Nate Good - Kids & Guns Lyrics

Yeah, I just did a quarter of a century and think I got a couple more tours
My bucket list is really fillin' up so I'd be liying if I said I'm all yours
Lookin' for the trouble enough you know the trouble come knocking at your door step
People ask me what I'm all about, I think I'm young enough to say, I'm not sure yet

I still got time to grow
Sometimes my chains feel bigger than my plans
But momma always told me baby

Hush hush now
Don't hold your head, just hold your ground
Don't let that heartache get you down
What goes around it comes around
What goes around it comes around
If this goes number one
Do kids still play with guns

They told you that you probably shouldn't rap one
Betcha you can go and make a hundred stacks on
You get so caught up in the internet
You losing track of all the demons that you're living with
You gotta see this shit, ain't colour talking, no filter
Don't need a filler if the beat killer
Don't need a sick mic' if the flow tight with the right fill
You can get it popin' when you drop it on beast pill

You still got time to grow
Sometimes your dreams seem bigger than your plans
But momma always told you baby

Hush hush now
Don't hold your head, just hold your ground
Don't let that heartache get you down
What goes around it comes around
What goes around it comes around
If this goes number one
Do kids still play with...

Ignorance is bliss, it ain't really mean shit
I'm the kid still play with guns
Give your momma lil' lit and you might get hit
Hope it catches snip your tongue
Just your momma sing

Hush hush now
Don't hold your head, just hold your ground
Don't let that heartache get you down
What goes around it comes around
What goes around it comes around
If this goes number one
Do kids still play with guns

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Nate Good Kids & Guns Comments
  1. Tay ler

    It's too bad those Crickets have such cheap-looking, ugly trigger guards.

  2. Hellboy

    Die spinnen die Amis !!!!!!

  3. SAMEER Bloushi

    Can an international student purchase gun for hunting or self defense purposes

  4. Water Poptarts

    Thank you youtube for recommending me this at 3 AM.

  5. Vincent Cottrill

    Barry L looks and sounds like my awesome dad who died of cancer in January of this year. He was the Commander at the Army Depot here and taught me so much about guns growing up. Every one of your gun gripes I can hear him telling me. He died a proud Army Veteran and I am also an Army Veteran. Great channel and I have so much respect for both of you.

  6. Trainer from wii sports

    I never believed in Santa until I saw this man.

  7. Shaw_Shooting

    I sure do miss Berry!!

  8. Ashley Magro

    What is the first guns name that you pulled out

  9. Ashley Magro

    What is the first guns names

  10. Francis The Predator Ngannou

    I was thinking about leaving a funny comment but then I remembered! Big brother is always watching! Hurray!!

  11. M1 10

    God bless the USA

  12. Alpha Omega

    Need a pacifier gat.

  13. Panda Asmr

    I want a tiny gun that’s compact

  14. Chris.F

    I live in australia and you need a different licence that cost way more and if gun cost 150 dollars it costs 5x more

  15. Yasugi 01

    Man I miss this old goat

  16. logan larsen

    "Im 13 and from Alaska im native and from a village i am looking for a gun gun to shoot and definitely kill a moose i guess I'll stick to my 223"

  17. Eric Cartman

    The first gun i fired was a rusty ass shotgun and when i shot it the tip of the barrel split

  18. Second Amendment

    I was looking for videos about guns for kids and saw this one which I had watched years ago.
    My daughter just completed her hunter safety course and wants to go hunting with the old man so this was helpful and informative.
    Good to see a video with Barry in it. The information in here is still as useful as it was when it originally came out.

  19. Lord_ Jackson

    Is the savage, the mark 2 g, or a different model

  20. gimmethezardplz

    Only if my parents weren't liberals

  21. Calleigh Rogers

    I got the lock removed from my cricket

  22. Logan Vlogs

    I use a 22 and Remington 700 and I’m 10

  23. Clint Burford

    Gfy gun nuts.

  24. Vodka and Pasta

    My first gun was an m24

  25. Nataai Begay

    I got a 22 long rifle as my first

  26. Dakota Jackson

    Are you saying that my grandpa shouldn’t have gave me a mosin nagant sniper and a colt1911

  27. Tishnik

    Rename this video:
    A liberal horror flim

  28. Roy McCoy

    My first gun was a BB gun

  29. Mini Man

    My first was a 22 cz 455

  30. Aarik Green

    Why no lever guns?

  31. Ronisexy 123

    I agree! I believe the next step is to pass a law requiring all children to bring guns to school!

