Nasty C - Strings & Bling Lyrics

Kumbaya, kumbaya, kumbaya, kumbaya
Strings and bling and strings and bling
The peace they bring to me
I sing for peace, for peace, for love and peace
The streets is deep, they need the peace
Kumbaya, kumbaya

I tell my secrets to a bottle
I trust it over a couple people that I know
I tipped over I really got suicidal
I felt way too guilty so I read the bible
Not for forgiveness I did that shit for survival
Born in the system but bitch I broke out the cycle
I took off from the ditches but still got homies inside
Evil runs loose every day and night
Love only visits on your birthday night
Can't judge a torn soul till you felt it's pain
Now heal me with all these chains

Kumbaya, kumbaya, kumbaya, kumbaya
Strings and bling and strings and bling
The peace they bring to me
I sing for peace, for peace, for love and peace
The streets is deep, they need the peace
Kumbaya, kumbaya

Pay me in karats, get me to Paris so I can fuck up a marriage
Fuck up a wedding fuck in the back of the carriage
Pay me in karats I need my halo to glisten
Pay me in love and peace and I'll pay you attention
Pray for my ties children I pay their tuition
If you pay me with hate and envy they'll pay you a visit
These words kill my sisters with anxiety
But these things heal my spirit with entirety
I'm living untidy serenity walked out on me
For that reason I need Jesus and his pieces to shine on me

Kumbaya, kumbaya, kumbaya, kumbaya
Strings and bling and strings and bling
The peace they bring to me
I sing for peace, for peace, for love and peace
The streets is deep, they need the peace
Kumbaya, kumbaya

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Nasty C Strings & Bling Comments
  1. Joseph Y. Sahn

    Still jamming in 2020🙌🇱🇷...

  2. Chaluca Baby MotherFuck


  3. Sibabalo Radebe

    To the next generation of the future..I lived in his era and let me tell you he's the greatest

  4. rapstarblaze rapstarblaze

    African neegas been sleeping on our hip hop artists. The kid is the future!

  5. Omar Cassper

    Nasty is a king 👑 and there’s no doubt that
    Much love from Ghana 🇬🇭

  6. Akinboye Ojo

    I don't why I love this dude so much... Real flows 🔥

  7. MG filmworks


  8. McMat Grey

    2020 and with it

  9. cuthbert sibanda

    Nasty c has a heart of gold a artist giving out free soccer shirts its not that easy so nasty c is the best

  10. Maqanda Kevin

    Nasty c,a Reece,Shane eagle and kid tini are keeping the sa rap safe trust me on that

  11. Edward Kalihadya

    From Tanzania.... I appreciate ur work brav....

  12. Elizabeth Mwithukia

    This good music 🎶 now

  13. aden babyVEVO

    i cant stop to listen this song 🇨🇮

  14. Hlela Mntuyedwa

    Nasty fans hot and like

  15. Michael King

    Keep Pushing Bro,God Bless Your Hustle... 1luv

  16. lonagwegwe

    Am here again after 4 months ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Mvuzo Hlabisa

    My guesses are right
    I only said" Nesty "
    We damp Zulus

  18. Hamid Nabil

    We need more strings in 2020 and more years to come..😎😎happy new year

  19. Aseb Brian

    Nasty C Is The Core,better yet the back bone Of SA Hip Hop...Big Up My G!!!🤧

  20. Sebbs McCarthy

    Strings and bling 🤗

  21. lyeme EA

    This beat is 🔥🔥🔥

  22. Mathew Mark

    Calling from Nija, Helloooo Everyone Is A Busy Day Here In Lagos Nija, the streets are tight , its a Sunny working day, people are going to--and---fro, But m here doing my thing giving the streets the BEAT OF( Nasty C ) show me some love guys

    The Rainbow Nation

    Mathew Mark ❤️

  23. Sayi Cliff

    This Nasty C is Nasty 😷 2019 heading to 2020 4days left but still here looking for Nasty shit this is how Nasty you are the one still reading this Nasty ✍🏿

  24. Dally Gift

    I jst love Dis song please!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  25. Modou lamin Jammeh

    am straight outta god knows where buh nasty c inspires me.

  26. lifewithseb lacko

    U stole the song from arizona zervas


    0:46 🔥
    👇 👇🧡

  28. ZAR_Veroyx


  29. ZAR_Veroyx

    okusemandleni akho

  30. riley skinner

    Nasty c the goat! Lakka! He is very talented

  31. Jūzo

    Travis Scott and Don Toliver in the same body... 🔥🖤🔥

  32. Mkinga Sana

    all the way frm Tanzania this track is dope ...thanks man we don't hve to go USA to hear dope shit like this anymore...Africa stand up!

  33. Miriam Tetani

    Love you

  34. Nkululeko Ngeleka

    Coolest Kid in Africa

  35. Brigars Charlesmith

    2020 who watching?

  36. Grace Sikanda Vlogs

    Must I remind y'all....
    That Nasty c didn't come to playyy!!!!!!! Must I?
    IVYSONs 🔥

  37. Melissa Markus

    I respect you bro🥺🥺🥺❤💛

  38. Austin Oviawe

    Who's watching with me in December 2019?

