Nat and Alex Wolff - Rules Lyrics

There is a girl in her world she is found
Yeah she will say she's okay, but she's down
Her hair is a mess its the best in sunshine
Her eyes are so bright, but at night they are mine

And baby much too great, to appreciate
And baby much too great, to appreciate

And I've been breaking all the rules
breaking all the rules
been breaking them for you
And I've been breaking all the rules
breaking all the rules
been breaking them for you

And now the girl starts to turn and I'm gone
All of the words that you've heard now sound down
I kill all the smiles the long while I'm alone
I'll pay the dues while I watch you set in stone

And babe is it a crime, do take all your time

And I've been breaking all the rules
breaking all the rules
been breaking them for you
And I've been breaking all the rules
breaking all the rules
been breaking them for you

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Nat and Alex Wolff Rules Comments
  1. Mariumzz

    2019. ❤️ I will always love this song.

  2. D.J Burnett

    i thought this song would be more intense or more up beat it's really not what i expected

  3. Goon Beanz

    Fault in our stars 🖤

  4. Marija Radonić

    *love it*

  5. Marija Radonić

    such a nice song <3

  6. k baby

    i grew up with them

  7. k baby

    i still listen to they old naked brother band cd i still fuck with them

  8. Aya Jab

    Nathaniel, you sneaky litlle sh-

  9. Ana Ariza

    De todas sus canciones recientes esta es una de las que mas me gusta, muchas felicidades desde Colombia!

  10. ryan cohen

    yo is that the boston bomber?

  11. Faiza Haider

    i love naked brother band nostalgia

  12. Josette Wehmeier

    I love this song!

  13. ThatGhamericanChick #

    When your childhood crush is your nowhood crush <333

  14. Dhanica Anastacio

    they all talk about nat, WHAT ABOUT ALEEEX? :( But nat's just 💜💜💜💜 hahahahaha

  15. Alba

    I did realized! In my head i was like "I'm breaking all the rules... WAIT... WHAT?"
    Is amazing for that part of the book, but i think is so perfect for Looking For Alaska. I was literally thinking about Pudge and Alaska when i first heard this song.

  16. Sandra Mair

    oh... wow! I had the chills during the whole song and even tears in my eyes! I love it...:)

  17. MandStephany

    If Nat and Alex only knew how much I've loved their music for over 8 years. They own a place in my heart.


  18. Estefany Gonzalez

    i love nat wolff <3 <3

  19. kristen Rhodes

    omg my childhood crush is still fucking fine.

  20. pandalover1238

    This song gives me butterflies I feel like I'm walking on cloud nine💕💕 yet I feel a bit of sadness deep down bittersweet I tell ya

  21. Sophie Fenton

    nat is adorable

  22. noodle089

    Head over heels in love with this song!

  23. Mônica Venancio

  24. taleea

    i only just realised this is the song that isaac was singing when he was crying in gus's room in tfios what



    Rebecca Johnson

    @taleea yup

    Abcd Abc

    @taleea read the description


    lmao too lazy to read

  25. mya m.

    Alex's voice got deeper than Nat's, already!

  26. Eir Stam

    My Dream Wedding Song #189

  27. Sandra Silva

    This song reminds me of Margo and Quentin from Paper Towns.


    +Sandra Silva This song reminds me of Alaska and Miles from Looking for Alaska :D

    Mend Mendee

    +Sandra Silva sequel is coming maybe this summer

  28. Shamia Richardson

    I been big fans of yall since forever! I loved Naked Brothers Band

    Denisse Flores

    Ya somos dos ♥


    +Denisse Flores Tres :D

  29. Qasim Sonson

    Great song

  30. iliana marie

    I could this song being used in Paper Towns

  31. AKW123

    this song RULES ;)

    Adali Flores

    I get it ;) :p

    erika matta

    No pun intended 😂


    i love this song it makes your day better 

  33. miguel t.

    Love this

  34. adrimontalvomusic

    been in love with your music back then. coming back to your new stuff surprised me (i liked folk/indie before coming back). KEEP MAKING MUSIC 

  35. Laura Severino

    his voice kind of reminds me of jake bugg's

    memes muertos

    @Laura Severino sAME

  36. Christine Gulmatico

    Naked Brothers Band xD/ really miss them..

  37. Debbie Figueroa

    i think im in love with nat wolff...haha

    Cameron Ross

    It's actually Alex singing XD

  38. Japha Jingphaw

    I love this song 😍

  39. sk sk

    I really enjoy this song

  40. No Name Girl

    This was really nice I actually sat here and listened to it while drinking tea...very soothing.

    Danny Francisco

    Arent you fancy

  41. Catherine Niu

    lol this is the song issac was singing when he was having a psychotic breakdown


    They did it in a movie Nat was in called Palo Alto as well except he was playing Rockstar on a piano at a house party. Nice to see John Green and James Franco helping the actors on their movies show off there musical talent.

    violet alyss


  42. Lisa Schnotz

    His voice sounds a little bit like the voice of Ragnar in Dirty Paws, just the beginning and the instrumental part are so gorgeous. This is a perect song.

  43. JoJo Minecraftgirl

    Omg issac sung this song in The Night of The Broken Trophies scene XD


    Their songs should've been in the sound track :'(

  45. Myra Mikalini

    TFiOS brought me here am loving the soundtrack :)

  46. Chel Cruz

    Hermosa canción <3 <3 <3 

  47. Daniela Valente

    Isaac <3 #TFIOS +.+

  48. Kara B.

    Alex sounds amazing!

  49. erika paola

    simplemente no puedo sacarme esta canción de la cabeza

  50. snazzymusicaddict

    On this pic he looks like logan from big time rush hahaha :D

    Henny Niasoff

    alex is singing not nat

    Danny Francisco

    Logan hotter

    Ciencias Biologicas

    i love the song

  51. xoxomae

    ya so their voices are so perfect and sad and i actually cry

  52. Bel Pires

    Chord please!

    Erin Grace

    I found this site? Not sure if it's any good but give it a shot! :)

    Fatman Fights

    dam this sucks

  53. Regina Baldado

    haha I remember the naked brothers band, they've matured so much!

  54. Hannah Hankins

    Is this on the final tfios album?

  55. Angela Patricia Cañón Torres

    I love this song, so proud of muy babies <3

  56. Ignacio Peña

    Bajo La Misma Estrella 

  57. Christine Cabildo

    this song and last station has been on repeat for days! <3

  58. HarryPotterfreak918

    It was awesome

  59. HarryPotterfreak918

    Was anybody else at the live q/a for the showing of tfios when they played this?!

    lil the dink fam astronaut

    IIIIII wassssss!


    I was. (One of the maybe 15 guys around the country overall).

    Courtney Haid

    I was!! :)

    abril santi

    I was ❤️



  60. Michael Levine

    Is it too obvious to say Nat & Alex Rules? Er, Rule? 

  61. Maria

    Thanks for posting. Much rather listen to it on YouTube and not spotify!

  62. Elaine del Valle

    Love this

  63. Ruby Kline

    I love this and last station so much :)

  64. Dhia Chua

    love this so much! <3