Natasha Thomas - Show Me What You Got Lyrics

Your eyes are glued to my body
I can tell you're thinkin' bout somethin' naughty
I gotta know what you cha got for me
Before I onna let you touch this

Lickin' your lips like your eatin' chicken
Like you know that I'm finger lickin'
Baby there's no need to front
To get what you want

Them other girls got nothin' on me
I know youre feelin the p.O.F. Mystery
If you really wanna know
Let's take it to the floor

What cha got
Gettin' hot
Give it up
Don't stop

What cha got
Gettin hot
Do it right
Non stop

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Natasha Thomas Show Me What You Got Comments
  1. Shane Power

    This song came into my head out of no where, this is a different version to what I remember because the other had that Ace Of Base back beat.

    Ivigne Kaysen

    The other one do you means is "Save your kisses for me" this is the other version from her to Lacoste!

  2. your typical tomboy

    Let meh show ya da wae

  3. Dina Yasuda

    suddenly come up this song in my head :)

  4. YU SHING Wong

    Keep this song forever in my life

  5. Marielle 24

    I love this commercial

  6. Natasha Weigel

    Never listen to this song before. I juste search ''let me show you the way'' out of boredom and then saw my name. Just click it and now I love it. 😂😂😍

  7. — Кxxlx

    Let me show you the way my queen

  8. inada rain

    i come from lacoste ad 😄 .. it's been so long

  9. Aquelois Talí

    Una música tan bonita, y una letra tan tóxica:

    «In the game of the heart, you know, and I know that you're mine»

    Y si nos ponemos, incluso machista, ya que muestra como la mujer manipula al hombre en la relación, y es la que tiene el poder «let me show you the way», «In the game of the heart, you know and I know that you're mine»

  10. Mark G.

    The la coste commercial I last watched almost a decade ago kept playing in my mind. Glad to find the whole song here.

  11. lawker777

    This lady is what got an Asian kid like me to dig blondes...she's absolutely gorgeous

  12. Mag Mak

    Keep listening this song since I was a child...

  13. Ally Watson

    I heard in Lacoste's advertisement  and fell in love with this song!

    Caroline Menezes

    Yes! Me too

  14. juan pablo bertucci rey

    She touch my heart, Oh everyday ... Natasha I love U <3

  15. Nam Thái Anh

    tôi thích nó

  16. TheJoshyb23

    this song makes me feel like a real man

  17. DannysonArise

    a nice soft voice

  18. JBY YYY

    Love it ^_^

  19. aracely contreras muñoz

    es pegajosa

  20. aracely contreras muñoz

    linda cancion

  21. Salma Sharaf Alddin

    I like it

  22. Millo O'Connor

    She is so sweet
    That was in Buenos Aires <3
    OMG, I lost to know her, damn .

  23. gaffadadon

    2 people got shown the way but still got lost

    Aquelois Talí

    2 people have realized that the lyrics are harmful: "In the game of the heart, you know and I know that you're mine"

  24. Quay A

    du ma' tao vn

  25. Mia Mena

    who's the girl on the commercial of lacoste?

    Ivigne Kaysen

    Natasha Thomas

  26. Quay A

    1 dislike=dog

  27. igilav

    I've always loved that Lacoste commercial because of the song and the girl. Pink. Where can I get stills from the commercial I can use for a desktop wallpaper?

  28. Heo Linh

    love :X

  29. Salem Stewart

    some of this dog is from save your kisses for me and this song is da best

  30. Fide Alós Gómez

    Una canción de 10 .

  31. TheAnomy


  32. mihawk000


  33. Nuno Freitas

    Love the song :)

  34. samah Dabas

    Awesome Song...

  35. 4leatory

    lol, no once has ever commented this! good song though