  39. Aladenika Bolawa

    I feel bad for people that skipped school , they prolly regretting

    Skatta Q

    big lesson:NEVER miss school loooool

  40. Jonathan Murage

    Hit after hit, kid is blazing 🔥🔥🔥

  41. oluwayemi Ibimisan

    i love this song from Nigeria

  42. Japhet Kamanga

    Verified and proved

  43. No Juice

    Love this

  44. Natalie Chari

    The coolest kid in whole Africa

  45. LYN XD


  46. Clever Mavuruse

    All those hitting the dislike button are all haters. Nasty keep up the standard God has a awesome path for your life👏👐

  47. francis andanje


  48. Michael Gitau

    Nasty You the illest Strings and blings 🔥🔥🔥

  49. nuru nebo


  50. Ofentse Naane

    Good boy.

  51. Boniface masese

    Hey mate, love your music. you are the real deal. Consider doing a collabo with one Nyashinski from Kenya he is a fucking beast. Would be epic for Africa if we could have you icons could make some music together.

  52. Busabam1

    The piano and violin from 0:13- 1:24....yoh amazing.!

  53. nXr Odin

    you stole arizona zervas's beat (homies)

  54. Zaci Abdulqadir

    I was here before it hit 1M

  55. Kalidou Barro

    It’s like a feat of travis scott and Drake

  56. catherine waithiru

    This is Arizona zervas' beat?

  57. ً‎‎ًYuyuko

    you stole arizona zervas beat

  58. Nyiko Allone Maluleke

    Best in the world

  59. Sean Lee

    Started from the bottom man now you up bro mad respect broh

  60. Visicelo Kwenene

    "These words kill my sister with anxiety " dope dope dope....

  61. juan yon


  62. Fadhil Abas

    Young rapper but hottest

  63. Ayanda Mtolo

    the orchestra instrumental is the wettest part of this song

  64. lungisani Msweli

    who's still here as 09 November 2019...

  65. Oluwaseyi Ayoade

    this is easily the best song ever! DOPE BEAT, LYRICS AND VOICE!!!

  66. Andrea Castillo

    Sample of vicente fernandez vale mas 😍😍😍😍❤ mexico

  67. Bhekazi ngcobo

    give thanks mapholoba mfana its in us then ;D

  68. Rashad Miadas

    Here is a reason why ;Nasty C is Fire

  69. Lungelo Bhengu

    I'm Everything they never thought I'd become. BLACK IS POWERFUL

  70. Mothupi Tau

    Awe bra u are lit in what u do as a person

  71. Valentine Wangari

    "I felt way too guilty so I read the bible
    Not for forgiveness I read that shit for survival"

    too real!

  72. STUNMAT 34

    South African XXXTentacion

  73. Trendonthetrack

    Arizona Zervas -homies

  74. Veronsia Sander

    It is a very bigger hit what the fuck man!!!!!wow man🤯🤯🤯🤯

  75. Maestro Leilyboy

    I'm only *Haitian who is Crazy for your vibe Nasty

  76. alberth sky

    very beautiful music
    is amazing since I started listening to you
    I turned someone else
    I love your music

  77. Amadu Kamara

    Don't know why anytime I listen to this song I feel like crying...
    Thus guy is such a talent...
    Luv from 232🇸🇱


    his hairstyle 😭 on point😍😍

  79. Johintry haiden gekop haiden

    major league the crew can shane up here too...

  80. Namida Official

    You're my fuckin hero bro.. imma make it one day and i cant wait to meet you and work

  81. Oreneile Lady Moduka

    I love your songs ❤

  82. takudzwa mazwienduna

    Long live hip hop culture!

  83. Jeanny Moleleki

    jah neh

  84. Thabang

    Arizona Zervas - Homies original song.... better version

  85. Robito 202 Records

    Good music right there.  @​​


    I just can’t get enough of Nasty C
    He is too much for my soul

  87. Thabang Segwapa

    You are respected, kid.

  88. Junior

    Y'all should check out my content on my page . I been putting in work. Even came up with a remix for God Flow. People are loving it......its crazy!!!!!!!!


    Black J from Kenya and this guy always rocks

  90. Allan Rey

    for that reason i need Jesus en His pieces to shine on me

  91. Mlungisi Dladla

    The boi is famous now...

  92. Nomsa Kheswa

    Nasty c I am andile Iv watch video spring I love your songs call me nyaiz

  93. Ballor Beats

    One of the most gifted lyricists ever.And he is South African!!

    Brian Nzioki

    and in africa

  94. SilversTone Barz

    Yo, this jam n this video meant everything to me, i donno why

  95. Edith Edward

    I love it I love you most.... blessed souls meet u heaven after a thouand yrs.... a touch by a golden hand.... ya everything nice😢😍

  96. RSA Entertainment

    very well done

  97. nkosikhona musa

    let's mark the register, people who're watching in October 2019, by hittin the like button