Nasty C - Juice Back (Remix) Lyrics

[Nasty_C & Davido:]
Man man man you should hate yourself (I see ya)
Look into a mirror, nigga rate yourself (I see me)
Look at the shit that we doing
Motivate yourself (One hunnid)
Brace yourself

I done got my motherfucking juice back [x2]
I got my juice, I done got my juice back
I done got my motherfucking juice back, motherfucking
Juice [x7]
(Okay juice)

Hey where my juice at?
When I got robbed where were you at?
Gun cocked to my face like "Where my jewels at?"
Made a couple calls and got my juice back
Yes I got the, yes I got the juice like woah!
Looking for a young mamacita
That gon make that booty move like woah
Bad bitch in designer, yeah she Gucci head to toe
I hit it once again now she don't wanna let me go
And she already know
Say, I got the juice, got the juice
I'll make it juicy for you
Yes you can come with a friend
I'll make it juicy for two
Me no give no attention to no hater
Nigga you less and I'm greater
I’m on time and you late
Nasty C you made it

[Nasty_C & Davido:]
Man man man you should hate yourself (I see ya)
Look into a mirror, nigga rate yourself
Look at the shit that we doing
Motivate yourself (One hunnid)
Brace yourself

I done got my motherfucking juice back [x2]
I got my juice, I done got my juice back
I done got my motherfucking juice back, motherfucking
Juice [x7]
(Okay juice)

[Cassper Nyovest:]
Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is
Fuck that, I ain't got tell you what my name is
By now you motherfuckers should know me
I did so much with my career that
Even my peers treat me like an OG
And the OG's throw me subtweets
I just laugh at it 'cause trust me
I'm like Bieber now, you can't touch me
You wanted relevance?
You should've asked me
Isn't this the greatest story that you ever seen?
Did you ever ever think you could see
A SA rapper who could buy a Lamborghini?
And ever come from Mafikeng?
All I ever needed was a canvas
A couple gold bottles and a bad bitch
They can't stand it but how the hell I ain't gon rap about money?
When I'm rapping bout my life, and it so happens that I am rich (Whoo!)
I mean these niggas were hella distant
Until they heard that MTN gave me 7 figures
Now I'm stunting at the backseat of a Rolls Royce like "Hello Kitty"
O ba botse ka ntwana ya kasi
My crib is always full I brought the ghetto with me
And this shit ain't never gon change
These niggas forever gon hate, cause I'm telecom paid
Ladies love me but the fellas gon hate
Hao ka sheba fela kom kyk
Ke ba tshela bombay
They say I don't spit so I won't quit
I'm in my zone kid, I'm so focused
I made millions but I want more bitch
And I'mma stay filling up the dome
'Til you niggas bow, bow, bow

Bow down to Davido and bow down to Cassper
Heard em say stars are aligned
But they both had their time
And you know that I'm tryna surpass 'em
Fred Merc told me your favorite rappers have heard of me
But a lot of these niggas won't get a verse from me
I feel bad for being the one to school these niggas
When my friends are tryna get in a university
But still I made 'em fall like the fees did
Feeling like I'm talking to my daughters and nieces
One of my industry niggas called me this evening
Told me keep my head above the water and breathe in
He wasn't too happy bout who I got on the remix
But he was on the remix before he got on the remix
He replied to the emails before I got on the frequencies
So I plotted the pieces before he had all the enemies
Man, I need a lot of head again
My mind's getting heavy even I wasn't ready
Man my come-up was a run up
Look at all things I did
It started with a mixtape that I dropped in February
And I'm too scared to even tell you what's next
I'm handpicking women out the general section
But I don't save them, no ain't got no S on my chest
I got a triple styrofoam with a medical mess
All my enemies are amateurs
My role model broke his character
And all my exes wrote me letters bruh
And I was chilling with Scoop the other day
If you knew what he had to say about you, you wouldn't be rapping bruh
Davido gon have to take this back to Naija for me
Don't have to tell you why your favorite rapper's hiding from me
I keep the weed stashed in a different kind of luggage
And tell my guy to tip the pilot for me, I got the juice

I done got my motherfucking juice back [x2]
I got my juice, I done got my juice back
I done got my motherfucking juice back, motherfucking
Juice [x7]
(Okay juice)

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Nasty C Juice Back (Remix) Comments
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