Natalie Merchant - It Makes A Change Lyrics

There's nothing makes a Greenland whale
Feel half so high and mighty
As sitting on a mantelpiece
In Aunty Mabel's nighty.

It makes a change from Freezing Seas,
(Of which a whale can tire),
To warm his weary tail at ease
Before an English fire.

For this delight he leaves the seas
(Unknown to Aunty Mabel),
Returning only when the dawn
Lights up the Breakfast Table.

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Natalie Merchant It Makes A Change Comments
  1. Jaime Bolaños

    Natalie looks really beautiful on her front page album (I mean the photo) ! She looks sexy too! :) :) :)

  2. jimsha

    What a great song from Leave Your Sleep. Thanks for the upload. We need more people to get these wonderful songs/poems up on youtube. I uploaded The Walloping Window Blind with some pics. Great piece of work by Natalie.