  32. A Dog In a Cowboy Hat

    My first gun was a .243 single shot rifle, it was the gun I used to get my first deer.

  33. Lorenzo Miguel DELOS SANTOS

    BULLSHIT! I started with 20mm!

  34. Jersie Pro

    I like my gun bayonet

  35. Griffgaming

    Can anyone tell me the name of the gun hanging just below the ps90

  36. Pickfordsarah Pickford


  37. Ryan Foley

    I'm sorry, but are you for real? Just my take on being a school counselor, children do not have the decision-making capacity for using a firearm. Bad call.

    wzb Viper

    If you raise your kid the right way at age 8-10 should be a BB gun age 10-12 should be pellet and around 12-14 should be a 10/22. Problem in America is you are not teaching your kids right. My dad is very strict about guns I’m currently 14 and have a 10/22 in my closet with a 25 bullet magazine which I practice reloading and unloading. Any kid can have the decision making capacity, it depends on the kid. If you don’t raise kids around dogs, and meets one he’s either gonna be to afraid of it or not afraid enough. Me and my best friend go out shoot our 10/22s every other weekend at his grandpas. We haven’t had an accident and we both have major respect for fire arms we use because we have been taught right.

    Trigger Man 109

    shut up you goone of epic proportions

  38. Adam Gehret

    This is why they say that 22 lr is a gateway drug

  39. GamingBacon97

    My first gun was a Mosin Nagant.
    Good rifle for whole family, if child is small enough, it can even teach about the art of flight. Point at ground and fire for ease of travel.

    Tubular Cleetus

    GamingBacon97 yeah man the good old moist nugget

  40. Cassius Richardson

    First gun : nerf jolt

  41. Morden Gamer

    I live in india and from the age of 4 years I wanted to get a fire arm but india don't allow kids to even have 22lr now I am 11

  42. Matthew Rowe

    America hmmmmm?????

    Ben Smith

    land of the free

  43. Turk Hershberger

    My first gun was a river 10/22.

  44. Timothy Chayse

    What’s the name of that pink gun?

  45. D -BUNK

    My first gun was a water gun i bought in the dollar store

  46. Buck Dog

    I think a Mini-Bolt would be the best option.

  47. David Nabholz

    Me: Here is a bunch of options for your child's first firearm.
    Parents: Awesome. Show us what you got.We want something not too small but not too big
    Me: *blank stare* Ive got just the thing

    *Puts m240B on counter top*


    Hell ya i had no idea they was in ga ill see u this weekend

  49. Noel Normandin

    I miss that fellow......


    Another suggestion is the 223. Remington, if you're old enough

  51. Bob Marly

    Funny I got just got a ak47 for my 15th bday


    Bob Marly I’m jealous

  52. Dave Goodwin

    My 8 year old started with a Smith and Wesson m&p 15-22 a couple of months ago and is a crack shot at 100 and almost 200 yards. He gained experience and confidence quickly and now shoots his mother's 380 and my 9mm handguns with ease and accuracy. Always with us by his side. I'm very impressed and feel he could easily work to competition level shortly.

  53. rahwoosh

    My first gun was a .22lr chambered ar-15

    Buck Dog

    Oh, I have one, I love it.

  54. ZombonicHD

    Lets not give kids firearms?


    ZombonicHD it’s just simple single shot hunting rifles and shotguns


    It’s still dangerous and i wouldn’t trust a kid with it

    Ben Smith

    @ZombonicHD its a parents decision.


    Ben Smith
    Just sayin. It could end badly

    collin ohlinger

    How else are they supposed to learn proper gun safety? Not doing this would be like teaching safe sex with abstinence.

  55. Dalton hook

    500 fps? That's weak my 2500 fps .22 cal is way stronger and it's a pellet gun

  56. Manticore Leader

    No buy your kid a kolibri pistol

  57. Bruno Beltrán Belmonte

    I mean, it is really cool to have a gun. But why should you buy a gun for a kid, that is why there are nerf toy guns. And also why the school shootings in u.s.a are more than 200 hundred each year


    Bruno Beltrán Belmonte pretty sure most school shooters are not given guns, many steal them and often do not know how to use them

  58. SomeGuyWithAChannel

    The problem is that these are weak caliber bolt actions, my first gun I got when I was six and it was an ak47 build with a Romanian ak kit and it had a binary trigger

    Shacc just Wanna quack

    Mr. Catfish what country do u live in btw?


