Nasty C - No Respect Lyrics

New carrots check hold my vision it's perfect though
I wake up to henny, I don't fuck with no espresso
I don't want no sex cause your pussy got a echo
And I don't respect hoes cause I'm from the ghetto
Niggas dick riding, still dick riding
It is what it is, count the chips in private
I hit the jackpot, I hit the big pinata
I make the black money, take a real clean shower
Cash paper memo, I get it, got it tenfold
Exercise your neck bone, suck me till the temple
Stare at the money gecko, big money make you nervous
Heart beat metro...
Stack it, rack it, pack it, sack it
Breed it, duplicate it magic, magic
Ivyson religion is awesome
I'm not selfish with the skopas
They call me dick in daughter
I put a dick in your aah...

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