmEr u gay as sht

  11. Clan vT VioToX

    swaggy tracks you out did your self keep it up

  12. Show me

    nice! one love Nate good

  13. Thomas

    Why can't it be longer? Nu ;-;

    Emman Calleja

    good things don't last long

    Šapi Beats

    michael jordan did

    Joppe Spaan

    Emman Calleja, True af

    Adolphus Samuels

    iChance_ that's what she said

    Joppe Spaan

    Oliver Samuels lol

  14. iconic salsa

    I love this song may bay grabs my nuts to

  15. The-King-Of-Anything tkoa

    nate good is better

  16. Cdn Redneck

    brought here by sara aydin

  17. Alex Culwell

    Why isn't this on iTunes?

    Cdn Redneck

    or spotify

  18. Jonatan Gutierrez

    sup guys

  19. Jonas

    Hey me! no, you! wanna know who is the greatest person in the world? read the second word in this comment!


    you are the pinnacle of self confidence

    shh i know this is a year old comment but still

  20. Blackout 4ever


  21. Alan Klimov

    Gold Coast brought me here. Fucking amazing

    Charlie H

    same here 🙋

    Lucas Pane

    Still the same)))

  22. Mama Rammel

    Nate Good is a God!

  23. Headshok

    Oh my god i need this beat! Do someone know how to get that amazing beat?
    I'm writing for myself and would like to write a text on this beat but i couldn't find it...
    I asked around but noone knows how to get this beat... ned your help please!

  24. MeanBy

    Кто от кролика?

  25. Justin Lam

    where did they sample the first part from?

  26. Kyle Kikumoto

    How did I not know about this song, this is great!

    Kyle Kikumoto

    wtf xdddd

    Lil Borbo

    +L pinkie hows i find u guys here...


    WTF I found you here lmao

    Kyle Kikumoto

    You must all know swaggytrax :)


    we know all the dankness I'll be back soon BTW bb

  27. MommyKota

    I just want to know the lyrics ;-; i criii but I love the song lots still ;3

    Timothy Good


  28. No Limitz

    OMG This is AMAZING

  29. Blake Doane

    Did not expect that type of beat drop, god damnnnnn, yazzzzzz.

  30. Scumbag

    Can you give me the name from your logo's font ?I need it for personal use..Thanks.


    Thank you very much <3

    Kyle Dudley

    fucking scumbag


    @Kyle Dudley This made me lol!

  31. Sacizera

    song 00:01?

  32. Flexx R

    When the drop set in at 00:38 I thought, that's not the beat, right? Seconds after that I thought, damn, I hope that's the beat! Great one once again!

  33. Rogeyyy

    Dope sound.

    Check my channel for free beats to spit over.

  34. Julietta Hahn

    its so f***ing good.❤

  35. Michel

    is this copyrighted?


    Michel Edits no:D ^^


    1 year later xD

  36. Sean Spaetzel

    Nate Good always got me feeling (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  37. Leonder Schröter

    nice song

  38. Octane Revival

    you should sell your music and put it on Spotify

  39. xBlackScrenii

    Visca96Barca <33

  40. mysteRio


  41. Tatyana Dron

    OMG I love this song so much it's the best song ever next to nigah I'm good I love all of these songs but this song is my favorite with nigah I. Good best songs ever!!!😜😜💙💜💚💛🙈🙉🙊😝😃

  42. M3 Suave

    Check out this rapper!!
    Name is Metropolis, swear he can spit like nothing!!

    Instagram @metropolis503
    GET HIM KNOWN! If not, k coo. ✌👀

  43. Benji B.benji

    what's this song at the behining between 1s and 30s please ?

  44. nerfgame

    Nate is so fkin good! :D

  45. Jan Ha

    600.600 Abonnements👌

    martiny AQW

    +Jan Ha illuminati confiremed


    +martiny AQW it must be

    Père Castor

    +Jerry ----> ~ 1 000 000 👌

  46. Nina

    amazing dude

  47. austin lewis

    Nate good has some dope shit but need to put more out there faster lol

  48. João Pedro

    uoooouuu amazing bro

  49. Daniel R


  50. Fat Asshole

    Nate good follows me on Instagram lmao

  51. shikamy.

    nice <3

  52. MrJureyo

    Great Track! Thanks for that AGAIN, Swagy <3

  53. TimSteven Klapfer

    erstes mal gehört sofort Ohrwurm Megaaa geil*-*

  54. Gloria Grohs

    man..der anfang is iwie traurig... sonst mega


    top man like BR

  56. Sneaky ™

    Nate Good <3

  57. Furkan

    malwieder ein geiler track

  58. Tr0uble

    I love it ! Nate Good your doing so awesome as always, your Music really motivates me :)

  59. race logics

    Swagy ho are u doing this?


    omg, sag mal du bist doch auch unter jeden Video zu sehen


    what? no nate good made this song he just posted it

  60. Marnoe Van Rooyen

    listening from south Africa stil loving it

  61. Evahn

    Scotland anyone?

    Matthijs K.

    Evahn nobody man

  62. Nygma

    Listening from Spain,Catalunya! Swaggy never disappoint =)

  63. ParadiseZ

    Already in "BestModernMusic" channel so why?

    Jose Alas

    Why not? More publicity for the artist.


    I don't watch the other channel and I'm sure I'm not the only one so.. This song is amazing

    V Kumar

    +ParadiseZ Why even listen to BestModernMusic?
    There channel should be named BestOutdatedModernMusic

  64. Bryan Hernandez

    Awesome *-*

  65. Israel Nilo

    Very! Nice!! ( ©_©)


    Love this

  67. Jusτ VinZz

    Are songs on this channel copyright-free?


    @Jusτ VιиΖz fite me 1v1 tetris m9 ill shank yer nan

    Jusτ VinZz

    nah m8 come at me 1v1 candy crush, tetris for newbs m9


    @Jusτ VιиΖz u wont sum ? ey giv it to ye

    hosam fadel

    Wtf are u doing here XD welcome i think all songs are not copyrighted

    Jusτ VinZz

    +hosam fadel you brought me Here xD

  68. Will & Zac plays

    Pref the original but this is pretty good

  69. Tobias Alcantara



    +Bryan Hernandez otaku envidiosa de seguro sos negra

    Bryan Hernandez

    +Usuario Cualquiera Ha! ay... hay que ver por lo que se enoja la gente 😄 argentino te cuidas :3

    PrvtArtz Kyrox

    +Tobias Rainbow immer :D



  70. Nico123

    Me Gusta.

  71. RYUZY Music

    magnificent upload bruh (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

  72. WeissTutorials

    Like ;)

  73. Trap Republic



    +Trap Republic liar

    Just EDM

    +Trap Republic But why?

    Jakob S. Films

    +Aurora Records EDM© He means 'Dis I Like' but that isn't correct lol :D That song is awesome!

    Just EDM

    @Jakob S. Films I see =)


    +Trap Republic Suck ma Like!!

  74. MiG0 ‍

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  75. CT Cape

    Dope man

  76. Alvaro derp


  77. JuTroXx

    Nice!!!!! <3 <3

  78. Florian Alvarez

    Rap never die, it become just différent, it's interesting to see how it evolve !

  79. lmnk7

    Great song!

  80. Simon H

    1ster xD

  81. Sinned GG

    Awesomee <3_<3