    @Shacc just Wanna quackrussia

    Shacc just Wanna quack

    Mr. Catfish that now makes sense how u had a fucking ak at 6

  59. Cool-Fire21

    Good Gun Dude📌👍🍀👌🍀👍📌👌🍀👍🍀👌🍀👌!??!?!?!?...,.,..,..,

  60. Gapple bee's

    First gun was a Stevens model 940 .410 great little guns!

  61. hmm 90 days

    Does a 700 nitro count as a kid gun?

  62. GoetheHarakiri

    If I live in US, I'm gonna buy a 50 Cal Barett M82A3 to my child for first gun.
    No pain no gain.

  63. 404_user_not_ found

    I would choose an AWP Multi

  64. Naji Elters

    My first is a 12 gauge

  65. Mark Schloss

    “But daddy, I wanted an atomic bomb so I could reenact the end of WW2 for Japan”

  66. Mark Schloss

    My first gun was a .243 savage axis

  67. Sir Boomsalot

    Meanwhile my first gun is a Mosin Nagant 91/30

  68. Atomic Alex

    im 11 and i love the cz .22

  69. I _editzz

    First gun at 5 yrs old a BB gun

  70. Kiwi The Cannabis

    Option for child first real firearm

    **Pulls out suicide bomb**

  71. Nilla Waffer

    There is nothing more American than this

  72. bwci BO

    Nobody except military or police should have a gun

    bwci BO

    @GloomyGuns what? Im not a communist and I dont protest against the government



  73. bwci BO

    Kids shoudnt have guns


    kids should absolutely be taught how to use guns.

  74. bwci BO

    This guy is so fuking sexist


    no he's not.

  75. bwci BO

    You fucking Americans are backwards


    no were not.

  76. Nathaniel Connolly

    I watched this video solely because of that dudes sweet beard

  77. Biohazard _14

    My fist gun was a 22 long rifle and I now have a 270 bolt action

  78. Cowerdnerd Despacito

    Wow I’m a child and need a first gun

  79. tionblack


  80. Kirby___

    My first gun was my pp
    What ammo? Cumshot

  81. Knoot _

    Where is the Ak-47?

  82. meepoman

    I don’t see no god damn ak 47 when kind of liberal hippie bullshit is this

  83. Hayden10

    Mine was an ar 15😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  84. Baskets

    I got the family 1911 passed down to me and when I was 14 I earned money and had my parents buy me a Remington 870

  85. Mordion

    So many snowflakes down voting this video. Don't like guns? Don't use them. The rest of us will continue raising our kids to shoot and hunt the American way, as it's been since the revolutionary War. Don't like it? Don't watch videos like this. You don't see us going and down voting your idiotic amime cross dressing videos lol! You keep your culture, we'll keep ours.


    Mordion well said

  86. Gucci Flean

    How come you didn’t add a 1911 38 super

  87. Marcos Alarcón

    Whats the gun that he showed after to show the wood the first time?

  88. Cledward

    A Bolt-Action .22 would probably work the best to start with

  89. Giobeam O

    Not all girls like pink

  90. Giobeam O

    Who saw the P90

  91. Giobeam O

    Fortnite kids: But dad I want a gold scar

  92. JRA126

    I started shooting around 6 with a 22 LR Remington rifle

  93. Timothy Chayse

    What the name of the pink lament one???

  94. Timothy Chayse

    The first one or the pink lamanent (didn’t hear what it was called) would be my top picks if I had a choice

  95. Ottis Johnson

    I bought my kid an ar 15. Then bird boxed him yo teach him to shoot blind. If you cant shoot blind how do you expect a kid to shoot with sight?

  96. Brandon BriBri_Bryce Pike

    First firearm my daughter has shot was my Mossberg 500 she shot federal 3 inch 00 buck. She was 8 years old and I had to hold it up for her and into her shoulder bit she pulled the trigger and took it. She twelve now and shoots my 10mm with full loads and she has a Browning BuckMark she target shoots with.

  97. FagsAndMemes21

    too bad im in new zealand

  98. Odin Eddy

    My kids 5 he's been shooting for a year and a half he likes my 9mm yes I do lock all my guns up and keep the key hidden for him but training your kids early is the best way to keep them from doing something stupid

  99. Koda Beaver

    Thank you YouTube for showing me a 7 year old video

  100. Iraqveteran8888



    Damm Chad has aged in this video man 🙉

    gaming squad 211

    Do they come with scopes


    Listen old man I started with a 50 bmg so wtf you talkin about

    Xans Xanax

    Iraqveteran8888 I'm 13 and I want a gun but have no money and I don't think my parents would want me too. So can you help me out

    Jen Reedy

    .410 is expensive do you have any